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Flood Pros are Nashville‘s leading smoke and fire damage cleanup and restoration company. The best thing is to actually quit smoking, but since that is the most difficult thing for smokers to do, we will offer you some tips on how to remove the smell or cigarette smoke. After surviving a fire, your home will be at risk for structural damage and your personal items can quickly be unsalvageable unless quickly cleaned.
Smoke and fire residue can pose respiratory health risks, and the smell of a fire can be almost impossible to get rid of. Even if you don’t smoke, but you have guests that do, just light a few candles and let them do their work.
The areas directly affected will most likely have to be remodeled and restored to ensure their structural stability.

We conduct business with honesty, integrity, excellent customer service, and dependability. Apart from absorbing smoke, candles also help create a friendly ambience, so let them be out there. These kinds of repairs are best left to professionals; we have equipment and procedures ready to deal with fire or smoke damage that no average homeowner has access to.
Flood Pros offer disaster restoration services which can deodorize, clean, and refurbish any architecture as well as remove soot from any spoiled carpet, cloth, metal, or stone material before permanent injury or risk of illness sets in. Our fire damage restoration experts are certified to be the best, most affordable, most reliable fire damage restoration experts inNashville. Even if you don’t like the smell of vinegar, just suck it up until you are rid of the cigarette smoke.Use baking soda on your carpets.

All you have to do is to sprinkle the baking soda all over your carpet to create a thick layer.Make sure you freshen up the air in the room that has cigarette smoke. Many people make the mistake of cleaning just the walls of their home, thinking that will be enough.

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