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So get ready, because Intel is making the future of computing, and next week the future is in Taipei. Before IntelA® Wireless Docking came along, there were ways to remove cables from your docking setup.A  Wireless keyboards and mice have been around for years.
IntelA® Wireless Docking, powered by IntelA® Wireless Gigabit technology, is just one of the many ways Intel is bringing its No Wires vision to life. Each of these technologies has the potential to enhance and improve the lives of users everywhere, and Intel wants developers to experience them for themselves to spark new ideas and innovative ways to incorporate them into exciting new products. At last yeara€™s World Championships the main gaming stage and the free gaming zone shared the floor of the Spodek Arena, this year the free gaming zone is in the IEM Expo located in the brand spankin new Katowice International Congress Center adjacent to the Spodek Arena. Check out the floor plan, this will give you an idea of how much wea€™ve grown since last years World Championships.. As always all matches will be streamed live at Intel Extreme Masters so check out the schedule of matches and check back here at Inside Scoop for pictures and updates from the main stage and IEM Expo. A few years back in an effort to simplify our brands, we introduced a new brand construct for our flagship PC IntelA® Corea„? processor brand. With the tablet market maturing, consumers are now faced with a dizzying array of designs and choices.A  Understanding the experience a particular tablet provides is difficult as performance and capability varies and not always directly related to price point. Stay tunedA for announcements in the near future on how new Intel technologies will support the full spectrum of mobile devices across form factors and price points. Our research, again and again, has told us that the number one complaint from users was that they had too many cables.
We’re removing the cables for external monitors through our WiDi and WiDi Pro technologies. And finally, we’re eliminating power cables and charging adapters through the use of magnetic resonance wireless charging based on the A4WP standard. Youa€™re in control of your online security and you can add multiple layers of protection to your True Keya„? profile. The final piece of the UX puzzle is the user interface, or more simply, how we interact with the device. Speaking of World Championships, they will be taking place in Katowice Poland March 12th ~ 15th with the top League of Legends and StarCraft II players in the world competing for the title of Intel Extreme Masters World Champion.
Overall IEM Taipei was a lot of fun; the Taipei Game Show attracted approximately 500,000 people over the course of five days.
I’m looking forward to the World Championship in Katowice, the weather will be cold but the competition will be hot, look for my upcoming blog posts. In the land of StarCraft II, bracket play has been taking place over the past three days narrowing the field and setting the stage for the eight players in the playoff rounds. Our free gaming zone is as popular as ever, the zone has been absolutely packed everyday with show attendees playing the latest games on the newest Intel powered Desktop, Laptop, 2-in-1 and All-in-One computers.
Another StarCraft II semi-final match is starting so I’ll wrap this up so I can go watch, Ia€™ll be doing a wrap-up of the event in the next few days so be sure to check back and see if my StarCraft II prediction were accurate. We are taking Intel Extreme Masters to the Taipei Game Show January 28th ~ February 1st A where some of the best StarCraft II and League of Legends players will compete for $75,000 in prize money. If you are lucky enough to be attending the Taipei Game Show in person be sure to come by the Intel gaming zone and watch the competition live and try out some of the newest games all running on the latest Intel powered desktop, laptop, 2-in-1 and All-in-one computers. Each day you will have the opportunity to win a Core i7 processor at our Black Light Retribution mini tournament and our iRacing fastest lap competition so be sure to check that out as well. For the complete tournament schedule, howA your favorite player is doing and the latest news from IEM Taipei, be sure to check the Intel Extreme Masters website! Local favorites Cloud 9 crushed Unicorns of Love 3-0 in the League of Legends finals with some inspired game play, here are some of the highlights from the final round. Along with claiming the win here in San Jose and an invite to the world Championships, Cloud9 walked away with a cool $25,000 in prize money for their efforts.
Videos of all the matches are available at Intel Extreme Masters so if you missed a match or just want to watch the action again please visit the website.
