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May 1, 2016 By Kerensa 8 Comments After downsizing from a 40 ft to our new-to-us 30 ft RV, we’ve gottenĀ a lot of questions. We no longer have theĀ super deep pass-through bays of a diesel, but we’ve managed to make it work by consolidating and using our Tetris skills. We found a floor plan that was surprisingly similar to our previous RV, just a little shorter. We lost a slide in the bedroom, but we gained under bed storage, a tv, and a rear facing window. Brandon was able to modify our drawers into keyboard trays and drill a couple of holes for wires and viola!
We went from all-electric appliances (induction cooktop, convection oven, and residential fridge) to the typical gas-powered range and smallish fridge. Our previous RV was an energy hog and we’d have to run the generator once or twice daily to keep the batteries topped off. We added organization boxes to the fridge and a stove wrap to keep everything clean and in its place.

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