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The Dell Inspiron Zino HD is the perfect machine if you are looking to build an Ubuntu Linux based HTPC. The easiest way to setup a dual boot configuration is to reinstall Windows 7 first with the included OS DVD and then Ubuntu second. You can install Ubuntu through the HDMI but on some TVs the HDMI port may display incorrectly until the ATI drivers are correctly installed.
Once you have completed the initial installation and made sure you have a working network connection you should update your system.
You should now a fully functional system up and running with Ubuntu, but you may want to install some packages that will make your make your life easier.
They previously had one for $229 that shipped with Ubuntu preinstalled but that looks to be gone now. I was wondering whether your zino HD has the “standard” radeon mobility 3200 or the 4330 option? The Flash 10.1 beta does indeed support hardware acceleration, and it supports it for both of the ATI graphics chips available for the Zino (4330 and 3200).
You have an EFI partition so if you are using that, both Ubuntu and windows files are there. To merge sda3 with sda4 boot from live media (USB or disk), 'try ubuntu', once at a desktop launch Gparted.

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EasyBCD is a tool to install and change the boot sequence from the operating systems in our computer. If you change your mind and don’t want dual boot, EasyBCD can get rid of this, it is very simple and easy to set up. EasyBCD is the NeoSmart Technologies award-winning technology that simplifies the operation of the boot loader in Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Linux, Mac OS X, or BSD and setting up or configuring the boot is very simple. At the time of this post the Zino can be purchased with either Windows 7 or Ubuntu linux 9.04.
If this occurs to you switch over the the VGA port until you have completed the installation. All this means is that you need to have the wired ethernet connection until you update the system and download the appropriate wireless driver. The Ubuntu Membership via Forums contributions wiki page covers all the potential questions any applicant might have and a tutorial for the Code of Conduct signing assistant, complete with screenshots, has been created to make it as easy as possible.
I once installed both ubuntu 15.04 and windows 7, but now I want to get rid of windows because it's just sucking up space.

I'll probably stick to having that extra partition for a while, in fact I still have plenty of space! Installation is extremely simple, EasyBCD is designed for all types of users, it is used and recommended by Microsoft, PC World, PC Magazine  and many others, the program is absolutely free, is clean and contains no adware, spyware or viruses. I decided to go with Windows 7 and install Ubuntu 9.10 64-bit karmic on my own in a dual boot configuration. Repartition the drive so that Windows 7 only uses a small chuck and leave the rest of the space unallocated. You should now be able to connect with wireless and use the HDMI port if you experienced display issues with it during the installation. The good thing about reinstalling Windows is that it gets rid of all the extra 3rd party junk that comes preinstalled.

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