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Layer s hairstyle is a common hairstyle among women which has been in fashion for a long time. After cutting the first guideline from the front come towards the rest of the diagonal and make diagonal partings.
Now from the backside of the ear gather the hair with the help of the fine teeth of the comb and cut them with slight angles. Now form the center of the back gather the hair in the same manner and make sure you follow the same method of cutting.
Use the gathered hair to make sure the length of the hair on the other side is equal as shown in the image.
Over direct the hair forward and hold them the way it is shown in the image that the knuckles are angled in and fingers are directed outwards. After completing your cut the final step is to gather the hair from the above portion an make sure the shape is proper.
In the end follow the techniques mentioned in How to Style Long Layered Hairstyles With Fringes to style your hair.
Many women complaint that their hair makes bad tangles on head in the morning that they have to take bath daily to straighten the hair. Proper brushing can help you get a straight hair look but it does not help always especially if hair is very coarse and out of shape. Use your finger to massage this mixture onto hair starting from the roots after sectioning the hair. Give your hair a thorough massage for 15 minutes and let the mixture sits in your hair overnight. If the number of people with premature greying were anything to go by, the tobacco industry would be dead by now.

Not only this, smoking triggers hair fall in men more so because of the excess production of  androgen in the body which leads to premature balding and thinning of hair. How To Get Rid Of Grey Hair And Hair Fall In Men Consult a Trichologist A trichologist will do a full-blown scalp analysis to see the condition of your scalp skin and the strength of the hair follicle. Though the style is common still it looks really chic and fashionable even if you let them open by using a flat iron or make slight waves in it.
The hair straightening machine works well but it’s not good to expose your hair to these heating tools every day it can literally burn your hair completely from the root, causing hair fall and other hair problems.
When you look at your hair in the mirror it seems as if someone has backcombed your hair and messed up completely.
Read Complete Disclaimer - SitemapThe content is strictly not allowed to be copied in any way. Smoking is one of the biggest culprits for premature greying and grey hair especially in men. Excessive smoking prevents the body from getting rid of free radicals thus leading to cosmetic changes in the body and hair loss. The patient’s case history is taken and dietary modifications be suggested for hair revival and growth.
The hair feels rough and dull, well if you are noticing tangles every day it means that your hair is very dry and it must be treated in a good way.
A reputed trichologist may be an expensive proposition but a worthwhile option for men suffering from premature greying and hair fall. This will improve not only your overall health but also the quality and texture of your hair. The procedure of getting layers in hair is not at all tough job but before you try giving a layered hairstyle look to real hairs try practicing on the fake ones.

Cigarette smoke is so damaging that it affects the blood circulation in the entire body leading to greying and severe hair loss.
It does not get rid of the grey hair permanently and damages the hair follicle and the condition of your hair. Take hair from the top centre of your head, do the back combing to make a puff and pin up tightly.
Twisted Side SweepAnother short updo hairstyle for brides is twisted side sweep with textured chignon.
Don’t Brush Wet Hair If you suffer from hair fall, combing wet hair may only exacerbate the problem. Divide the hair at the back into small sections, twist then randomly and pin them up with a bobby pin. Styling and Oiling Use minimum hair styling products if you suffer from premature greying. Fix the hair style with hair spray.Big Flower Bun Updo StyleAlthough we are moving towards modernism but people want ethnic style to look classy. For this type of styling separate the front hair and make a low puff on the crown of the head. Twist each section separately one by one on your finger to form a loop and pin up at the back of head.

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