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Liver spots are also referred to as Age Spots are formed as a result of exposure to the sun. Genuine age spots are benign and don’t require treatment, however they can look just like cancerous growths.
Liver Spots actually have absolutely nothing to do with your actual age, they have to do with how much time you happen to be in the sun. Liver spots generally cultivate in individuals with a fair skin tone, however they are visible in those with more dark skin. When skin is exposed to the sun, it causes an increase in the production of cells known as melanocytes that increase melanin in the skin, thus turning the skin darker.
Brown spots generally appear on exposed skin areas like the face, back, neck, chest, shoulders and hands. Another option is to mix enough sugar in lemon juice to make a paste and use it as a scrub on your face, especially on your brown spots. Buttermilk contains lactic acid that helps exfoliate the skin to remove blemishes and brown spots without drying out your skin. Another option is to mix four teaspoons of buttermilk and two teaspoons of tomato juice together and then apply this mixture on the affected skin. Repeat either of these remedies once or twice daily until you are satisfied with the results.
Castor oil has strong healing properties and can be used effectively to get rid of brown spots or age spots.
Do this once in the morning and once at night to help the brown spots fade and make your skin tone even. Apple cider vinegar is an effective remedy for a number of skin problems including brown spots.
Alternatively, mix one-half teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a few tablespoons of orange juice.
If fresh aloe vera gel is not available, you can opt for aloe vera juice that you can readily buy from the market. Sandalwood is an anti-aging agent and an antiseptic that can helps reduce hyperpigmentation and get rid of brown spots. You can make homemade pack with two tablespoons of sandalwood powder, two teaspoons of rose water, and one teaspoon each of glycerin and lemon juice.
Another option is to add one tablespoon of orange juice, one teaspoon of lemon juice and the contents of two vitamin E capsules in two tablespoons of sandalwood powder.
Horseradish is a fantastic herb that helps remove age spots and freckles and makes your skin spotless, thanks to its skin lightening properties. Another option is to grate a four-inch piece of horseradish with mix it in one-quarter cup of apple cider vinegar and allow the mixture to sit for two weeks. Certain enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids present in papaya can help exfoliate your skin and reduce age spots, skin blemishes, acne and other skin problems. Note: As some people can be allergic to papaya, it is advisable to do a 24-hour patch test before following this remedy. Due to its mild bleaching properties, using yogurt is a safe and easy way to keep your skin glowing and lighten brown spots naturally.
Alternatively, you can make a skin pack by combining one tablespoon of plain yogurt, two tablespoons of ground oatmeal and one teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. Simply slice up some onions and rub the slices over the affected area two or three times a day.
Another option is to mix one tablespoon of onion juice with two tablespoons of honey and apply the mixture on the affected area. Instead of using very expensive cosmetic products, you can make an effective natural face lotion with lemon and parsley at your home. Imperfection of the skin like freckles and blemishes, appear on the most exposed parts of the body because of different external factors, and because of the aging, when the irregular pigmentation of the skin becomes more visible. I’ve never had experience with removing age spots before, but not long ago I noticed a brown spot on my face which I hadn’t seen there before. So I started reading about how to remove age spots to see if there was any easy way to get rid of it. Sometimes finding this kind of information isn’t easy, because there are a lot of websites out there on fading brown spots on your skin. But I’ve found that by reading multiple sources, I can often see what information pops up most often.
They are black, grey or brown spots and patches that appear on the skin especially on your hands, arms and face, and other places that have been exposed to the sun a lot.
They are usually harmless growths and there is no need to get rid of age spots for other than aesthetic reasons. If however, you start noticing that your spots become dark, multi-colored or start to bleed, you should contact your dermatologist or doctor. The biggest cause of age spots is sun exposure, as it increases the amount of melanin in the skin. They can also be caused by things like oils and chemicals in skin care products and the UV lights in tanning booths. Natural home remedies for age spots seem to work for some people although it may take some time of consistent use until you start seeing any improvement. Aloe Vera gel, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar all help to lighten the skin and can be applied daily to fade age spots. Bleaching cream is what you’ll most likely find in regular stores if you look for products for age spots. This is not something I would use though, because prolonged use of it can cause skin conditions and even increase your risk of cancer, and it is banned in parts of the world.
Then there is professional treatment for age spots where the removal is performed by a doctor or dermatologist. While those are quite efficient ways of removing age spots, they don’t target the underlying causes and can have negative effects on the health of your skin. Using a natural lightening skin cream can be very effective if it has the right ingredients. When using a cream for lightening age spots on face or your hands remember that it lightens the skin wherever you apply it regularly, so if you don’t want to lighten the rest of your skin do only apply it right on the spots.

