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Other symptoms that are often associated with sun poisoning consist of nausea, rash, diarrhea, and vomiting. Application of vitamin E oil on the white spots of the skin every day in the morning and in night would help in moisturizing and nourishing the skin,and would treat the damaged skin.
Soaking in a mix of warm water and sea salt daily for around 15-20 minutes daily would help in soothing the burnt skin, and assist in getting rid of dead cells from the skin. It is also suggested to wear full sleeve shirts as far as possible while heading out in sun, so that the skin does not come in direct contact with sun. In such a case there may be a chance that white spots on the skin may not be due to sun poisoning, but because of some skin fungus.
The symptoms of pneumonia are similar to the symptoms of a regular bout of flu which makes it difficult to detect it in the beginning. People with weak immune system, infants and aged and patients of chronic illness are more susceptible to this disease. Pneumonia is a communicable disease which can get triggered when a person comes in contact with an infected person and inhales the microorganisms. Bacterial pneumonia is caused when bacteria in the throat multiply due to the weak immune system and spread in the lungs filling the air sacs with pus and fluid. Viral pneumonia is usually triggered by viruses that cause measles, chickenpox, etc. In Mycoplasma pneumonia, the mycoplasma increase in number and attack the lungs. A patient suffering from pneumonia shows signs of high fever, cough, chest pain, fits, yellow mucus with traces of blood, chills, etc. Appetite loss, nausea and vomiting, turning of nails to blue color, etc are other symptoms of pneumonia. Pneumonia is treated under the guidance of a medial practitioner.
But it is not at all healthy to live with any kind of pain during pregnancy as it might have a negative impact on you and your baby. It is a very difficult task but in order to get rid of your backache you will have to maintain the right posture.

You can also try using the various accessories like a maternal back supporting belts to relax your back muscles. Also, white spots on the skin is one of the major skin problems associated with sun poisoning. The discolored patches on the skin would be reduced and any kind of burning sensation would be treated effectually with the help of this natural treatment. It becomes even more important to apply sunscreen when an individual suffers from white spots due to sun poisoning.
The white spots on the skin would gradually fade away with the help of this natural treatment.
However, if still a person does not see an improvement in the condition of the skin within a time span of ten days, it is recommended to seek medical help. Once the temperature rises to alarming limits along with chest pain, one realizes the presence of this disease. Weak immune system can be a result of old age, severe illness or lack of proper nutrition in the body. People suffering from respiratory diseases including asthma or other illness like diabetes, HIV, anemia or cardiac conditions are more prone to this type of pneumonia. When the condition gets worse, the patient experiences problems in breathing and suffers from joint pain.
Blood test, X-ray of the chest and bronchoscopy can be performed to ascertain the presence of the disease. Back pain is a very common problem during pregnancy and most pregnant women are reported to be suffering from back pain. As the baby grows in size, the belly sticks out more, causing strain to lower back muscles.

By following a set of precautions you can effectively control and prevent back pain during pregnancy. You will have to sleep in a way that is comfortable for you as well as the muscles of your back. It is essential for a person to apply sunscreen or sun block on the skin every time while going out in sun. This disease can have serious complications if not treated at the right time and can even prove fatal for the patient. Types of pneumonia which are commonly found include ‘viral pneumonia’, ‘mycoplasma pneumonia’ and ‘bacterial pneumonia’. In order to get rid of back pain the first and foremost thing to remember is to maintain a good posture at all times. Start practicing some stretching exercise for the back from the early stages of your pregnancy. It is very important that you indulge in some amount of light physical activity throughout your pregnancy. It wasn’t quite obvious to me at first that healthy living is so key to back pain health and that it didn’t have to be the case that any suspected work-related injury was the cause of my pain.

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