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Cold sores occur as a result of the herpes simplex virus and this is a difficult virus to control. Here at the Healthtipswatch blog we look for interesting articles covering health, fitness and diet tips from around the world. Cold sore is one of the most frustrating, seemingly unending common skin infection people must endure. Not only are cold sores physically painful and unsightly, getting cold sore scar tissue as aftermath effect is another nightmare that can emerge.
Normally, cold sore will heal completely without leaving scars on the formerly affected areas. However, the cold sore treatment process has direct impact on whether scar will be formed, with the risk depend on how severe the skin tissue was damaged during cold sore removal, and how well the healing process had gone. Do not use abrasive treatment like home remedy with invasive apple cider vinegar to remove cold scar, because ACV may burn and damage skin tissue to increase scarring risk. Avoid scrubbing and picking the cold sore scabs off because it can prevent the wound from healing properly, your affected skin will have a trauma and can cause scarring. A cold sore treatment that has gained popularity over the years is cold sore devices with advanced pain-free light therapy that helps prevent scarring. While you can learn more by checking out this comprehensive cold sore device review guide, the standout option is Virulite as the only electronic device cleared by US FDA for cold sores treatment. Virulite cold sore device uses a patented 1072nm light technology to heal the cold sores faster — by stimulating your own body immune response naturally without side effects, halves cold sore healing time, whilst help prevent scarring and future outbreak.
The efficacy of this electronic cold sore light treatment device is medically proven with clinical results, supported by actual user reviews and experience. Cold sore is a common skin infection caused by herpes simplex virus (strain HSV-1) that is highly contagious, and can be easily passed from person to person by close direct contact. When responding to a patient who picked the scab off where the area is still red and indented like a scar after 3 weeks, Board Certified Physician Dr. Nonetheless, most people still want their cold sore scar removed – not only because of cosmetic reason, but also to reduce the virus spreading risk. As University of Wisconsin pointed out, even after the cold sore is treated, the virus remains in the body but lies dormant in a bundle of nerves called the trigeminal ganglion. Some people may experience having red mark left on the skin where the cold sore was, with the mark left after a cold sore is normally a post inflammatory hyperpigmentation mark. While some people may end up with unsightly scar on lip after cold sore, that can cause low self-esteem. What are the solutions to make a scar disappear or make the cold sore scar less noticeable?
Dermabrasion involves removing the upper layers of the skin with an electrical dermabrasion machine, or a special wire brush called a burr or fraise.
Scar Revision Surgery is a method of removing a scar and rejoining the normal skin, like making long scars to be shorter, and making wide scars to be thinner.
Skin flap surgery moving an entire, full thickness of skin, fat, nerves, blood vessels, and muscle from a healthy part of the body to the injured site. Chemical peel in which a concentrated form of chemicals is applied to remove scarred skin cells, allowing healthy cells to grow in their place.
Majority of the surgical scar removal approach will require multiple treatments, that will directly increase the fee and time required to complete the treatment. Consult your local doctors or dermatologists for the medical scar treatment cost through the surgery approach, or refer below for quick reference. With cosmetic scar removal procedures are not typically covered by health insurance, many people are turning to more cost effective options in todaya€™s tough economic climate – such as over the counter solutions to remove unsightly scar from cold sore. A leading over the counter scar removal product is Dermefface FX7 scar reduction therapy solution by Skinception. Dermefface FX7 is a topical scar cream with proprietary formula that combines 7 active ingredients, 10 potent antioxidants, and 5 moisturizers that work synergistically on every layer of skin to diminish the scar appearance, including skin cell regeneration.
Dermefface FX7 scar cream contains natural ingredients like Allantoin, HRGPs Glycopeptides, Niacinamide, D-Panthenol, and plant-based Pentavitin that help get rid of scars. Cold sore can leave a scar that may fade over time or not going away, depending on how severe the skin tissue was damaged during cold sore treatment, and how well the scar tissue healing process had gone.
With surgical scar removal procedures are costly and not typically covered by health insurance, many people are turning to more cost effective over the counter options like cold sore scar removal cream.
There is no one single best way to remove cold sore scars on lip, as different people may have different preference and pain tolerance level.
While these canker sores can be more than one in number inside your mouth, they cannot get spread to other people.