Personally I don’t mind a couple of age spots on hands or my face as long as they’re not all over the place.
Lightening liver and brown spots can be done completely naturally, but only if you know what to do.
We all have age spots, but some have more of them than others, which is when treatments come into the picture. Dark spots on arms, feet and hands can be caused by liver problems, lifestyle, and many other reasons can lead to black spots forming on the skin.
Acne blackheads are likely to leave black spots on the skin and hence cause dark spots on arms.
Moles are not harmful, but they can also cause small raised dark spots on the hands and other body parts. Iron deficiency and lack of vitamin B12 is also known to cause brown spots and dark spots as well. If you suffered from chicken pox at some point in your life, you are likely to end up with black spots all over your hands, face, back and generally all over the body. If sudden dark spots start appearing on your hands overnight, it is important to see a dermatologist or a physician as soon as possible in order to determine the cause of the black spots on palm of hands, arms and even feet.
Most fading creams are used to remove black blemishes on skin and generally dark skin discolorations. Hydroquinone 4% Cream – Top rated as best dark spot remover for hands according to many studies. Other home remedies include cucumber juice, aloe vera, potato paste and vitamin E applications. I have brown spots on my skin and I am wondering if there is a secret to ridding my skin of these? Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which are brown marks that result from skin injuries such as bug bites, pimples, etc. For parts of your skin that are constantly in water or rubbed by clothing all day, such as the back of your hands and outer surface of your arms, I recommend a water-resistant product, such as Solbar Zinc. Because I think these two sunscreens make up the perfect sun-protection combo, I’ve put them together in my SunSavvy Daily Wear Sun Protection Kit. Once you are using good sun protection to prevent further darkening of your uneven skin hyperpigmentation problems, you now can get to work on lightening the unwanted color that’s already there. Click here to find the right glycolic acid products for your skin type and facial skin hyperpigmentation problem. Click here to see more about the professional strength glycolic acid products that I recommend for brown spots on non-facial body skin, such as the skin of your arms, hands and legs. One of the most successful prescription skin care product kits with these ingredients is the Obagi Nu Derm System. I hope this information helps you understand some of your options.  Thanks for sending in a great question about a common problem that many people share. If you have questions about skin care or skin health, please send them to me using the Contact Dr.
Disclaimer: Please realize that availing yourself of the opportunity to submit and receive answers to your questions from Dr.
I have just ended my 4 month use of Obagi Nu Derm and am back to using my Anti Aging Skin Care Kit with Glycolic Acid plus tretinion 1%. In my office, post Nu Derm, we do microdermabrasion treatments, glycolic acid peels and the Obagi Blue Radiance Peel.
Ever since I started reading your blog, I did an experiment by laying off Finacea and using Citrix CRS every other morning with Retin-A cream at night, My freckles actually lighten up a whole lot more than the old regimen.
Liver Spots or lentigines, means brownish spots which, as time passes show up on your face and body because of overexposure to the sun’s rays. The outer skin has what is known as melanin pigment that soaks up sunlight so it helps naturally safeguard our skin from Ultra violet rays.
With regard to aesthetic factors, age spots could be lightened utilizing skin-bleaching merchandise or eliminated. She is a top beauty expert as a result of sharing budget-friendly advice that helps all women, and even some men, look and feel their best. She has done over 500 radio interviews, and has appeared on myriad TV shows including: The Doctors, Extra, Style Network, Discovery Channel, Soap Talk, Los Angeles KTLA and KCAL Morning News, and many more. This information is not a substitution for diagnosis or treatment by a physician or health care provider. These dark skin patches are known as brown spots, age spots, dark spots, sun spots and liver spots. Along with castor oil, you can use vitamin E oil, coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil to remove brown spots.
Apply it on the affected area and leave it on until it dries completely before washing it off.
So, it is excellent for getting rid of brown spots, especially when caused by sun exposure. Apply this pack on the spots and allow it to sit for 30 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water.
Leave it on for about 15 minutes before washing the area thoroughly so that the strong smell goes away. The brown spots will not disappear in a week or two, so you need to follow the remedies for several weeks to notice positive results. The magical effect of parsley can get you rid of your freckles and blemishes by yourselves. Don’t worry, they tend to increase as we age, but there are ways to keep them at bay, such as using natural skin creams. When there is enough of this pigment in the skin it accumulates at the surface and forms spots of darker skin.
