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Dark spots, patches and other marks on the face can be embarrassing at times and may even lead to a low self esteem. Dark spots may be due to excess secretion of melanin on the skin, over exposure to the sun, hormone imbalance, pregnancy, certain medications, vitamin deficiencies, lack of sleep and too much stress and so on.
Fortunately, there are many simple remedies that may help reduce the appearance of spots and other blemishes on your face.
However, this should not be done too often, as it can break the fine capillaries on your face. Do not place your face too close to the water or steam as steam can burn just as easily as hot water.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Homemade remedies rid - 123beautysolution., Homemade remedies to get rid of that looks vry full and i have a dark and hard spot on my face and use can use homemade remedies to get clear and fair. Best cream rid men' age spots, dark skin spots, Best men' cream rid men' dark age acne spot cream acne lotion arms legs rid face. How rid dry dark skin mouth, 293 comments rid dry dark skin ihv pimples dark spot chiks & dark spot rid dark dry circle face ?. Not many people can boast a clear complexion, and due to a number of factors, people are looking at how to get rid of dark spots on face.
However, that doesn’t help if you’re someone who is looking at home remedies for dark spots on face. It can also be a pretty uncomfortable experience, especially if you’re suffering from spots like this due to some sort of trauma to your skin, and this is probably why you’re looking at home remedies for dark spots on face. No matter how terrible you’re feeling right now, either emotionally, or physically, we have put together some information in the following paragraphs that will show you how to get rid of dark spots on face, and at last, enjoy the clear complexion you’ve always wanted.
If you notice that you suddenly start to develop brown spots on the face, it’s important you understand why, and your first port of call should always be your doctor. These are all reasons why people will look at home remedies for dark spots on face however, there could be a more sinister reason they’ve started to appear.
Millions of people suffer from acne all over the world, and there are many treatments that will help to keep it under control, and in some cases, clear it up completely.
The reason for this, especially for those of you that have had severe acne, is because the treatments used can be pretty aggressive, and this will leave you with marks.
This is more of a cosmetic problem than a health related issue, but that doesn’t take away the need to find out the home remedies for dark spots on face.
The most common cause of Melasma is a surge in hormones, and this is why it’s most common in women. Women who have just given birth, have reached puberty, or are going through the menopause are also more at risk of developing Melasma.
Lots of people will first of all, look at natural methods when they want to know how to get rid of dark spots on face, and the main reason for this is these methods come with few, if any side-effects, and they don’t cost a lot of money either. Lemon Juice – This can be a very effective method when you want to know how to get rid of dark spots on face. The first is to gently roll a lemon across a work surface to release the juices, cut it in half, and squeeze the juice through a cloth so you don’t get any flesh or pips. The second will help when you want to cleanse the skin on your face, and it’s also a good natural method when you’re looking at the best dark spot remover for face.
Olive Oil – Many of us will have this in our kitchen, and because it will help to keep your pores clean, it’s another method you should think about when looking at how to get rid of dark spots on face. Exfoliate with a natural scrub – Keeping dead skin cells at bay is one way that will help when you’re looking at home remedies for dark spots on face.
Whilst all of these methods are proven ways on how to get rid of dark spots on face, you should make sure you do a test first, and if you’re not sure, ask your doctor. Whilst natural methods on how to get rid of dark spots on face work very well for most people, there may be times when you will need some intervention from the medical profession. Topical Treatments – There are over the counter products you can buy at your local pharmacy which will help when you’re looking at how to get rid of dark spots on face. Microdermabrasion – This is something your doctor will advise if you’ve tried everything-else when looking at brown spots on face treatment, and it hasn’t worked.
Laser Treatment – For those of you that have suffered from acne, you may well have looked into this method before, and it’s just as effective when you want to know how to get rid of dark spots on face. There are many other treatments available from your doctor when you’re looking at the best dark spot treatment, but we felt these were the 3 most common.
We believe we have saved the best until last in terms of how to get rid of dark spots on face.

