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Overview Dark skin on the neck is usually a result of something known as acanthosis nigricans. Overview Dark skin on the body is commonly caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight over years.
Cucumber cleanses the skin and help to soothe the skin and bring back the glow of the skin. Chickpea flour is an excellent scrubber which removes the dead skin and exposes the fresh skin. Fruit masks provide nourishment to the skin and help to cleanse the skin and reduce the dark pigmentation. This site is for information and support only and NOT a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It's characterized by the National Institutes of Health as a skin condition that causes hyperpigmentation along the folds and creases of your body. It's important to properly diagnose the cause of the darkened neck skin, so make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible. Until a cause is found, you can lighten your darkened neck skin with creams containing hydroquinone, a skin bleaching agent. If the acanthosis nigricans is caused by obesity, dropping the excess pounds can help regulate insulin levels, and thereby cause the dark skin around the neck to fade. If the acanthosis nigricans is caused by diabetes, reducing your intake of sugars and starches may help fade hyperpigmentation. Women suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome can regulate their insulin levels with metformin, and consequently cause the darkened neck skin to fade. Sometimes, the darkened and thickened skin can be improved with skin treatments, including dermabrasion and laser therapy. Some of the causes of dark skin around the neck are diabetes, hereditary, obesity, polycystic ovary etc. Are you trying to avoid embarrassment caused by a dark neck by wearing high collared clothing?
This dark skin is noticeable by showing up as too much pigmentation in the skin along the folds of the neck and the creases in their body. It is not an infection and is not contagious.Aging and sun exposure are the main causes of dark discoloration on the neck. By diagnosing and subsequently treating the underlying cause of the condition, you can often see an improvement in the hyperpigmentation. Cutting back on your caloric intake while increasing physical exercise can often help you lose weight. Both cosmetic procedures remove the surface layer of the skin, which promotes the growth of new skin cells closer in color and texture to the rest of your skin. It is characterized by hyper pigmentation of the skin along the folds and creases in the body.
This dark skin is really unattractive and can cause someone’s self-esteem to plummet.Although dark skin on the neck is not an infection and is not at all contagious, it still makes people cringe, thinking it is an obvious sign of poor hygiene.

Other causes are diabetes, genetics, polycystic ovary syndrome, poor hygiene, and sudden weight loss or weight gain.There are many natural remedies to reduce the discoloration of skin around the neck.
You can use almonds in different ways to treat dark skin on your neck.Apply this Almond Paste to Lighten Dark Skin Around Your NeckFor a simple remedy, make a thick paste of half a teaspoon of powdered almonds, and one teaspoon each of milk powder and honey. Most people affected by this condition have an increased level of insulin within the body, as would be seen in diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome and obesity.
Though people wash their face many times a day, they ignore to shower and scrub the neck area.
Then you can try some of the home remedies given above to get rid of the problems effectively.
Although neglecting to wash and scrub the neck area is one reason people get black neck, there are other things that will cause this conditions that is scientifically known as acanthosis nigricans.Causes of Dark Skin on NeckWe know that black neck can be caused by poor hygiene, but there are also many other reasons black neck occurs. Apply the paste on the sides and back of the neck, leave it on for half an hour and then wash it off with water. The condition can be treated to a certain level by the right cleansing, scrubbing and moisturizing using natural methods. There are many home remedies available to reduce the discoloration of skin around the neck and to get back to the normal colored skin.
Too much sun exposure is one reason, but in most cases it is a result of diabetes or obesity. Whatever the case may be, black neck is still unsightly and if you’ve got it, you’re probably going to want to treat it as soon as possible.
The oil also acts as a moisturizer and will help make your skin glow.Soak four or five almonds in water overnight. Gunjan July 11, 2014 at 5:37 am ReplyHi i m using yoghurt n honey for body n hair, osm result. Knowing some of the symptoms of black neck will let you know if you’re definitely experiencing a case of black neck, which you can treat easily with natural home remedies.Symptoms of Black Neck If you’ve got black neck, you more than likely know it. If however you’ve never experienced such a condition and are wondering what it might be, there is one very tell-tale sign that you have black neck. The color changes slowly in black neck, and will often spread over months and years to other parts of the neck.
If you think you have this condition, there are many home remedies that will help get your skin back to its normal color and give you back the self-confidence you deserve.9 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Black Neck1. Honey and Tomato Honey is used in countless home remedies to treat conditions of the skin and is an excellent moisturizer. Mixing honey with tomato, another skin lightening agent, will give you the extra healing power you need to remove dark patches on the neck quickly and easily.
Honey and tomato juice should be mixed well together and applied to the black areas for twenty minutes.
Scrubbing the neck with a cucumber that has been sliced open will help to exfoliate skin and remove dead skin cells.
Applying cucumber juice or mashed cucumber, massaging it into the neck for a few minutes, and letting it sit for about twenty minutes is a great way to reduce and get rid of black neck.3.

ARUNAKUMARI August 17, 2015 at 11:12 am ReplyI am very happy of reading all these things, I will try but I am having too sensitive skin, whatever I apply, I will get some type of allergy at face only thereby I am afraid of using the remedies but I will try through my children Jan October 7, 2015 at 1:36 am ReplyNice! Cucumber has soothing properties that help repair skin cells, remove dead skin cells and add glow to the skin.Apply grated cucumber or cucumber juice all over your neck and gently scrub for about 10 minutes. It helps to greatly nourish the skin and will also give your skin the added moisture it needs. Wash it off with rose water or cold water.Another option is to mix equal amounts of cucumber juice and lemon juice and apply it on your neck using cotton balls. While eating almonds is obviously very beneficial, making a paste of almond powder, milk powder, and honey will do wonders to help get rid of black neck.
Walnuts Walnuts are another great one for black neck and making a paste of walnut powder and milk can be used as a scrub to get rid of the dark spots on your neck.
Walnut contains an array of vitamins that help nourish skin and is a highly recommended treatment. Hence, lemon can be used to effectively lighten the dark complexion of your neck area.Apply lemon juice to the dark skin using a cotton ball.
Consult with your doctor or other health care provider before using any of these tips or treatments. Use the paste by gently rubbing it in the affected areas and then leave on for fifteen minutes. Make sure not to expose your neck to direct sunlight after applying lemon juice.Another option is to mix equal parts of lemon juice and rose water. Those that care about natural beauty swear by the power of olive oil to nourish skin and keep it looking its best.
Applied to the dark spots for twenty minutes and rinsed thoroughly, this mixture will help considerably to fade black neck for good.6.
This is quite effective in reducing the dark complexion that appears around the neck area.Take two teaspoons of coarsely ground oats and add a little tomato puree to it to get a thick paste. Cocoa ButterCocoa butter is super nourishing to skin and is known to help get rid of black spots on the neck. When mixed with milk and honey, this rich moisturizing butter will help get rid of black spots quickly and it will only be a week that you begin to see a great improvement in the condition of the skin on your neck.7. Do this once or twice a week.Mix one tablespoon of powdered oats with enough milk and honey to make a paste. I diid it to day anbd i was wondering if my hair would start falling off ReplyLEAVE A REPLY Cancel reply SEE ALSOHow to Get Rid of Black Knees and Elbows: Best Home Remedies0 Black knees and elbows are more common than you might think, but are nonetheless an unsightly way to present these extremities.

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