Fierce competition wasna€™t the only thing happening, autograph sessions were taking place both Saturday and Sunday giving fans the opportunity to get up close and personal with their favorite teams and players. All in all it was a great weekend, being able to bring IEM to San Jose was awesome, myself and the rest of the IEM crew hope those of you that attended had as much fun as we did. Every year on Black Friday, consumers can find some of the best deals on electronics and this year is no different. The CEA found that 50 percent of Black Friday shoppers purchase something unplanned because of a great deal. The 10 finalist teams of Make it Wearable Challenge cleared a field of 500 entrants from around the world. Tune in to watch the finalist presentations and winner announcementA via a live stream webcast at 12:00 pm PDT (noon) on Monday November 3, 2014. The race to the grand prize of 500,000 USD in the Make it Wearable challenge is in the final stage. On the technical side, Intel and other mentors at the UCB Foundry are providing the finalists with tailored assistance to refine their prototypes. The Make it Wearable Challenge aims to identify innovative ideas that bring Intela€™s vision to life: technology that fits into peoplea€™s lives seamlessly and improves daily life in a meaningful way. The teams have worked hard to develop wearable prototypes that are innovative and feasible. Tune in on Monday, November 3, 2014 at 12:00 noon PDT to watch all the action LIVE from the W Hotel in San Francisco.
Today, the avatars featured in personal messages can smile big and small, blink or wink, raise and lower eyebrows, stick out their tongue and even blow a kiss. I have to say, I feel like a kid in a candy store or that ita€™s the night before Christmas. Check out the behind the scenes photos the crew took this morning as the booth was being setup. This Intel Extreme Masters will be the first ever standalone event held in North America, a huge milestone for Intel, ESL, eSports and the gaming community. And to have this event at the state of the art SAP Center, home of the NHL ‘s San Jose Sharks, is soooo cool!
And because this is such milestone event for Intel Extreme Masters and ESL we want to make sure our global audience will be able to watch all the action so the event will be broadcast on Twitch, the world’s leading live video platform. 3.1 Students learn to explain why the concentration of water in cells should be maintained within a narrow range for optimal function. It follows that a fixed concentration of substrate and enzymes is necessary for reactions to proceed at an ideal rate.
3.2 Students learn to explain why the removal of wastes is essential for continued metabolic activity.
3.3 Students learn to identify the role of the kidney in the excretory system of fish and mammals. 3.4 Students perform a first-hand investigation of the structure of a mammalian kidney by dissection, use of a model or visual resource and identify the regions involved in the excretion of waste products. Renal dialysis is similar to kidney function except that essential substances passively filtered from the blood are replaced by adding them to the blood. Active animals produce considerable quantities of nitrogenous wastes that must be removed quickly. 3.7 Students learn to distinguish between active and passive transport and relate these to processes occurring in the mammalian kidney. In the first part of the nephron after the Bowmana€™s capsule, called the proximal tubule (see below), many of these molecules are a€?pumpeda€? back into the blood vessels as they wrap around the tubule. The way the kidney filters the blood is analogous to a student tidying his desk by throwing everything onto the floor, then replacing only the materials he needs on the desk.
3.8 Students learn to explain how the processes of filtration and reabsorption in the mammalian nephron regulate body fluid composition.

The material collected in the Bowmana€™s capsule then passes into the proximal tubule where selective (active) reabsorption of all the glucose, amino acids, vitamins and hormones occurs. The filtrate then passes down and up the loop of Henle in the medulla (inner) part of the kidney. The distal (distant from the glomerulus) convoluted tubule is mainly responsible for the regulation of potassium, pH (acidity) and calcium concentration in the body.
From the distal tubule, the filtrate passes to the collecting tubule which joins other tubules, connects to the ureter and transports the urine to the bladder. 3.9 Students learn to outline the role of the hormones, aldosterone and ADH (anti-diuretic hormone) in the regulation of water and salt levels in blood. You will know that tea and coffee increase the amount of urine produced - they are diuretics.
Sense organs in the pituitary gland detect falls in osmotic pressure caused by a reduction of blood volume. A range of other sensors (including stretch receptors in the atria of the heart) detect falls in blood pressure due to dehydration and loss of salts from the blood. Aldosterone and ADH are both hormones that increase the reabsorption of water and sodium ions from the filtrate in the tubules of the nephron. 3.11 Students learn to define enantiostasis as the maintenance of metabolic and physiological functions in response to variations in the environment and discuss its importance to estuarine organisms in maintaining appropriate salt concentrations. Work extra hard and reduce your social activities so that you can maintain your standard and avoid getting into trouble with parents or teachers? Do the same amount of work as usual and keep up your social life but tolerate the lower assessment ranking and criticisms you are bound to get? Estuaries are places where the salinity of water changes during the day as the tides move in or out.