This product is made by a company called ZENMED, and they have developed a cream called a Skin Eraser. ZENMED will tell you that when you’re looking at the best dark spot remover for face, their product will take up to 8-10 treatments however, when you reach this stage, it’s highly unlikely you will be looking for any other professionally developed dark spot remover.
If you feel the product hasn’t worked for you, they will give your money back in full, so if you’ve been searching for the best dark spot remover for face, and haven’t found anything you feel works properly; you have nothing to lose by trying this product.
After just one application of Skin Eraser product, your marks will be reduced, any redness you have will start to fade, and your skin will plumper than before. If you are seriously annoyed of having sunspots on face as well as skin, then Proladiestips brings the ultimate tips and solution of sunspots treatment from face and skin.
Sunspots are either lighter or darker spots than the normal skin tone having different colors and shapes. In appearance, sunspots resemble to scaly or rough skin lesions, flat or raised warts and also cause minor itching.
Sun allergy that causes sunspots when exposed to sunlight, no matter for shorter or longer time. As the initial easy way to prevent sunspots, always try to cover those areas of your skin and face that are continuously expose to sunrays. Sunscreen cream protects your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays of sun that cause sunburn and sunspots.
Between 10AM and 4PM when sunrays are very harsh, use a sunscreen with an SPF 30, as sun is at the hottest stage at this time. To protect your skin from further sun damage, always use good quality sun blocks with sufficient SPF levels. Do not depend merely on cosmetics, foundations and moisturizers that contain sunscreen as an ingredient, rather use a sunscreen itself to protect skin and face from sun damage.
UVB rays of sun are responsible for sunspots that can affect you if you stay, travel or spend too much of time in cars.
By knowing the underlined causes and factors of sunspots on skin and face, you can easily get rid of this problem. Mild acid content is present in lemon juice that lightens the darker sunspots, helps in getting rid of dead skin cells as well as regenerates new healthy skin cells. Lightly rub fresh lemon slice or lemon juice drops directly on the affected sunspots areas, as both serve as skin lightener. Lemon juice increases skin sensitivity, so never go out in sun when you apply it on your face or skin.
Lemon juice further dries off a dry skin texture, so apply moisturizer on skin or face after this homemade remedy for sunspots.
Sometimes, lemon juice can cause irritation that can be avoided by mixing it with water, honey or rose water.
Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and lemon juice is used to lighten both sunspots along with age spots. Natural alpha hydroxyl acids are found in Apple Cider Vinegar that cause lightening of sun and age spots. Citric acid is present in lemon juice which performs the function of lightening of darker areas and patches of skin and face.
Start from the forehead and apply the mixture to all areas of face and other skin portions where sunspots are present.
Dilute the mixture with a little water, if you feel too much stinging or if you have a sensitive skin. Aloe Vera gel can also be squeezed directly from the plant or can also be used in the form of a good quality herbal cream enriched with aloe Vera. Continue applying this herbal home remedy of sunspots for minimum 2months that will remove sunspots slowly and effectively.
Lactic acid is present in milk or butter milk that is used for skin lightening as well as skin cells regeneration.
If the significant results are not achieved using the above sunspots remedy techniques at home naturally, visit a good dermatologist. Providing Health Care, Skin Care, Makeup, Fashion, Jewelry and Hair Style tips in Professional way.
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Steam: All you need do is boil a kettle of water and carefully pour the boiling water into a bowl.

Many experts in the medical profession believe skin conditions like this are attributed to exposure to the sun, and the fact that the UV rays are much stronger these days. Aside from the sun, there are other reasons why you would suffer in this way, and we aim to deal with these, along with tips, and advice on how to get rid of dark spots on face later in this article. In early life, many of us are comfortable with having a “freckly” complexion, but as you get older, these spots can become darker, and much larger.
They will be able to give you an accurate diagnosis of what the problem is, and will also be able to give you some advice on how to get rid of dark spots on face.
It could be that you’re in the middle of a healing process due to a trauma to your skin, it could also be a genetic problem, or, as mentioned, you’ve been over-exposed to the sun. It may be that you’ve developed a form of skin cancer, and this is why it’s so important you visit your doctor. However, some of these treatments will leave you looking for ways on getting rid of brown spots on face. Whilst you may be happy that you’ve finally rid your-self of acne, you are now currently faced with a new problem, and that’s how to get rid of dark spots on face. Certain drugs that are used to help with hormone production can also cause Melasma, which will leave you looking at home remedies for dark spots on face. There, are in fact, two ways in which you can do this however, you should always use the juice of a fresh lemon. It’s very easy to use olive oil; all you will need is 1 teaspoon which you can massage directly on to your skin. All you will need is to mix together 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 teaspoon of raw oats, and 1 teaspoon of baking soda. The one ingredient you should look for is hydroquinone, and it usually takes up to 2% of the overall ingredients used.
It works in much the same way as microdermabrasion, but a heat intensified laser will be used instead. All of the methods detailed above whether natural, or medical can come with their risks, but we believe we’ve found a product that is a sure fire way when you’re looking at home remedies for dark spots on face or how to cure acne. The beauty of this cream, is it won’t cost you an inordinate amount of money when you’re looking at the best dark spot remover, and it comes with no side effects because its formulated using totally natural ingredients. After 8-10 treatments, you really won’t be looking for a way on how to get rid of dark spots on face anymore. Lemon juice in sugar paste form has a thick consistency that helps it to stay longer on skin for better efficiency. Leave the mixture on skin and face overnight and continuously for at least 6 weeks to gain much better results.
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Because this appears on the face, it can turn into a very embarrassing problem, and for those of you that suffer from the most severe cases, it will start to affect your self-esteem.
It doesn’t matter if these spots have suddenly started to appear, or you’ve always had them, and they’ve got worse, it’s vitally important you rule out skin cancer first. However, as promised, later in this article, we will give you information on how to get rid of dark spots on face after you’ve been suffering from acne. If you have an olive skinned complexion, you’re also more prone to Melasma, and should be very careful of the sun. This substance is very effective at lightening the color when you’re looking at the best dark spot remover for face. When you’re looking at the best dark spot remover for face, this is one of the most common ways in which the medical profession can help. Once this is done, simply rub the lemon and sugar over the brown spots on the face, and let it dry.
Make sure you have a hot wash-cloth to hand which you can press against your face; this will help draw out the impurities from your pores, and can be gently washed away. If you need something stronger, anything over 2% will be prescribed by your doctor when you discuss how to remove dark spots on face.

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