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Even though #periodsarenotaninsult (we're looking at you, Donald Trump), there's no getting around the fact that menstrual cramps still suck. About half of all women get menstrual cramps, and some 15 percent describe the pain as severe.
The jury is out on if you can prevent menstrual cramps: Some say regular exercise will help although that hasn't been proven. While not every woman gets premenstrual syndrome—the cramping, bloating, and general crabbiness that can strike around period time—about 85% of women report having at least one symptom each month. A salt-heavy diet can cause bloating, caffeine can aggravate irritability or anxiety, alcohol may worsen depression, and too much sugar can destabilize your blood sugar and mood. Water, Water, WaterStaying hydrated won't curb your cramping directly, but it can help with bloating, which makes cramps feel worse.
Stomach cramps can easily be avoided and controlled if you know what foods trigger the symptom.
Stomach cramps are sometimes caused by a high gastric acid concentration in your digestive system. If you suffer from mild stomach cramps because of exercise, you're on the right track to the washboard abs you've always dreamed of. One way that you can limit the cramping pain associated with abdominal exercise is to do half-crunches as opposed to full crunches.
If you suffer from stomach cramps when you're menstruating, then it helps to keep a heating pad or a hot-water bottle placed at your back.
Another way to relieve painful stomach cramps is to use a topical pain reliever like liniment or menthol rubs. Another quick fix for stomach cramps is to take a painkiller, especially if the pain in your stomach is too much to bear. Like any mild illness, sometimes a stomach cramp may be a sign of a more serious illness, like food poisoning or internal bleeding.
When you find that you can't stand the stabbing pain in your stomach, or if the cramps are accompanied by uncontrollable diarrhea or vomiting, you need to see a doctor. For occasional, less painful leg cramps and muscle stiffness, a mild self-massage or some gentle rubbing will do a lot to stop the cramping and loosen the muscles. You might be able to prevent cramping after exercise by using some regular stretching plan before you engage in physical activity. In addition to the massage ideas we suggested earlier you may be able to remove muscle tightness, cramps and pain with a hot bath or hot shower. If you suffer from leg cramping on a regular basis when you lie down to sleep at night, you may want to look further into the nutrition ideas suggested earlier.
Combine a hot shower and some mild stretching right before bedtime to relax the body in a general fashion.
When leg cramps arrive occasionally, soak in a hot tub, massage the affected area, take a mild pain reliever and stretch the leg muscles slowly and gently.
I have had terrible calve cramps since I was a teenager at night mostly, but also during the day. So we decided it was high time to review exactly how to get rid of cramps so you can get on with your life. Cramps occur during your period when hormones called prostaglandins trigger muscle contractions in your uterus (fun times) to help the uterus shed its lining.
Generally if you are younger than 20, have heavy bleeding, started puberty at age 11 or younger, or have never delivered a child, you get it the worst. In fact, one study disproved the theory: Researchers at Birmingham University in England found that the amount that you work out does not impact the severity of your menstrual cramps. Aim to eat at regular intervals to avoid dips and spikes in blood sugar, says Joanne Piscitelli, MD, associate clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Duke University in Durham, N.C.
When your period is coming, keep a water bottle handy, and toss in some mint or a squeeze of lemon to encourage you to drink. It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. You may have overindulged a bit, but you figure that your stomach can take a few extra servings from the all-you-can-eat buffet. Stomach cramps are one of the most common illnesses in the world, and can be caused by more than just overindulgence or overeating.