As you get older often the amount of melanin is increased and a lot of people notice more spots as they pass mid age. There are many different ways of removing age spots like; home remedies, chemicals, laser therapy and natural creams.
There are several options here as well, for example chemical peel, laser therapy, and cryotherapy.

I will definitely use a natural skin cream that prevents further development of spots, and maybe I’ll eventually try some of the other natural age spot solutions too.
Discover what these brown spots are; are they related to cancer, the sun, or something else?
Find out causes of brown patches on hands, how to get rid of brown marks on hands and simple tips to treat and remove the small raised brown skin spots from hands. We will discuss all these causes below and further look at the best dark spot remover for hands as well as other treatment options to get rid of black spots on the hands. Well, there are a number of causes of these patches and marks, some of them may pose a risk while others may not. As people grow and age, the signs of aging do not only show in wrinkles on the forehead but also small black spots on hands, tiny black spots on legs and other parts of the body. These will work almost perfectly to fade, bleach and lighten dark marks on your hands to restore an even skin tone.
Home bleaching agents can remove hyperpigmentation discolorations and correct dark spots the cause uneven skin tone. You will need several treatments of laser therapy in order to lighten the dark spots on your hands.
This means that the most important step in preventing brown spots on your skin is using good sun protection every day, even for window sun.  You need broad spectrum sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays since both of these rays will darken the brown spots, worsening the uneven skin pigmentation. Also, be sure to seek shade to keep the sun from darkening your brown spots.  For my complete sun protection advice read my post 5 Steps for Smart Sun Protection. In my experience, the 2% over-the-counter formulas have minimal success, but the prescription 4% products work better. I write two articles per week on skin care and skin health and you can have them delivered to your email inbox. The particular spots obtain their identity from the fact that they had been improperly thought to be attributable to liver issues. On the other hand as we grow older, our skin’s normal capacity to battle UV rays from the sun starts to weaken. That is because the sun damages the melanocytes, which are the cells in the epidermis (the skin’s surface layer) that generate melanin pigment. They are usually brown, black or gray and occur in the body areas such as the backs of hands, tops of feet, face, shoulders and upper back. She has made it her mission to help women solve their “head to toe” challenges with “look and feel good” tips that they can afford. Factors like stress, pregnancy, vitamin deficiencies, and weak liver functioning may also contribute to this problem. For faster results, apply yogurt on the affected area before going to bed and leave it on overnight. This ingredient has shown to reduce melanin production with over 40%, and is actually soothing to the skin. While these may just be a cosmetic skin problem just like stretch marks, wrinkles and others, it is important to note that underlying diseases can also show symptoms of unusual dark spots on the skin of hands. However, if you have been sitting in the sun most of your time for years, it might not be easy to realize that you have developed dark sun spots on your hands. One of the parts of the body where it is easy to notice the formation of any marks such as white marks or brown patches is the face.
Medical treatments for black freckles on hands can be prescribed medications or even the best topical ointments that will fade dark spots.
These work to remove the affected skin with time to reveal new cells with an even skin tone. Microdermabrasion and dermabrasion treatments help exfoliate the skin to remove the dark spots quickly.
Believe me; we will all get more brown spots as we age, unless we take steps to prevent them. They are from a physical standpoint not related to the liver, except for the same coloration. The majority of the cells in our epidermis are skin cells which make up the dead skin layer.
Both website are dedicated to educating and informing people with articles on powerful and concealed information from around the world. It is simply because you peer into the mirror every day and are likely to miss any formation of Fordyce bumps on the back. However, it is important to see a doctor first, especially if you notice sudden dark spots on the palms or formation of dark spots on hand overnight. After the sessions, the dark spots on hands will brighten and give your skin one even tone.
This natural fruit acid works best in professional strength products with 10% or more free acid content of glycolic acid. Along with keratin which safeguards us externally one in every tenth or twentieth cell can be a melanocyte that typically generates melanin pigment. I have spent the last 36+ years researching Bible, History, Alternative Health, Secret Societies, Symbolism and many other topics that are not reported by mainstream media. When you use these products as a facial or body moisturizer after washing, they will slowly lighten uneven excessive skin pigment. Combined with sun protection, it’s the best skin care product combination for brown spots on the skin.
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I’ve used glycolic acid products for years in my dermatology practice and my patients love them. It should not be a substitute for obtaining medical advice from your physician and is not intended to diagnose or treat any specific medical problem (and is not an extension of the care Dr.
Never ignore your own doctor’s advice because of something you read here; this information is for general informational purpose only.

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