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Belly button piercing infections are not common if you follow the instructions from your piercer and have your piercing done by a professional who is a member of the Association of Professional Piercers. After getting a piercing, it’s common for there to be redness, irritation and light-colored discharge at the site. If you do experience these symptoms, contact your piercer and ask if they can swap out your piercing. It may seem counter-intuitive, but the first thing you should NOT do is take the piercing out. If your symptoms don’t clear up after 48 hours or if they worsen, make sure you reach out to your piercer or doctor.
Rj Puente: I got mine a week and a day ago but it's scabbing now and I've been using bactine , and sea salt . When it comes to matters of personal hygiene, having a clean belly button isn't necessarily the first thing most people consider, but they should: keeping the navel clean and dry can prevent skin problems, such as yeast infections, that affect the area.
Use a hair dryer on a low, cool setting to dry your navel if you're in a hurry after showering. Still, localized piercing infections can happen, and it's important to treat it promptly to prevent it from spreading or getting worse.

But if those symptoms continue for more than a week and worsen, you could have an infection.
Certain metals, such as nickel, copper and low-grade gold (gold mixed with metal alloys), can spark an allergic reaction.
Taking the jewelry out can cause the hole to close up and trap the infection inside, which can create an abscess below your skin. To prevent and treat an infection, you should clean your belly-button piercing with warm water and soap twice daily. Don’t use an antibacterial ointment -- this can trap the infection at the site and delay the healing process. Your doctor can prescribe a cream or gel that contains mupirocin, an antibiotic, to help get rid of the infection.
What can I do to clear up the scabbing and the scari»?Puleng Mathibeli: its been 3months nw n im stil not healed I think I have infection wat to use pls helpi»?Liya Anderson: - could doing only sea salt soaks like 5 times a day , heal an infected belly ring ??
The University of Virginia Health System's website warns that a yeast-infected navel may develop a rash or pimples, cause burning and itching or ooze a clear-colored fluid. You can prevent problems by paying a little extra attention to your belly button the next time you're in the shower.

Lee is currently pursuing a degree in health information management at Western Nebraska Community College.
Switch to a milder soap if you notice red bumps around the navel area and experience tenderness. Use non iodine sea salt i»?olivia guzman: Eveytime i look at my peircing it looks like its opening instead of closing what is happening?
I'm in the process of building one, Does the burner seen in the videoA heat the water from cold if the IBC is full to start with? Regards Gez Lancashirei»?Jack Ryan: I'm laughing because, I could hook my Cat D11 to both these tractors and pull them all over place. Both tractors are cool though, but personally, I prefer the 620 with duals or a 9000 series JD with duals.

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