There is no known reasons for canker sores, only possible causes that may lead to development of canker sores. Sodium lauryl sulfate, the component present in most of the toothpastes is also one of the possible causes of canker sores. Gastrointestinal tract diseases like Celiac disease or Crohn’s disease may also cause canker sore.
Certain autoimmune diseases like systemic lupus erythematosus or Behcet’s disease may also lead to canker sores in mouth. Take some of this warm salty water into your mouth and swish it all around inside the mouth.
Coconut oil has excellent anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that soothes the pain and discomfort you get from the canker sores.
Take the coconut oil into your mouth even if it is in solid state because it will melt away in seconds due to your body warmth. If you have major sores, repeat the process 2-3 times a day otherwise once is enough to heal the minor sores. If however, you do not want to pull oil, you may even apply the raw coconut oil to your sores.
Baking soda helps maintain the pH levels in your mouth which in turn neutralizes the acidity considered as one of the possible causes of canker sores. Alternatively, you can take 1 tsp of baking soda and add a little water to make a paste out of it.
Having a milky white appearance, milk of magnesia is defined as a suspension of magnesium hydroxide in water.
Aloe vera gel has long been accepted as a natural miracle for various bodily conditions, canker sores being one of them. The products that contain acidophilus bacteria like yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese or buttermilk help restrain the growth of harmful bacteria inside your body.
Honey has a number of health benefits due to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
The enzymes papain and chymopapain present in the delicious fruit papaya have been proved to have the capability to reduce inflammation.
If you live in an area where fresh papaya is not available, suck on or chew papaya tablets. Tea tree oil has now been widely accepted as one of the best natural anti-septic and anti-bacterial agent. Now dab this cotton ball against your canker sore in mouth and hold it there for a couple of minutes.
Spit out the saliva that tends to increase while you hold the oil drenched cotton ball in your mouth.
If this seems a lot of work, simply take a pinch of goldenseal powder and apply to your canker sore on tongue. Egypt has a tradition of using myrrh not only for skin care but also for treating hay fever and herpes.
Myrrh and goldenseal, as you read in the previous remedies, have been used widely as natural remedies for canker sores. Like all the other health conditions, canker sores too can be healed with the help of certain essential oils. You can select any of the above essential oils or a blend of multiple oils like Eucalyptus plus Peppermint or Frankincense plus sandalwood oils. Avoid using oral products containing sodium lauryl sulfate, a known trigger of canker sores in many people. If you wear dental braces or use any other tool that may injure the inside of your mouth, take extra precaution by using orthodontic wax etc. Taking all these precautions will prevent them once you get rid of canker sores using one or more home remedies given here. When no symptoms are present, the virus HSV-1 may become active again and cause recurrent cold sores. The other day when we were enjoying our delicious and spicy weekend food, my friend almost screamed, “I have this nasty canker sore on my tongue! Canker sores (aphthous ulcer) have a red patchy texture with a rough oval border which gradually develop a white or yellow midpoint. This is what differentiates canker sores from cold sores or fever blisters that are contagious and mostly develop outside your mouth. Injury can be caused by anything like toothbrush, dental braces, dentures, accidental bites etc.

Whether you have a canker sore on side of tongue or under the tongue or anywhere else inside your mouth, salt water can reach every corner of your mouth. You will see the puffiness of sores going away soon when you apply baking soda paste or rinse your mouth with baking soda solution.
The soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera help you get rid of the associated pain and swelling due to canker sore in your mouth.
This is due to its strong antimicrobial properties that grapefruit seed extract help you to heal canker sores. Not only this, papaya also contains good amount of vitamin C and beta-carotene that also reduce inflammation.
Applying tea tree oil on your canker sores can help you get rid of canker sores on tongue or anywhere else in your mouth.
This recipe of herbal mouthwash for canker sores uses myrrh and goldenseal along with some other herbs.
It has been traditionally used by Native Americans to not only heal sores but also to cleanse their mouth. Tannins are antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial and thus immensely helpful in getting rid of canker sores. These oils have natural anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, disinfectant and other properties that help you get rid of canker sores in mouth.
Usually spicy, salty and acidic foods trigger such sores but you may get sores due to many other foods that may include nuts, chips, pretzels, some spices, and fruits like pineapple, grapefruit and oranges. Salt pulls out the fluid from within the ulcer and help heal the associated inflammation and pain. Magnesium hydroxide is widely used as antacid and laxative and to treat such conditions as constipation, heartburn, stomach ulcer, acne and even canker sores. So it makes a sense to eat yogurt or other such probiotic foods and drinks that may not only help you get rid of canker sores but also to prevent them from occurring again. Its high concentration of alkaloids make it a good antibiotic, anti-infection agent and immune boosting herb. Modern researches have shown that myrrh has powerful antioxidant properties and is also a good immune booster. While you can use black or green tea bags, you can also use herbal tea bag like chamomile tea bag.
Find ways to de-stress- meditate, pursue hobby, spend time with family and friends, travel or do whatever makes you happy and calm. Canker sore in mouth doesn’t let you do these very basic activities like talking and eating! Thus, you may have a canker sore in your mouth, inside lips or cheeks, a canker sore on your tongue (this can also be a canker sore under tongue or side of the tongue). You can always gargle with salt water to treat canker sore in throat and rinse your mouth with warm salty water to heal not only the sores on tongue but also to treat canker sore on gum.
This not only heals canker sores but also benefits you in more than one way by making your teeth and gums healthy and keeping infections away from you.
It has this quality of neutralizing the acidity and perhaps that’s why it is effective in healing canker sores.
This honey can even help you get rid of canker sore on tongue and from inside your mouth wherever they are.
However, whenever you use hydrogen peroxide for canker sore in mouth, use a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution only and dilute it with equal amount of water. These chemical compounds also have antiseptic properties and thus are suitable to be used for treating painful canker sores.
I gave her a solution made with some essential oils to numb her pain and she was quite relieved. If you too suffer from canker sore in mouth, just know that there are various simple home remedies to treat a canker sore.
But before knowing how to heal a canker sore with such remedies, you should know what a canker sore is and what its causes are so that you may at least take steps to prevent this painful condition in your mouth!

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