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Eat High-Potassium FoodsIf you find yourself bloated very often, make sure your diet is high in foods that contain a lot of potassium. Source: ShutterStock Make Sure You're Eating The Correct Amount Of FiberFiber can either relieve your bloating or make it worse, depending on how much you're ingesting on a regular basis. Source: ShutterStock Eat Some Yogurt or Take Probiotics Probiotics are a form of good bacteria that help us maintain a healthy digestive system, and can also help reduce bloating. Source: ShutterStock Massage Your StomachBloating can be a result of excess gas in your stomach (meaning you need to fart or burp).
Source: ShutterStock Go For A Walk Or Do Some ExerciseExercise is great for bloating for two reasons.
Source; ShutterStock Nibble On ParsleyIt might sound gross, but munching on a little parsley is actually a great way to get rid of bloating. Source: ShutterStock Drink Mint or Ginger TeaMint and ginger are two things that are great for your stomach, so it's no surprise that they can also help relieve bloating. Source: ShutterStock Avoid Acidic or Carbonated DrinksAcidic drinks like coffee and alcohol irritate your GI tract, which leaves you feeling bloated.
Source; ShutterStock Take An AntacidMaybe your bloating is because of heartburn, or because you're feeling particularly gassy.
Source: ShutterStock Drink WaterSince bloating is usually caused by excess liquid in your body, it probably sounds really weird to put more liquid in there to get rid of it.
A lot of new mums today are so concerned about their look as a result of the increased stomach fat due to pregnancy.
So, are you a new mum and you’re wondering how to go about getting rid of your post pregnancy belly, worry no further because it’s not uncommon to have a post-baby belly, neither is it impossible to get rid of it.
Drinking lots of alcohol, or sugary, fizzy carbonated drinks can cause you to gain stomach fat — they make it really difficult for you to shift stomach fat. Cardiovascular exercise has loads of benefits, but for prolonged weight loss, you need to build lean muscle mass.
Few things are worse than walking around feeling like your stomach is full of air, and not knowing how to make it go away.

One, if you're bloated because you're constipated, moving around a lot will help regulate your digestive system and make you go to the bathroom. Carbonated drinks like soda contain a lot of air, which gets trapped in your gut and creates a bloated feeling - this is why people burp after drinking soda. But when you're bloated, you should definitely drink water - it is the best thing to help flush your system of all that excess fluid. Processed foods and junk foods will cause you to gain fat around your stomach, even if you eat under your daily recommended calorie intake — simply because those foods are bad for you.
Examples of high-protein foods include eggs, beans and lean meats such as chicken and fish. Overly sugary beverages and alcoholic drinks such as beer can play havoc with your liver, making it difficult for you to build muscle mass — and muscle mass is key to fat loss. While you have several muscle groups in your stomach region, these specific abdominal muscles can help to tighten up the stretching of your stomach created by your pregnancy. When you exercise your muscles, they take energy from your fat stores to complete the exercise.
This helps support your back as you balance your post-pregnancy weight and it also helps to immediately flatten your stomach so you can wear your favourite clothes right away.
Of course, you can get bloated at other times of the month too, like if you ingest too much sodium.
Potassium helps to regulate the fluid in your body, and since bloating comes from fluid, eating high-potassium foods can help with it.
Press your fingers near your right rib, slide them up towards your ribs, and then slide them across and down. Either start adding it into your meals regularly, or eat some when you're feeling particularly puffy.
It can be stubborn to shift and because it is easily gained, it can be one of the most frustrating types of fat. Also, a wide range of fruits, veggies, complex carbohydrates and wholegrains are a good choice.

To target your stomach while exercising, try lying on the floor, facing up, and do double and single leg raises (30 counts each) on daily basis. The more you exercise, the more your muscles take energy from these fat stores and the leaner muscle mass you have, the more calories you’ll burn — even when you’re not exercising. There’s a simple reason for this — breastfeeding causes your uterus to go back to its normal size, which makes your tummy appear smaller. A belly band can flatteringly help tide you over until your body fully recover from your pregnancy. Not only will these help with your digestive system, they will also increase your water intake and soothe your tummy. When you're feeling bloated, your best bet is to stick with water and a mint or ginger tea. So how you can make that horrible puffy feeling go away for good… or at least for the day? Asparagus is great because it also acts as a diuretic to flush excess liquid out of your system, which is exactly what you need. Popping a probiotic pill can't hurt, but it won't be a quick fix on it's own - they need to be taken every day.
Don’t be fooled into thinking drinking zero or low sugar drinks are a good solution – they contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame, which have horrible side effects (for example headaches and migraines) and can make you crave more sugar. Initially, start with 20 counts each and slowly increase to 30 counts each as your body adapts to the routine. High-fiber foods include beans, corn, avocado, brown rice, whole wheat pasta and bread, artichokes, peas, broccoli and almonds, among other foods. Also exercise your whole body to lose fat all over the body — and you will eventually reduce your stomach fat stores the more.

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