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Step one is visiting your doctor to make sure that you’ve accurately determined that these are indeed genital warts. It could be that you have something like Molluscum contagiosum, which are not caused by HPV and are different from genital warts.
They say it works because the ingredients it contains work in stages, designed to not only get rid of the warts, but return the skin to it’s normally healthy state.
This is one STI that is commonly spread, and even if you’re using a condom can still be passed since the condom does not cover the entire genital area. There’s the cost of having them removed by your doctor, which will vary but could end up being $50 or more, depending on how your health plan is set up.
You may have to stick with the regimen longer than if you just go to the doctor and have them remove them, but the trade off is you might end up with scars.Evaluation Somxl gets good feedback from those kind enough to come back and report on it. The interesting part about what we’re seeing is that even those with sensitive skin say it works well without leaving behind a scar. If you have sensitive skin all over your body, you’ll typically end up with very sensitive skin on your genitals.
This includes cutting and freezing them off, which might make some people squirm at the thought of a scalpel or cryosurgical materials that close to their private parts. Miller July 29, 2013 at 5:19 pmIva had one cluster that has plagued the inside crevice of my inner thigh for 5 years and NOTHING worked! I got Somxl and the accelerator last week and 5 days ago the cluster was jagged and collie flower esque.
I tried Terrasil and all the others to no avail but Somxl seems to be doing the job and doing it well. There is a minute of almost being unbearable seething when you first apply it to a cluster but I’m guessing that is Somxl doing its thing. After spending over $1500 (I had no insurance) on doc appointments, condylox, cryotherapy and still having them, I thought my sex life is Over!. I was really embarrassed by the warts so tried a couple of other products before buying somxl and both of the other products failed to clear them so was over the moon when tried somxl and got rid of them in a matter of weeks.
I didn’t see results for about a week, so then I switched to using ONLY the accelerator cream.

It did burn my fingertip and there is unbearable burning at first, but well worth the pain. I read all the reviews out there on this little tube of cream, and I figured I give it a shot.
I had the money, it seemed like it *could* be successful for me, and I really couldn’t stand seeing and feeling the little cluster of warts build up on my girlhood (who does?). I thought I would get more immune with each application, but it just seemed to get worse (the burn, that is). I was disappointed, because not only did I have to suffer through the burning, but the warts were still there (with NO improvement!).
I didn’t order the fast applicator, but I thought I would see some changes at LEAST by the third or forth day.
It did the same thing: first day was okay, and by the sixth or so time it started to burn again. I had about – hmm… maybe three individual warts and two clusters (about four warts)?
So yeah, it was a crazy and somewhat painful adventure, but after month and a half (yeah, unfortunately, it seemed to take that long) they are GONE. Whether it helped or not with ridding the warts, you have to admit that you always feel better after chugging a gallon of water when you have Dr. Was it months or weeks?Reply Darryl August 23, 2015 at 1:08 amThank u so much for ur review. I was getting impatient and decided to get tea tree oil To see if the would help, read that it is safe to use, and can help heal genital warts. They have a guarantee that if you start to run out of the product and still have warts they will send more. As everyone states it does have a burn to it but not as bad as everyone says unless they are just that sensitive to it. I’ve been reading all the reviews and everyone is complaining about the package it came in. They said it would come in a discreet package so you wont be embarrassed by the product and no one knows your business.

For the first week I didn’t see any difference but after week two they are almost gone.
I’ve also been taking supplements (zinc, vit C and lysine) and drinking a lot of water.
Packaging is totally discrete Thumbs up!Reply Michael January 27, 2016 at 4:41 pmI have used this cream 2x now.
It worked like a charm.So when I had warts on my Gentiles, I picked up another tube and got to work. If it gets too intense you can back off the frequency and still attain the desired result.It has been three weeks and I am out of the woods. Oh yes the burn was horrible just as bad as freezing!!!so I emailed about the product and what I could do to reduce this as I was becoming less inclined to use as directed. I was then told in the reply to use emu oil before hand and then apply and this should totally eleviate the burning altogether.
I myself was skeptical but tried it anyway because a wasted $30 is better than the alternative solution. I was super excited because after reading the reviews I thought it was going to take a little while to show up. When I first discovered the beginnings of warts I took to the Internet looking for a home remedy. The burning and pain acv caused was constant and lasted for weeks after I stopped using it. Real Answers.Recent Product Reviews Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2 Flip-Flop Does The Ideal My First Magic Set Really Work?

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