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Skin discolouration is often caused by unstable melanin in our skin, but can have other causes, such as hormones.
The types of skin discolouration include uneven skin tone, acne pigmentation and more.Skin discolourations can be hard to hide. Previously, skin discolouration treatment included thick makeup, or skin discolouration cream to try and fade it.
But these skin discolouration creams often didn’t work.But now, Pigmentation Care By Sia can erase skin discolouration. Hyperpigmentation is caused by excess melanin, which is produced by melanocytes in the dermis.What causes this brown skin discolouration?
The key reasons for hyperpigmentation are UV exposure, hormones and skin trauma, causing facial skin discolouration, skin discolouration on the hands or arms and skin discolouration on the chest or back.

Melasma is stimulated by oestrogen and UV rays, and usually causes skin discolouration on the face. Some people have a gorgeous soul, Basma Hameed is one of them! You won’t believe but her first patient was herself! These products used to lighten skin discolouration also contain chemicals, such as hydroquinone, which is banned in many other nations.How does laser fix skin discolouration? The laser seeks out the excess melanin and destroys it.How long does it take?  Treating skin discolouration on the face takes fewer than 5 minutes. When I am not playing one of these roles, I am a lover, a die-hard music freak, a book reader, a yoga fanatic with a desire to travel ‘alone’. Skin discolouration on larger areas, like the legs, can take up to 15 mins.What are the extra benefits of treating hyperpigmentation with laser?

As well as lightening skin discolouration, the heat from the laser actually stimulates collagen and elastin in the dermis, for anti-aging effects.About laser Unlike using harsh skin discolouration products to bleach your delicate skin, laser uses zero chemicals and is over in minutes. So, if you have been searching for a an alternative to lotions for skin discolouration which leave your skin dry and damaged, visit us now.

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