If you can handle these concepts, it would be in your interest to find out the meaning of the words a€?osmoregulatorsa€? and a€?osmoconformersa€? so that you can improve the quality of your answers to questions on this dot point. 3.12 Students analyse information from secondary sources to compare and explain the differences in urine concentration of terrestrial mammals, marine fish and freshwater fish.
Marine fish have no trouble getting enough minerals - the oceana€™s water is full of minerals.
Freshwater fish have the opposite problem - water tends to move into their cells by osmosis and minerals tend to diffuse out.
3.14 Students process and analyse information from secondary sources and use available evidence to discuss processes used by different plants for salt regulation in saline environments. 3.15 Students perform a first-hand investigation to gather information about structures in plants that assist in the conservation of water. 3.16 Students learn to describe adaptations of a range of terrestrial Australian plants that assist in minimising water loss.
In the photograph of an Acacia sp seedling below, you can see that the first leaf to form was a bipinnate (compound) leaf. In the next photograph, the leaves of a Casuarina sp (She-Oak) are shown to be reduced to tiny brown scales - the stems are acting as leaves. The leaves of Banksia serrata have a thick cuticle (Cu), tough sclerencyma (tough support tissue Sl) and most obviously, stomates in deep pits which have many hairs. 3.A A  Plants and animals regulate the concentration of gases, water and waste products of metabolism in cells and in interstitial fluid. Osmosis and diffusion are passive - no energy is required from the organism.A  Active transport requires the expenditure of energy. In the first part of the nephron after the Bowmana€™s capsule, called the proximal tubuleA  (see below), many of these molecules are a€?pumpeda€? back into the blood vessels as they wrap around the tubule.A  This process requires energy because the materials must pass against a diffusion gradient. The material collected in the Bowmana€™s capsule then passes into the proximal tubule where selective (active) reabsorption of all the glucose, amino acids, vitamins and hormones occurs.A A  Most of the mineral ions and water are also reabsorbed here. It is important to keep the volume and salt concentration of blood at a constant level.A  The hormones aldosterone and ADH (anti-diuretic hormone) control blood volume and salt concentration. You will know that tea and coffee increase the amount of urine produced - they are diuretics.A  ADH and aldosterone do the opposite - they reduce the volume of urine produced by the kidney.
2.Do the same amount of work as usual and keep up your social life but tolerate the lower assessment ranking and criticisms you are bound to get? Organisms that live in aquatic environments have the same a€?choicea€?.A A  If the water becomes more or less salty than usual, they can either work hard to maintain homeostasis or they can tolerate the change (and compensate in some way - just like you might keep a low profile).
Freshwater fish have the opposite problem - water tends to move into their cells by osmosis and minerals tend to diffuse out.A  As a result, to help overcome these problems, freshwater fish produce large volumes of very dilute urine. This dot point will be (has been) covered in practical lessons.A A  Refer to your Practical Record Book. The leaves of Banksia serrata have a thick cuticle (Cu), tough sclerencyma (tough support tissue Sl) and most obviously, stomates in deep pits which have many hairs.A A  The hairs slow the movement of air and hence reduce the rate of water loss from the pits and hence from the stomates. The list of exhibitors reads like a who’s who of technology, and Intel is proud to be part of it.
Intel wants to eliminate every last wire from the computing experience, and their No Wires vision combines several ground-breaking technologies to do just that. What is it about WiGig that makes Intel’s Wireless Docking so powerful and effective?
In addition to attending the tournaments and visiting our free gaming zone visitors will be able to visit our IEM partner booths from BenQA®, GIGABYTEA®, HyperXA®, ROCCAT plus many others who will be presenting their latest products. Each of those tournament finals will be held on Sunday the 15th on the main stage in the Spodek Arena in front of 9,406 enthusiastic eSports fans.
