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Because if there are a couple on your pet, you can be certain there are hundreds of fleas in carpet, furniture, bedding – just about anywhere in your house.When fleas become adults, that is when they jump on your pet, or you, for a little blood (food).
Fleas in carpet and pet bedding are the most common hiding places, but just about anywhere shady will do.When treating for fleas, you need to keep in mind that you must use a controlled approach. Only when all three of these areas are treated, can you live flea-free.It is best, whenever possible, to use natural products, as there are much fewer side effects and potential for health problems. Then you can move onto getting rid of fleas in your carpeting, upholstery, pet bedding, etc.The Natural Way To Kill Fleas in CarpetThe two best ways to get rid of your flea problem in the carpeting is a specially formulated borax for fleas and diatomaceous earth. When the fleas come into contact with the powder, it scratches their exoskeleton, which in turn causes them to dehydrate and die.

Thus, they cannot actually kill the eggs or pupa stages of the fleas, only the larva and adult stages.
This is important because it takes a couple of weeks to completely kill off all the fleas – because of the flea cycle.Diatomaceous earth (DE) is another excellent natural flea (and many of insects) killer. Also, make sure you get human or garden grade DE – NEVER use pool grade DE for flea control.
The structure of the DE is altered when creating pool grade DE, which can make it very harmful for you and your pets.Using Pesticides To Kill Fleas in CarpetSometimes we just want the fleas gone NOW. Many people use just one of the other, while others like to use them in combination, especially when there are a lot of ‘hidden’ places that they know fleas are infesting and the flea bombs can’t get to.Flea bombs, also known as flea foggers, and flea sprays are simply a toxic, chemical pesticide that you put in your house.

It takes a few hours for the pesticide to dry, after which you need to come into the house and allow it to air out. These are just general directions – ALWAYS FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS GIVEN ON YOUR PARTICULAR FLEA CONTROL PRODUCT!!!Flea foggers cover an entire room, while flea sprays are directed where ever you spray them. The sprays also tend to take less time to dry and ventilate, allowing you in your house sooner.

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