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Do you always have a nasty fishy smell linger on your hands after a seafood meal or preparing dinner? Fishy odors in your ice maker can stink up your kitchen and ruin the taste of ice-filled beverages.
Food items that are left unsealed in your fridge or freezer compartment give off odors, which may be absorbed into the ice maker as well. Occasionally cleaning and replacing filters does not eliminate the fishy odor from your ice maker, which may be a result of your water, and not the refrigerator.
Bacterial vaginosis is one of the mildest vaginal infections that are caused due to the imbalance between the good and bad bacteria present in the vagina. Individuals may experience symptoms like redness in vagina, itching in the vaginal region, foul and unpleasant smell from the discharge, burning sensation during urination, discharge increases after coitus or the menstrual cycle, and heavy whitish or gray discharge with fishy odor from the vagina. Plumbing problems sometimes allow the gas to escape in the home, creating an offensive odor. Sulfur, algae and various minerals in your main water supply can cause odors to form in the ice.

Even a properly maintained ice maker can develop a foul smell through infrequent use, but the problem may also lie inside your fridge and freezer or with your water supply. Cleaning the interior of your refrigerator will also eliminate lingering odors, and placing an open box of baking soda in the fridge can help prevent future odors.
If your refrigerator does not have one, consult with an appliance parts outlet to determine if a universal charcoal filter can be attached to the water supply line on your refrigerator. You can determine whether the odor is from the water or from the refrigerator by filling ice cube trays with tap water and placing them in your freezer. Some common causes of bacterial vaginosis include cigarette smoking, alcohol, frequent washing, douching, unsafe intercourse, multiple sexual partners, prolonged menstruation, poor hygiene, unhealthy diet, using synthetic panties, wearing tight fitted garments, IUCD (intrauterine device), use of intrauterine tools for contraception, and usage of deodorants or perfumed washes around vagina. If the gas is noticed in a seldom-used bathroom or is escaping from a floor drain in the basement, the problem is often that the water from the trap has evaporated.
If there is an odor present when you remove the ice, the odor is coming from the air inside your fridge. If there is no odor in the ice, the smell in your ice maker is likely coming from the water supply.

Repeat twice per month in order to eliminate future problems.Check for leaksIf water is leaking around the sink, tub or toilet, sewer gas is also able to escape. Replacing the bin about every two to three years, or when it seems to hold foul or fishy odors despite cleaning, is recommended by some manufacturers. If there is water leaking around the toilet, a failed wax ring may require replacement.Look for clogsSewer gas smells sometimes indicate an impending sewer backup. The process requires climbing on the roof and putting water in the vent with a garden hose.

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