A We are now introducing a similar construct for the IntelA® Atoma„? processor brand for mobile devices.A  Before we go into the details, let me walk through the Intel Core brand construct to provide context. A As it is with PCs, the processor inside is a key enabler of the overall experience a€” having a better processor can make a huge difference in the tablet experience. A A With this simplified structure, choosing a tablet will be much easier as relative level of performance and experience delivered from the processor will be easily identified. Instead of searching for an outlet and plugging in a cable to charge your device, or to power your laptop, you simplya€¦set it down. And we’re partnering with industry-leading companies to bring this wireless experience to reality in the real world. Which is why we built True Keya„? by Intel Security; with True Keya„?, YOU are the password. Well, once youa€™ve downloaded the True Keya„? app, youa€™re in control of the way you log in.
A world without wires is something everyone can benefit from, and a world without passwords relieves us of the burden of remembering long, complex passwords.A A  Each of these on its own is something that shows amazing potential for improving our daily lives.
Once again Ia€™ll be making a prediction on who I think will be the League of Legends and StarCraft II champions so be sure to check back to see if I can redeem myself. The tournament area was packed with people overflowing into the aisles and our free gaming zone was equally as crowded, just the way we like it. You can follow all the action live at Intel Extreme Masters so tune in and see if Ia€™m right.
We also have the newest tablets from Acer, ASUS and Lenovo on display for attendees to experience as well as the HP Sprout All-in-One PC featuring Intel Real Sense technology.
Will the StarCraft II tournament turn out to be a repeat of San Jose with Rain and her0 battling for the win?
Total prize money for the League of Legends tournament was $50,000 so all the teams got a little somethin somethin to take home. Our experience zone gave fans the opportunity to play the latest, greatest games on the latest, greatest Intel powered desktop and laptop computers.
In its 21st Annual Holiday Forecast, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) found that 3 in 5 adults are expected to give a tech gift this holiday season, totaling nearly $34 billion a€“ more than ever before.
There are hundreds of options for tablets, laptops, 2 in 1 devices and All-in-Ones, but you cana€™t go wrong with an Intel-powered device.

According to a Holiday Habits survey conducted by Intel, 3 in 10 parents use a€?fakea€? boxes to distract their children and nearly half (45 percent) change hiding spots every year.
They span numerous industries including, heathcare, wellness, sports, fitness, photography, and production.
These top 10 teams, with representation from seven countries, underwent a 7-week online incubation and a rigorous hands-on immersion week at the University of California, Berkeley. Plus the teams have sessions with faculty and student product designers from the California College of Arts, San Francisco. And the intensive week of study provided valuable entrepreneurship training that will accelerate the development of disruptive wearable technology into commercial products.
And now a luminary panel of judges are set to evaluate the finalists and declare the winners. Check out some of YouTubea€™s leading content creators** a€“ from Miranda Sings to Ricky Dillon a€“ channeling their inner avatar.
When a person is ready to chat they simply select an avatar from the library, point the camera of their smartphone or tablet at their face and talk into it. The expanded library of avatars to choose from, including new Halloween themed avatars from Vlad, Dracula and Jackie-O-Lantern, as well as various animals and people, are available for free; others cost just USD 99 cents for unlimited use. Billed A as the biggest show and tell on earth, it’s pure excitement for makers, designers, and tech enthusiasts of all types. This is going to give my family, Intel employees and their families, and the entire San Francisco Bay Area a chance to experience the excitement of Intel Extreme Masters in person as opposed to just reading about them in my blog and the Intel Extreme Masters website. SAP Center hosts over 150 events a year and they are really excited to have one of the largest esports events in North America take place in their arena.
And just to underline the popularity of esports, ESL estimates the event will attract 4.5 million viewers online worldwide. By combining WiFi, Bluetooth, maybe some RF and even a little infrared, you could achieve a mostly wireless docking configuration, or at least eliminate quite a few wires from your desktop.A  Doing things this way would be possible, but it presents a number of problems for the average user.
Intela€™s research into docking solutions found that aside from the obvious desire to eliminate wires, the most important thing for both IT decision makers and business end users was that the solution have a€?wire-likea€? responsiveness and performance. Intel’s RealSense technology, something that must be experienced to be believed, will be there to show off its amazing potential and give attendees a taste of the power of 3D camera technology.
