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Protecting yourself from contagious viruses and staying healthy can be as easy as washing your hands frequently.
If you touch a shared surface, like a doorknob or table, you may come into contact with flu germs. Staying healthy during flu season is also easy if you regularly get plenty of sleep, exercise, fluids, and nutritious food.
We know how important your child's health is, especially during the school season when illnesses as basic as the common cold or as serious as the H1N1 flu virus can spread. Creeping and crawling through every crevice of your home, lying in wait to attack at any moment.

According to the Center for Disease Control, the flu can spread from one person to people six feet away. Despite the many types of flu viruses, the flu vaccine can protect against the 3-4 most common flu viruses. Using soap and warm water, rub your hands vigorously for as long as it takes to sing "Happy Birthday" twice. These areas are filled with mucus membranes, so make sure to wash your hands first to help you avoid getting sick! Invisible to the naked eye, they sit lurking and waiting for any old hand to come by and then WHAM!

Stay home from work or school, and avoid running errands to prevent others from catching your flu. A healthy adult can typically infect others for a whole day before symptoms begin, and for up to seven days after getting sick.

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