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Upon doing my research and after a trip to the vet, I learned that dog tearing and staining is its natural reaction to irritants and is a common problem.
If you’re the same kind of dog owner like I am who frequently stares and observes every little detail, it’s easy to be convinced that Angel Eyes works.
If you want to learn more, keep reading about my personal experience below and learn how to get rid of tear stains and what I used to help my little Coco look and feel better. The last thing I want is for her condition to worsen, that would definitely mess up my confidence as a dog owner and more importantly, I don’t want Coco to be put in a precarious situation.
Angels Eyes is composed of 100 percent beef or chicken liver or sweet potato and brown rice, tylosine as tartrate and comes in three formulas: Beef Liver, Chicken and Sweet Potato. I’m not sure whether a specific formula alters the taste and texture of Coco’s food (never attempted to taste) but I noticed that she has the best reaction with the Beef formula so that’s what I’ve been buying for her.
I added Angels Eyes daily for the first three months then reduced the dosage to four times a week for the next six months. Tear staining in dogs is more common with light or white-colored breeds because the pigments from the tears has a more obvious reaction with their furs. Plus I believe that her vision has improved because there’s no more debris blocking her eyesight.

There has been no documented adverse side-effect for using Angels Eyes, even when over dosage happens.
We tried so many methods to remove maltese tear stains and we got very frustrated by lots of  tear stain removers that did not remove the stain. Even though the price for a bottle of this product was a bit much, the reviews and ratings encouraged me to give it a try. Essentially, the tylosine as tartrate is the active ingredient that causes tear stains to disappear. I waited with baited breath to see whether she’ll shun the food or not but to my relief, she munched on her grub as normal. I further lowered the frequency to twice a week and the dog tear staining has never happened again. It’s still best to check first whether your dog will be negatively affected by trying out small amounts of the product first then checking for any reactions within 24 hours.
Natural beef or chicken is not cheap and I would prefer to pay extra than to risk feeding Coco food that is full of extenders and artificial flavorings. Nevertheless, I wanted to help her ease her tearing and staining problems so I scoured the Internet for products that would minimize the effects of her condition.

I must say, that within a month, I was able to see a noticeable difference on Coco’s eyes and it wasn’t difficult to notice. I did it on a weekend so that I can be with Coco all day and be able to notice any adverse reaction, no matter how minute. The next day, I noticed that the Angels Eyes powder was ending up around her mouth instead of inside it so I sprinkled some water over the formula to keep it moist and in place.
Check with your vet first to see whether your dog will be okay with the product to be double-sure. The first week went by without incident and I started feeling more comfortable and more at ease. It is important to follow the suggested daily usage of Angels Eyes in order to maximize the results and to prevent staining from happening again.

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