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Roop Amrit contains herbs and roots that prove to be like nectar in making your complexion glowing. The herbs and roots present in Roopamrit provide important minerals and vitamins to your skin due to which acne and pimples, ugly patches, dark circles, wrinkles and dark complexion just vanish. Ans Roopamrit is an ayurvedic fairness gel that helps to reduce melanin level of the skin & makes you fair. Young adults are susceptible to this skin condition of acne skin problems because they have active sebaceous glands.

Yes, it creates a layer on your body which protects your body from ultra violet rays & pollution, sun-screen protects new cells of the skin. Almonds and walnuts help in clearing the dead cells of your skin and rejuvenate it, hence helps in reducing wrinkles.
As far as complexion is concerned it depends on your satisfaction level so you can go for another pack also. It rejuvenates your skin and helps to grow new cells therefore cosmetics and soaps are not used as they contain chemicals.

It is also a solution for blackheads, sunburn, pigmentation under eye dark circles, pimples & wrinkles.

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