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As long as I've known my best friend, she's been complaining about these tiny red bumps on the backs of her arms. It turns out that it was a common condition called keratosis pilaris — a complicated name meaning bumpy skin.
She thought they were some kind of acne, like what you get on your back when you workout, so she went to her dermatologist to find out.
Actually 50 percent of people have it, so if you don't have it yourself, you probably know someone who does. Use a good moisturizer twice a day — one containing salicylic acid, urea, or alphahydroxy might be your best bet.

I am going to exfoliate in a cool shower right now & lather up my arms in moisturizing lotion.
You can also take hot showers, let the skin soak a little, and then gently exfoliate using loofah gloves. Lighter, Faster, EdgierThe past week was full of initial impressions, videos, leaks and sneaks of the all-new, second-generation Audi R8.
The dead skin cells that are supposed to just flake off, get plugged up in the hair follicles. A dermatologist can also prescribe a topical retinoid cream (made from vitamin A), which may help promote cell turnover and prevent the hair follicles from getting plugged in the first place.

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