StarCraft II and League Of Legends players will be battling it out over the next four days to earn a share of the $183,414 prize pool and the coveted Intel Extreme Masters trophy. If you have a laptop and you want to connect it to an external monitor you need a cable for that.
Our recently announced partnerships with Marriott, SFO, Jaguar, and Emirates mean sooner, rather than later, youa€™ll be seeing this solutions soon in hotels, airports, and even cars near you. But because we have so many devices, and so many online accounts and applications, our passwords can quickly become unmanageable. Unlock your apps and websites with things that are unique to you a€“ like your facial features, a fingerprint or a device you own a€“ making it easier for you to log in and stay in control of your online security, without the hassle of all your passwords. The True Keya„? application also takes your current passwords and makes them stronger with its password generator, remembers them, and instantly logs you in to your websites and apps – so you dona€™t have to.
But when you combine them all, you get something much more.A  You get the natural user experience youa€™ve been waiting for. In other playoff action we will see herO face-off against Maru and rain against Soulkey with the winners of those two matches meeting in the semi a€“finals. We also have the Lenovo Yoga 3 and Microsoft Surface Pro 3 on display as well and they have been very popular with attendees interested in thin and light laptops. This could be another epic matchup, join in and watch the matches streaming live at Intel Extreme Masters A to find out! By all accounts herO should have gone down in the 5th match but miraculously fought his way out while being surrounded by Raina€™s armies, an amazing comeback. Fans were able to play Tomb Raider on our 12K gaming rig across three 4K monitors powered by the 5960x Extreme processor. Your loved one will be thrilled with the powerful processors, long battery life and even sleeker, fanless designs (thanks to Intela€™s newest Core M processor). The runner up will receive $200,000 USD with the 3rd place finalist receiving $100,000 USD — not too shabby! The week included interaction with experts from a variety of disciplines, ranging from product design, prototyping and development, business mentoring, pitching to investors and storytelling. The grand prize winner will receive $500,000 USD with the runner up receiving $200,000 USD, while the 3rd place finisher will receive $100,000 USD. As a user talks, raises or lowers their eyebrows, moves their head from side-to-side or nods, the avatar reflects their expressions in real time, recording both the audio and facial data.
That excitement comes from the entrepreneurs, creatives, tinkerers, and children who attend. WiGig even supports dual monitor configurations at full 1080P resolution with 60fps frame rate, while still leaving ample bandwidth for peripherals. If you want to add things like printers, hubs, and storage devices, you need cables for those.
If you think needing to pack multiple chargers, network, and video cables is annoying, just think about how much of a problem it is when you forget to pack them. You can sync True Key on all your phones, tablets and computers, so youa€™ll have access to your information wherever you go. We also had the Oculus Rift virtual gaming headset for people to experience as well as some really cool All-in-One systems, 2-in-1 laptops and the latest Intel powered tablets. Tune in at noon on Monday to watch all the action unfold from the W Hotel in San Francisco on the live stream of the final event. Then users simply share their message, in app, via traditional SMS, email or social channels. It’s a family event, with 1000 exhibitors who bring their passion and great ideas, along with their spirit of enthusiastic collaboration. Never before have we held an IEM Tournament at a venue this large, this is going to be EPIC! All of these cables add up to this jumbled mess that we have to take with us wherever we go.
If we make them complicated enough to be secure, theya€™re too hard to memorize or type into your mobile phone. For added security, you can select a trusted device – one that you keep close to you a€“ and send a secure notification to be swiped, unlocked and let you in.
Looking back on the outcome of the StarCraft II tournament in San Jose I was sure I called it right when I predicted herO to win. If youa€™re looking for more inspiration for holiday gifts this year, check out the 2014 Intel Holiday Collection, which is guaranteed to have a device for anyone on your list.
But for those feeling creative but perhaps a little camera shy, Pocket Avatars offers a refreshing over-the-top free messaging alternative. Unlike video chat, users do not need to worry about their personal appearance or unveil their location. The app enables people to chat with friends using animated 3D avatars, which serve as alter egos for those not in the mood, or right situation, to put their real face on the screen.
Pocket Avatars allows users to take on an alternate persona, much like a year round digital Halloween costume!
You can read an in-depth recap of the quarterfinal matches at the Intel Extreme Masters website.

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