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Ear mites may be very small in size but they cause a lot of discomfort and pain to your pet dog. Bring your pet to your veterinarian when you see any of the symptoms mentioned above on your dog. If you believe your cat has ear mites, it’s important to contact your vet for a test to ensure this is the problem. Treating ear mites isn’t overly difficult, but you will need ear mite drops from your vet to do it. Ear mites are not normally visible to the human eye, which is one of the major problems with treating them. Contact us at Legacy Animal Medical Center to get help fast if you believe your cat is suffering from ear mites. Cats can be difficult to groom, but you should make the effort regularly—particularly for a long-haired or curly-haired breed.
Antibiotic treatment can be giving by consulting to a doctor but it will have some side effects and may not get an immediate relief.
The symptoms to watch for are constant scratching of the ear, increased discharge of ear wax, puss, shaking its head constantly, walking in circles like it is disoriented, being imbalanced when your dog stand up and walk, fever and in the worst case scenario, lethargy. He will know best on what remedy or treatment to recommend depending on the severity of the ear mite infestation.A  If infection is already present, he will most probably recommend antibiotic aside from the topical ear ointment and pain reliever if needed.

Chances are, they are not totally eradicated with the mineral oil remedy or there are other reasons for it to always come back. Your dog is totally dependent on your caring for them in order to get rid of the disgusting parasites.
The most common is Otodectes cynotis, eight-legged spider-like creatures that feed on the waxes and oils in a cat’s ear canal.
Ear mite medication is entirely safe and can even be used on kittens without adverse effects. The dosage is important as an overdose would definitely be disadvantageous to your dogA?s health.
Give some supplements as recommended by your vet to further boost their immune system to parasites and allergens. Not only is this extremely uncomfortable for your cat, but it can lead to ulcers and severe health problems if left untreated. Day to day activities will really be hampered due to the discomfort and the changes in its attitude when it responds to the irritant and pain. The heat generated from the sock will help draw out fluid from the ear and relieve swelling and painOnion juiceYou have to apply at the place where you get ear infection with the onion juice with cotton and then push it into ear.
Do this twice daily and wipe off the extra oil with a cotton ball.  Dispose used cleaning supplies properly as mites can easily transfer to furniture, rags and carpets.

When the ear mite is very active, make sure you don?t go very near the ear area as it can easily transfer to another host. Observe the condition of your dog?s ear from the time you started applying the mineral oil on its ear.
If you see that the symptoms did not stop, then it is time to see the vet as the infestation may already be very severe and would need stronger medication. Take it as a challenge and don?t let it get in the way with the enjoyment you and your pet should be having if not for it. It may reduce the pain of Ear easily and quickly.LemonLemon balm is one of the best and important home ear infection remedy among all ear infection remedies. Because of its nutrients will fight with the ear infection and gives better relief results to you. Olive or castor oilA few drops of warm olive or castor oil put in the infected ear serves as another adult ear infection remedy. After putting this oil, sleep on the other side so that the oil seeps in rather than trickle back out of the ear.Basil leavesHoly basil leaves are also an excellent adult ear infection home remedy.

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