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I knew the room was going to be a challenge because of the existing tub and tile that could not be changed at this time. My friend was nervous about painting her first piece of furniture with the Chalk Paint® (ASCP), so she asked me if I would assist her.
So we painted on the two coats of Cream, waited until that dried and then applied the Pearl Plaster to select detail pieces and let dry for an hour.
Now that my friend has tried the Chalk Paint® (ASCP), she agrees that it is a very easy way to make old furniture look beautiful. As I was taking these photos of  all of the furniture details, I made up my mind that I can not paint over this piece of furniture. I do not think I will ever go through all the work again, with only so-so results by using regular paint to paint furniture. I did have to refresh myself back to my post on instructions here, using the Chalk Paint® .

She is recently divorced and was looking for a beautiful and feminine bedroom to come home to.
Carol wanted white bedding, so she is going to use this fabric as a duvet folded at the bottom of bed and possibly even window panels. I have been looking for the perfect idea for this kitchen wall and this is a great starter piece! Storm is a pretty gray that depending on the light in the room, can look very blue at times.
And since I have been going through paint withdrawals(no painting projects lately!), I decided one way to get rid of that musty smell would be to paint the inside of the drawers. I was going to write this post to ask your opinion, “To paint or not to paint?” But I think have already answered my own question. After you paint, (letting dry approximately one hour between coats) you then apply the wax.

And I have decided which fabric window treatments I am going with and I am looking at fabrics now. Pearl Plaster is a low VOC coating that will adhere to any properly primed and prepared surface. I was going to ask you if you thought I should paint them over in a beautiful, soft color or leave as is. But I do not think I would be able to paint over this finish and never be able to get back to the original again.

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