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Some questions originated from The Marine do-it-yourself website wherein I answer inquiries.
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The result can be noticed in the first few days of use…The success of Cicatricure Gel is due to its unique formula, developed and clinically tested to mitigate the color and texture of your scar, it then softens and repairs the damage caused to the skin.

This is possible because all the main ingredients are all derived from nature, they are all 100% natural and organic and will not mistreat or damage your skin, making this product completely safe. Among these ingredients you can find Onion Extract, Chamomile Extract, Thyme Extract, Extract of Marine Shell (Oyster), Walnut Leaf Extract, Aloe Extract, Extract Entceia and Bergamot Oil.
After this natural process is complete, the skin is marked by a permanent scar, which in 99% of most cases is unwanted.

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