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There is nothing worse than moving into a new house, only to find that it reeks of stale cigarette smoke from the previous owners. Smoking used to be pretty much the norm for most people and for most situations but in recent years it has become more socially unacceptable, reinforced by legislation after legislation, so if you are a smoker yourself, you could do your family a huge favour and smoke outside, not in the house! Regardless of that snippet of wisdom, people need to know what steps they can take to get rid that nasty niff once and for all, and enjoy clean, fresh air at home. I have to admit, and I may as well admit right from the start that I myself smoke (I know, very bad!), but I stopped smoking indoors and in the car when my wife became pregnant with our daughter Lucie,14 years ago.
Anyway dear reader, despite my refusal to give up the evil weed, I do still think of others, but what if you have bought a house from a smoker, or if you have wisely given up smoking recently but the smell remains?
Our opinion of the above line of products is based on actual use by us over the years and NOT as they paid us to say that because (sadly) they didn’t! Now you have carried out some thorough cleaning, check the state of the walls in your home, as indicate above. Now you have taken steps to clean away some of that horrid fag smell, it is time to carry out some interior decorating, walls, ceilings and all interior surfaces such as doors and windows. One of the bad things about getting rid of tobacco-stained interiors is the fact that most cleaners won’t get rid of it. Bear in mind the mix will smell like a blend of cat pee and fish n chips (hmm, weird), so use a disposable facemask when applying, and gloves too.
If the nicotine still comes through the new paint then you need to SEAL the wall or ceiling before applying any more paint.
So once you have cleaned your home, replaced a few bits, made sure the house is properly ventilated, the smell should go away, although make sure you use plug-in air fresheners to help with this too. So hopefully we have taught you how to get rid of the awful smell of tobacco around your home, however if you have taken these steps and still a smell prevades, we have put together some OLD WIVES TALES (!) about how to do this, as a footnote, and you are welcome to suggest any more. Get a slice of white bread (Hey leave my sandwich alone!), put it on a paper plate, soak it with vinegar and place in each affected room. Lay out an old tray, cover with kitchen foil and then stick some charcoal from the BBQ as it absorbs the smell.

So there you have it, the complete guide to getting rid of the stench of stale cigar and tobacco smells from your home, if you have any suggestions yourself, ones not covered on this page, please do leave a comment below. We also carry out wall rendering, damp proofing and a range of home improvements to suit all budgets. The smell of cigarette smoke can affect virtually every part of a home, including elements that cannot be removed—or at least not easily. Rubber bands—those unassuming desk accessories—seem to multiply every time you turn around. Do you love your cat, but would also love if he could stay away from your favorite (and very expensive) chair or garden furniture?
Mix halfA cup of vinegar with a half cup of olive oil- rub and rub the mix on the scratches.
To clean your shower head, tie a baggy with vinegar around it and leave it there over night. There are several good hacks to keep your cut flowers alive for a longer period that expected and using apple cider vinegar is one of them. If you are renovating your house and cleaning up the walls, here is a way to peel off the wallpaper more easily. If you want to completely eliminate the cigarette odor from your furniture, the easiest way to do that is with vinegar.
We are going to share with you our top tips on how to properly clean your home and banish stale air, nicotine stained ceilings and the pungent whiff of ciggies. Most people understand and recognise the effects of second hand smoke, so if you are a senior citizen, for example, and you smoke indoors and you have a dog, that is the same as given poor old Fido his own full strength Marlboro to puff away on each hour.
This is a major cause of the smell and wiping clean surfaces around the home will help to alleviate that. I don’t know, maybe I stayed in the paint and wall coating industry since the 1980’s as I absolutely LOVE the smell of fresh paint! Otherwise I hope you found it useful, please do us a favour and share the article with your friends and colleagues on social media.

We specialise in supplying and installing a range of protective and decorative wall coatings. NOTE: This site uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience, and your visit confirms your acceptance of use. In the case of walls, ceilings, and floors, I recommend washing twice with a solution of TSP and water.
LIVING ROOM CEILING OPTIONSI recently purchased a 'fixer upper' in the DC area and am starting to decorate.
GROUNDWATER LEAKING INTO BASEMENTI have a water supply pipe to the house that enters through the basement wall. Not at all: it is the good and old vinegar, ready to jump from the bottle to every corner of your apartment. Mix two tablespoons of this liquid with two tablespoons of sugar and pour this blend into the vase water before adding the flowers. Fill a bucket with hot water, mix some vinegar and scrub it on the walls.A A vinegar solution will be extremely effective and cheap, as well as non-toxic. It won’t cure the smell, but it will start to help recirculate the air and get at least SOME fresh air in. Most cleaning items can be bought cheaply in pound shops, and we always recommend Astonish products, amazing stuff, and for the vegans out there, all their products are cruelty free and contain no animal by-products either. I have been told (and this is an old wives tale so I would appreciate a comment at the end if you have done this trick and it works), is to use a mixture of vinegar and ammonia.
However, cleaning it is not an easy task at times, but vinegar can totally change that experience.

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