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So, I’ve asked around and done my research, from which I’ve put together the following tips for getting rid of cooking odours in the kitchen. The most obvious way to ventilate – and probably something you’ve already tried – is to open up a window or door that leads to the outside. One of my favourite things (don’t judge me!) is to go into a shop where they sell Yankee Candles and just spend ages smelling each one. I’ve definitely been guilty of cleaning the kitchen and suddenly discovering a mess of splashes on the hob splashback from something we cooked a few days before. If our Home Hacks are anything to go by I’ve discovered that there’s pretty much always a homemade way to do things without having to spend more money. Fill up a small bowl with vinegar and leave it on the worktop overnight (admittedly that isn’t an immediate solution, but every method on this page will take time). There are a million-and-one plug-in air fresheners available, but the best ones are those that automatically detect odours and squirt out sweet smelling spray to try and combat it. Thomas Mulrooney writes content, helps run the social side and carries out many other marketing activities for Bohen and the Online Home Retail Network. We can’t find that location, so please choose from these options: Check your spelling and try again. If you have your own unique way of getting rid of the odours then feel free to share them in the comments! Those greasy cooking smells will escape straight into the open air, as long as you leave it open for a while after cooking.

Of course, there are other brands available, and the wide variety of candle smells available out there is a perfect mask for covering up those annoying cooking smells. Incense tends to be far stronger than a simple candle and the smell it gives off can last for a good while. Leaving splatters and stains isn’t only a terrible idea from a health and safety standpoint, but it will also add to any cooking smells too. This time is no exception, as there are a bunch of homemade methods that you can use to lessen the assault on your nostrils.
Baking soda and coffee grounds also work well, while I’ve also been told that cutting up lemons and adding them to a bowl of boiling water leaves a great lemony smell – as does adding laundry powder to boiling water! So, when you’re cooking something smelly the air freshener will automatically detect it and put out an extra spray on top of its regular bursts of fragrance. He loves to find ingenious solutions to everyday problems and puts his creative noggin to use on a daily basis. For best results you should provide the ventilation before you start the cooking, so that the smells never have chance to linger.
The problem here is that one might not cut it, and because you really need the bigger candles to make an impact it might hit you in your pocket as decent candles can be quite pricey.
I will say that incense can smell quite sickly if you use too much of it though, and a moderate amount is usually enough to negate the smell of cooking curry. Instead of leaving it for later, get into the habit of wiping up any spillage the instant it happens.

If there are any more homemade methods that you know of, feel free to let us know in the comments. This means that it will work a little harder when you’re cooking, rather than staying at exactly the same strength day-in, day-out like other air fresheners. The only problem is it might get quite cold to do this in winter, and if you’ve got a door open when it’s particularly windy it can just slam itself shut. I know it can be hard to remember when you’re trying to cook something, but doing it right away is easier to do before the spillage hardens, plus it means you won’t accidentally forget to do it later. You could try regular hand-spray air fresheners, but in my experience the smell from these tends to dissipate rather quickly. Keep doing it though and you may end up with a bed sheet you really don’t want to use anymore. If you’re sure you’ve entered it correctly, go back to the product page, and click on ‘Add to basket’.

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