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Face cleansing: how to get rid of blackheads at home, How to get rid of black head at home tutorial using an organic facial cleanser. 5 ways to get rid of blackheads - wikihow, Try to squeeze out a blackhead with your fingers. Angela Tague writes marketing content and journalistic pieces for major brands including Bounty, The Nest, Lowe's Home Improvement and Hidden Valley. Stop avoiding your favorite bikini or skipping water aerobics class at the gym because of razor burn.
Exfoliate the areas where you shave at least twice a day to reduce the chances for itchy ingrown hairs. Use moisturizing deodorant or antiperspirant daily on underarms to hydrate the skin and reduce shaving irritation.

Hydrate other shaved areas daily using natural oils such a jojoba oil, coconut oil or cocoa butter to avoid shaving off dry skin flakes, which can later be sore or itch.
Apply a thick lather of shaving gel or cream to further soften the hair and hydrate the skin. Wash razor burn prone areas like your bikini line and under arms with an antibacterial soap daily. She also provides feature content to newspapers and writes health and beauty blogs for Daily Glow, Everyday Health and Walgreens.
From dry, cracking skin and ingrown hairs, to red sore bumps, the itching associated with these skin irritations after shaving is manageable. Since you apply less pressure when using a sharp razor, you're less likely to nick your skin, leaving it sore and itchy.

The Palo Alto Medical Foundation recommends not shaving for at least two months if you develop itching after hair removal. Tague graduated from the University of Iowa with a bachelor's degree in journalism and mass communications in 1999. Whether it's your legs, underarms, bikini line or another sensitive area on your body, always prep your skin before, during and after shaving to reduce itching and irritation.

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