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A tickle in your throat can cause a constant cough that keeps you up at night and makes it hard to concentrate during the day. We all wash our cars with the aim of maintaining their appearance and to keep them looking great.
Never under estimate how much of a difference properly cleaned wheels can make to your car’s overall appearance. It’s always best to rinse your wheels first and if you have a pressure washer at your disposal, flush out the wheel arches too. Now let me abolish a bad urban myth, not all acidic wheel cleaners are bad, in fact in some cases they are a necessary evil (and as we know, not all that is evil is bad!). Make sure whichever wheel cleaner you choose that you follow the dilution instructions and wear some form of gloves to stop the chemicals coming into prolonged contact with your skin. At this point you should have your wheel cleaner in a spray bottle (preferably with a foaming nozzle) and two buckets (see below for further information). Then if you a have a spoke brush as above, move onto giving the backs of the wheel a good tickle. Now grab your wash mitt and give the wheels a final clean with your wash solution, rinsing off any wheel cleaner as you go. If you’re doing this on a budget take some car wash solution and a spray bottle (a well rinsed out old household cleaner bottle will do) and dilute to its recommended ratio. Of course this will do little to road salts, tar, and other bonded contaminants but it will certainly not hurt.
The two buckets are made up of one containing your chosen wash solution, diluted to the recommended ratio, and the second clean rinse water.
If you’re feeling flush (or just car mad like me) then you should also consider using grit guards in both buckets. Sponges generally trap dirt between their own surface & the paint, creating a big yellow sanding block!!! When using your mitt always apply even and light pressure, allowing your mitt to glide over the surface, the only time you apply pressure to your paints surface is if you’re polishing.
Start from the top of the car, moving round it in a circular direction (roof, then glass work, bonnet, door, boot, door, then lower panels etc), washing the dirt down the car as opposed carrying it up the car.
The aim here is to add a small amount of lubrication to the paint, and also breakdown any water deposits that could leave water spots on the surface, ruining the finish. Apply a quick spritz of whichever quick detailer you decided upon, and fold your towel until palm size (2-3 times). If you’re really out to impress take your quick detailer, a fresh microfibre, and take another tour round the car, spritzing slightly more (each panel should have an even light misting) and buff gently to a good shine.
Drinking plenty of water thins and loosens this mucus, making your coughing more productive. Sucking stimulates saliva production, easing a dry throat that might be leading to your cough.
Unfortunately, the majority of paint damage and light scratches are caused during the wash stage itself.

If you are using a Pressure washer, never get too close and try to always spray at an acute angle and never point on at 90 degrees.
Most of the time you shouldn’t need a wheel cleaner, keeping it for more in depth work only (say once every 6 months or so).
Avoid cleaners that boast outrageous claims, they can often be too strong and more harmful than good (especially for those with factory coated Brabus wheels). When cleaning your wheels, get your hands on as many brushes as you can, allowing you  to get into all the awkward areas and then an old wash mitt to give them a final wipe over. Using your brushes, clean the lip, lug nut holes and wheel face, getting in all the nooks and crannies.
Twist the brush as you pull it towards you, reducing the splash back you would normally get and also cleaning the back of the spokes as you do. Now this can range from anything like running an open pressured hose over the car to advanced citrus cleansers and snow foams designed to break down and soak off the dirt and contaminants. With the car in the shade liberally spray the contents over the entire car (especially the lower and heavier soiled panels) starting from the top, working your way down. Gone are the days of using one bucket, a 99p sponge and then throwing the dirty water over the car at the end! The idea here is to remove the dirt from the car with the wash solution and release it from the mitt into the rinse water, rather than reintroducing it to your wash solution.
These create a static water trap at the bottom of the bucket and ensure any larger contaminants are not reintroduced to the mitt. Well there are two key types of wash mitts available, microfibre, and (Merino) Lamb’s wool mitts.
This also ensures you tackle the dirtier lower panels last and keep your mitt cleaner for longer.
This step is crucial and will on its own transform your routine and the appearance of your car. Quick Detailers also offer the added benefit of often adding a small amount of protection & gloss. On the first horizontal panel, open up your towel and lay it out flat to soak up the laying water. Folding the towel neatly ensures that even pressure is applied and any uneven hand pressure is absorbed by the towel. Again, most Quick detailers include a form of protection, keeping you paint shiny and safe for longer! The goal is to thin and break up the mucus tickling your throat and make the cough more productive.
The sugary drop or candy coats your throat as well, keeping it from drying out too quickly again.
Products and techniques fall short of what is needed resulting in actually damaging your cars paintwork.
Finally rinse your wheels thoroughly with an open tap pressure from a hose or watering can.

Gently swish the dirty mitt in the rinse bucket and then return to the nice clean wash solution. These may seem odd but make a huge improvement to your wash technique and drastically cut the amount of wash induced scratches into the paint! The main difference is microfibre mitts are man-made and will last forever (if properly cared for, albeit they can become stiffer over time) and you can chuck it in the washing machine after use (never use soft rinse or tumble dry any microfibre).
The waters own low surface tension and weight should pull most of the water down the car leaving less to dry. There are two reasons for this, 1st you are soaking up all that water without rubbing & scrubbing (these panels will have more laying water to remove than vertical ones and so require more drying), and 2nd, microfibres dry better and are softer when damp. Now GENTLY (remember, no pressure unless polishing) wipe the panel until dry, turning to the shorter pile for the last few passes.
Over-the-counter patches and gums are designed to help with nicotine cravings and make quitting, even for a short time, easier.
This also ensures that the wash solution isn't over clogged, allowing it to perform to its best all the way through the wash process (the solution can only handle so much dirt before its desired properties become exhausted). Once rinsed take another scoop of clean wash solution (and plenty of it, you aim to use it all by the end of your car) and wash the next panel.
Again follow the same path as when you washed the car, from top to bottom, ensuring you remove all traces of your wash solution.
After a few seconds grab the end of to towel nearest you and with a slow upward motion pull it towards you, bringing the water with it.
This will help loosen mucus in your sinuses and throat and make your coughs more productive. However if you do opt for a wheel cleaner, make sure you rinse your wheels thoroughly after using it and then wash with bodywork shampoo to ensure the cleaner is fully removed. As above, when you have done washing the rest of the car, revisit the wheels once more with you mitt and wash solution to be double sure you got rid of all the wheel cleaner, and rinse again. Because your car is in the shade, allow a minute or so before starting to dry your car (good time to tidy up you wash kit). When it comes to collected water around light clusters etc hold the folded microfibre against the section for a few seconds. The reason for this is that should the worst happen, the scratches are easier to remove than circular, erratic ones. I opt for a soft Merino wool mitt for my car’s bodywork, and a tougher, hard wearing Microfibre mitt for the wheels.

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