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Many people use it as a preventive natural remedy against flu, cold and other health problems that improves their immune system in the same time. Because of the sulfur compounds it contains, however, garlic has a distinctive taste and smell. Those who consume garlic in quantity find it harder to get rid of the garlic breath, as the sulfur compounds form allyl methyl sulfide that is released in breath and smell. This compound passes in the blood and is carried to the skin and lungs to be excreted there.
The process of digestion continues for several hours and the AMS release takes a few more hours, so the unpleasant odor may present for one-two days after consumption.In spite of the unpleasant odor, people prefer to consume garlic daily to ensure good health. However, they don’t want to feel embarrassed in the office, or at any other places they meet with people because of this. This is possible with a number of simple tips, presented below:Simple Tips To Get Rid Of Garlic Breath Fast Consume some fresh parsley when you want to reduce the garlic breath.
However, this method is only temporary, as the compounds that cause odor are released in breath and sweat through the lungs for hours.

So you can take sauna or do some exercises that will make you sweat to release the bodily toxins.Brush your teeth and maintain a good oral hygiene to reduce the garlic breath. You can also make use of a mouthwash and floss your teeth after each meal.There are lots of bad breath products available these days that also can help you remove the garlic breath. You can ask your doctor to recommend you some, or search for them in your local pharmacy or in the Internet.Those who don’t have fresh parsley available can try to chew cardamom seeds instead, as they have a similar effect for getting rid of odor.
These seeds have strong flavor themselves that naturally reduces the garlic odor.Garlic, cigarette and alcohol smell can be removed by Knobexol, a special herb that successfully neutralizes all smell agents in the body, including garlic breath. The stainless steel attracts the sulfur, contained in products like onions, fish and garlic and neutralizes the smell.Another option to do that is to dip your hands into a fresh lemon juice for approximately 3 minutes.
When you rinse them off, the bad odor of garlic will be gone being replaced by wonderful smell of fresh lemons.Your wooden cutting board can also stop smelling, if you cover it with a paste that consists of worm water and baking soda. If you add to this mixture some salt as well, you can efficiently deodorize your hands too.Unwanted garlic smell can also be removed by a skin cleanser called Noxzema. It contains eucalyptus, menthol, camphor and other ingredients that help you remove the odor from body and smell.

Initially, this product was intended to be a sunburn remedy only, but later people realize that it is effective odor-fighter as well.If you would like to keep the whole house from garlic smell, you can use an air purifier.
It helps in elimination of all cooking and musty smells replacing them with fresh and nice smell. However, many people find it beneficial to invest in it.It is easy to get rid of garlic breath using these useful tips. Whether you try to reduce your garlic breath or remove the garlic smell from your hands, body or house, take advantage of the above presented advices.

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