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Black and brown spots on your lips appear as discoloration that leaves your lips with an uneven skin tone. These spots on lips are sometimes called age spots, liver spots and some people refer to them as diabetes spots on the skin. Apple cider vinegar is one of the home remedies for dark lip spots as well as skin cosmetic problems such as cellulite. After trying these methods to improve the appearance of dark spots, you should see your dermatologist to advise you on the best lip care practices that will help you prevent the darkening of the upper lip and lower lips.
Dab discolored skin nightly with a lightening cream containing kojic acid, azelaic acid, arbutin or hydroquinone. Many of my patients, especially women, come to me because of unwanted brown, muddy discoloration on the face. Basically an overdose of pigment, melasma is caused by several factors, including sun exposure, hormones (as those found in birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy, or hormonal changes that intensify during pregnancy and monthly cycles), and some cosmetics. You can help prevent melasma by using a good sunscreen and by wearing a wide-brimmed hat whenever you’re in the sun. Low or No-Downtime Cosmetic Treatments"Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party.
Dark spots on lips can be a result of many different factors, the most common being smoking and overexposure to the sun. Find out here the causes, how to get rid of dark spots on your lips, ways to remove black spots on lips and treatments for dark brown spots on lips.
The problem is common in people who smoke, since it is believed that smoking discolors the skin, leaves black spots, patches, wrinkles and even dark circles under eyes. As a matter of fact, avoiding some of the causes of these discolorations on your lips is the best way to get rid of them.

Coffee is known to cause not only dark lip spots but also dark circles under eyes and eye bags. Other than using concealers such as lipsticks to hide the black spots on lips, you can constantly treat your lips to remove the brown patches and other lip problems such as lip wrinkles and hyperpigmentation on lips. When you want to fade dark spots and brown spots on the back, on lips, on your neck and other parts on your skin, you can prepare lemon juice and apply it on the lips every night. Like beetroot, apple cider vinegar will bleach the spots and do away with discoloration on your upper lip and lower lip.
Brush your lips gently every time you brush your teeth to exfoliate lips and remove the dark spots. You can also compare dark spots on lips pictures to find out if you have a health problem that needs medical attention. She spent three years writing for her local newspaper, "The Colt," writing editorials, news stories, product reviews and entertainment pieces.
Ingredients such as salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and papaya and pineapple enzymes help remove skin cells that contain excess pigment. If you already have melasma, removing its cause (such as avoiding sunlight or stopping birth control pills) can help fade the pigment. PicoSure is a new kind of laser therapy that blasts pigmentation into dustlike particles that the body then eliminates. If your lips are hydrated, they will absorb the bleaching property of the lemon more effectively. If you notice a quick reduction of the dark spots after taking this, the cause was a vitamin B deficiency.
Other than smoking, there are a host of other causes of darkish spots on upper lip and lower lip.

Some of these home remedies will also help you improve the appearance of your type of lips. You can mix almond oil with coconut oil for massaging your lips with every before you go to bed at night. First, you need to consider changing your lifestyle completely in order to not only prevent but also to reduce, eliminate and remove brown spots on the lips and skin. If you have dark spots on neck, or brown spots on legs, you should also consider using sunscreen on your skin. If you experience irritation, mix the retinoid with your usual moisturizer before applying. The inflammation that they can produce is sometimes counter-productive, worsening the melasma.
With no inflammation and no downtime, this is a quick, easy, and painless way to lighten even the most stubborn melasma and unwanted pigment. These dark spots do not pose a risk to your health, but many people want to get rid of them for beauty reasons.
Depending on where they appear, the marks may not pose a health risk especially when they are on your lips. This condition is associated with higher estrogen levels, so it may crop up if you're pregnant or taking birth control pills. It is also easier to develop simple home remedies for dark spots on the lips once you know of the causes.

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