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In this situation people rush to beauty salon and buy lots of hair products for the treatment of their hair. Not brushing your hair often or not doing it properly: Proper brushing will result in the top layer of dead skin on the scalp falling off. Due to certain illness: Some particular diseases or health conditions could result in dandruff. Incorrect diet: An imbalance in diet with lack of vitamins, fats and Zinc can result in dandruff. But do not despair; though dandruff needs persistent and decisive action, it can be eliminated. Pepper and curd:  One cup of yogurt or plain curd mixed with two teaspoons worth of ground pepper and applied to scalp can help with dandruff. Oil and lemon juice: With the antifungal properties that lemon has it is really effective in dandruff treatment.
Baking Soda: Simply add a teaspoon of baking soda to the shampoo you use and proceed to shampoo your hair as usual. Garlic: A smooth paste of garlic applied to scalp and washed off after about 30 minutes is very effective in getting rid of dandruff. While none of these are miracle cures, persistent and proper care will have results and soon you will have dandruff free hair. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Having those flakes of white show up on your darker clothes is not something you want others to see.
You need to leave it for 60 minutes before rinsing it off followed by a wash with a mild shampoo. You can either massage it into the scalp and leave it on before washing or use it to rinse out your hair by mixing it in the last mug of water while you wash your hair.

But applying 2 tablespoons of apple juice along with equal amount of water and then washing it off after 10 minutes with a mild shampoo will work on getting rid of dandruff. There are various effective herbs available at home or at your nearest market which cures hair fall effectively.
If you do not get fresh henna leaves, you can also use henna powder mix one egg with henna to add B vitamin which is necessary for the health of the hair. Regular application of fennel on your scalp helps to stop hair falls especially when it happens due to fungal infection. As add-ons to the healthy diet and homemade hair masks, hair remedies to treat frizzy hair, etc. Mix a few drops of castor oil with the ginger juice and massage it on your scalp every day. Now mix everything and apply a thick coat of this mixture on your hair every alternate day. Regular massage of this product helps to make the root of your hair strong and stops hair fall within a few days.
It helps a lot to stop hair fall.Follow these herbal remedies along with a healthy diet to stop hair fall. A weekly henna treatment is necessary to stop hair fall and to boost up the health of your hair. Over-shampooing strips away the natural oils or lipids that your scalp secretes to nourish your hair. Sadly, but truly, rinsing your hair with cold water makes your hair smooth and adds a shine.
Rinse your hair with cold water to ensure that each individual strand of hair remains closed and flattened.3. Learn to blotWhen it comes to getting water off the mane, we must confess, everybody is in a hurry aren’t we?

Rubbing hair with a towel to squeeze all the water out isn’t the way to healthy smooth hair.
Dryer nozzle downOn a super need to rush or you are trying your hand at a dashing hairstyle and hair dryer is your magic wand, then so be it. As long as you never forget to point your dryer nozzle down, along your hair length as you dry it. Be sure to dab some heat protectant or hair serum, to guard your hair from heat (the rule goes unsaid when using other electrical hair styling appliances as well). Pointing the nozzle down, works its way to seal the hair cuticle and give you a smooth and shiny hair finish.
On completion, spread a little more of hair serum or leave on conditioner to maintain the shine and glossy hair look. Be gentle while combing, rather than shoving some quick moves trying to straighten out the knots. You, not alone benefit with the neat hair look, but you simultaneously discourage split ends and hair breakage. Even if you are totally in love with your long hair, a regular hair trim once in 2 months at the least is a must.Never underestimate the age-old sayings. Hair oil masks, once a week, will supplement your hair growth and provide significant results within days! Her love for poetry hasn't gotten anywhere other than her dog, Rhyme & her desire for serene life gets her into plentiful forced-to-adapt adventures.

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