Among the main culprits of stomach cramps are bacteria and viruses, especially if you eat at unsanitary places or if you don't wash and cook food items thoroughly. Menstrual activity is also a common cause of stomach cramps among women, especially for those with irregular cycles, premenstrual syndrome, or menopause. The key is to know which foods trigger your stomach cramps and avoid them as much as possible.
Piling on the food at an all-you-can-eat buffet is not only impolite, but you can also give yourself a bad cramp once the food reaches your stomach. Non-caffeinated colas like 7-Up or Sprite can help calm indigestion, although they can also sometimes cause your stomach to cramp up especially if you have constipation. Medicines like Pepto-Bismol, Alka-Seltzer, or milk of magnesia can help relieve indigestion and other effects of stomach cramps. Cramps may be uncomfortable in the beginning, but with the right exercise and the proper cool-down techniques, those cramps on your abdominal muscles will go away on their own. Do not place the heating pad directly on your stomach, because it may cause dizziness and nausea. The soothing effect of menthol and other medicated oils can reach your cramped muscles and relax them. Painkillers may have contraindications and side-effects that may cause or aggravate stomach cramps. Vomiting associated with stomach cramps may dehydrate you and cause more problems than a simple cramp. He or she may be able to prescribe a treatment or advise a hospital stay until such time that there's proper treatment available. With the right diet, the right amount of food, and the right treatment, even the most serious stomach cramps can easily be controlled. While it’s important to know how to get rid of leg cramps or reduce the pain of leg cramps, it’s essential that you understand what causes them. In addition, you can get rid of some leg cramps and muscle tightness with proper nutrition. If the cramping is relatively minor, walking around and doing some very mild stretching should provide some relief. Tone down the salt (never more than 2,300 mg per day) and avoid alcohol -- both of which can pull water out of your system. It is not a substitute for professional veterinary advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your pet’s health. If you feel a gnawing, churning pain at the pit of your stomach, then there's a good chance that there's something wrong with your digestion, or worse, your body. Lactase, the enzyme that metabolizes lactose (a sugar found in milk), may be absent or lowered in the digestive system of some people. The cramps go away in time when the muscles strengthen, but a mild cramping sensation usually means that you're working and targeting the right abdominal muscles.
Remember that if a certain food once caused a cramp in your abdomen, chances are it's not meant for you to eat or indulge in. Have a good idea of how much you can eat at one sitting without feeling nauseous or uncomfortable. An antacid, which neutralizes the concentration of gastric acids, can help counteract high acid levels and relieve stomach cramps. Dissolve one teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in a tall glass of warm water, and take small sips of the solution.
Carbonated water and tonic water brands like Canada Dry or other sparkling water brands can also help relax your stomach muscles.
Instead, wrap the heating pad or the hot-water bottle in a thin towel and place it on your back. Without stomach cramps, eating, drinking, and merriment are made much easier and much more enjoyable. If you focus on the true source of your cramps you may be able to prevent them in the future. If you don’t eat enough of the proper foods, especially those with calcium, potassium and some of the essential oils, you may be contributing to cramping.
The Tylenol and ibuprofen do help, but what I found to work instantly to get rid of the cramps is massaging my shins.

Regular exercise can make you feel better during your period: endorphins are released, sleeping is improved, healthy eating is more likely. Never ignore professional veterinary advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the WebMD Site. Maybe your digestive system is having trouble processing the food, or you may have eaten the wrong kind of food at the wrong time. If you're lactose intolerant, you should avoid dairy products, and opt instead for non-dairy substitutes. Painkillers may also cause indigestion, especially mefenamic acid, aspirin, or other acidic painkillers that heighten stomach acid levels.
If you enjoyed reading this article, you'll surely enjoy learning how to get rid of stomach aches.
Usually, discomfort rolls in one to two days before your period and peaks within the first 24 hours of blood flow. Basically when your uterus, which is a muscle, contracts during your period it accidentally presses against other blood vessels, momentarily cutting off the supply of oxygen. Your stomach and intestines will need to work harder to digest excess food, which then causes stomach cramps. Lay Off the LatteCaffeine can make cramps worse, so steer clear of coffee before and during your period. If you need a morning or midday pick-me-up, try a small smoothie packed with veggies instead. Pop a PillAspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen sodium lessen pain and make you cramp less overall. Keep a small stash in your makeup bag or car so you're not searching when you need it most. Hit It With HeatThese days, you don't need to plug in to get the benefit of warm, relaxing relief. Check out microwavable heat pads, rechargeable cordless heat wraps, or disposable heat wraps designed just for menstrual cramps.
Get MovingWhile there isn't much evidence that working out targets period pain, many women swear by a sweat session to loosen up.
M-m-m-massageAs little as 5 minutes a day on your belly can boost the blood flow and ease tension to help you feel better. Start a few days before you expect your period.Women who began rubbing a cream with a blend of lavender, clary sage, and marjoram oils on their abdomens after their period had cramps for less time during their next one. Herbal HelpBlack cohosh, chasteberry, cramp bark, and turmeric have been traditionally used for pain. Evening primrose oil has also been found to help some women with cramps, but the scientific evidence isn't strong.
Some herbs can cause problems with medications or make them less effective, including birth control.
AcupressureTouching key places on your belly, back, and feet can increase blood flow and release endorphins to soothe both your body and mind for a little while. There's also a spot in the fleshy part between your thumb and index finger that relieves aches and pain. See a trained, certified expert to help you find those points and explain how to stimulate them. While some yogis say no to inversions (when your head goes below your heart) during your period, other medical experts say that advice is outdated and it's fine to do them.
You may also have to try different sleep positions, especially if you're usually on your stomach.
Treat Yourself to a BathFill the tub, add some bubbles, and settle in with your favorite magazine or book (and your rubber ducky).
For most women, cramps are normal, but sometimes they're a sign of a more serious condition.

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