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Morgellons Disease Awareness - Morgellons Disease: Tips for healing lesions, oral care and environment   Information for dealing with Morgellons lesions using topical aids as well as FAR infrared technology.
Therefore, it is wise to diagnose the presence of these blood suckers well on time and adopt ways to get rid of hair lice. Although unlike most of the blood sucking parasites, hair lice are bigger and easily visible through naked eyes. Lice eggs- These eggs may generally appear like small brown, yellow or sometimes tan colored tiny dots. Appearance of adult lice- Typically, the size of an adult louse is similar to the size of the sesame seed. Constant scratching- The very first signal of the development of lice on the scalp is unusual scratching caused by their movement through the hair. Red bumps and rashes- For some kids, emergence of these blood sucking parasites may simply cause bearable itching, however, for a few the infestation may cause rashes and bumps. A dosage of pediculicide, an over the counter medication for killing the infestation of these parasites is a sure shot way to get rid of hair lace easily.
Invest some money to but a quality nit comb which is closely toothed so as to catch the lice as well as nits easily.
In order to get rid of hair lice completely, one must check on the signs of infestation growing among your family members as well. Always wash the utilities of the child suffering from lice infestation separately in warm water. Few drops of oils like lavender, eucalyptus and geranium may be added to the regular hair oil so as to get rid of hair lice effectively. Other than the oils, domestic utilities like vinegar, mayonnaise, Vaseline and tea tree oil may be well massaged onto the scalp to get rid of hair lice effectively. Louse is a nasty and tiny parasite which essentially survives by sucking the blood flown through your scalp.
It is believed that a female louse is capable of laying 3-5 eggs on an average on a daily basis.
Lice infestation is indeed contagious and may easily spread from one person to another by simple physical contacts, share of personal utilities like comb, helmets, brushes, hats and so on.
One is more likely to find these parasites hiding out in our stuffed toys, the fluffy carpets and sofas as well. They are likely to survive for a period of more than 24 hours without sucking the blood of the humans.
The follow-up of most of the above measures are adequate enough to combat a mild infestation of these parasites. A hot spot, also known as moist dermatitis, is a skin infection in which the skin is inflamed and infected. Hot spots occur when moisture is trapped near the skin and bacteria overgrow, causing irritation and infection. Hot spots start off as a small red lesion on the skin but quickly grow larger the longer they remain untreated. If a hot spot is smaller than the size of a quarter, you may be able to get away with shaving the area using clippers and clean the area with a mild detergent like dawn dish soap (do not use hydrogen peroxide).
At that time, a veterinarian will cleanse the area and medications may need to be started to counter the inflammation, pain, itching and infection. Brushing out the undercoat or any mats will decrease the likelihood of moisture remaining near the skin.
The problem seems daunting right from the time of contracting these blood sucking parasites on the hair to the actual time when you get rid of hair lice. Lice eggs, better known as nits, are generally laid and then hatched by the mother lice close to the scalp of the person. Further, the secretion of the saliva of these parasites also causes irritation on the scalp, depending upon the sensitivity of the scalp. When the infestation is extreme, constant scratching may lead to the development of rashes and small red bumps. Therefore, it is important to detect the same well on time to combat it successfully without any pain.
Usage of a special lice comb is essential to get rid of hair lice as normal combs are thick teethed and do not do the needful to catch these minute parasites. The shampoo must be used in the right quantity within the right interval of time as mentioned in the instructions of the shampoo. The person bearing the infestation must avoid sharing towels, clothes and other utilities so as to prevent its further spread.
Further, vacuum clean carpets, stuffed toys and car seats to eliminate signs of lice, if any, to get rid of hair lice speedily. It is recommended to massage the scalp with either of these herbal oils for as long as 30 minutes so as to kill the parasites as well as soothe the scalp. A Licensed Veterinary Technician of Cascade Hospital for Animals & Breton Village Animal Clinic answer some common questions about hot spots, and what you can do to prevent your dog from getting them. The affected skin appears as a moist, oozing, reddened area that is painful and itchy to the dog.A  Continued licking and chewing at the area by the dog worsens the infection dramatically.
Hotspots occasionally occur outside the summer season when a scratch or repetitive licking irritates the skin and allows bacteria to overgrow.
Your dog may need to wear an e-collar or shirt to cover the area loosely and prevent your dog from further irritating the skin from itching.
Rinse your dog after trips to swim in the lake to get rid of any bacteria they may have picked up with the lake water. All information in the lesions section comes from individuals that have dealt with extreme skin problems and have found ways of managing them using non-pharma products.
There is no doubt that lice do not cause any major illness or disease to our body, however, constant itching and irritation can cause a hell lot of chaos for the bearer. This is essentially so as the temperature found near the scalp is simply perfect for the eggs to hatch and grow into a fully developed parasite. In this extreme condition, the child must be treated with an oral dosage of anti-bacteria to bring a speedy end to the infestation. It is better to divide the hair into various sections and keep combing the hair with the lice comb after every frequent interval.
With the use of the shampoo, one is expected to combat the lice infestation easily within a week.
Once you are over with the massage, use a nit comb to remove the dead and newly hatched lice.
However, these parasites are likely to survive for as long as two weeks even away from the scalp.
Usually, every nit takes around 1-2 weeks to hatch from the time they are laid on the scalp.
Common areas for hot spots to occur are on the neck near the collar, under the ear flaps for floppy eared breeds, and under the chin.

Some dogs are more prone to getting hot spots based on breed, coat type, coat texture, age or history of allergies.
Being aware of hot spots will give you the ability to catch them early on before they get out of control. The mix will not stop new itch spots or bumps and lumps, but it will get RID of existing ones without leaving a trace. Without proper flora the body is open to many different type of skin infections since the flora is our immune defense against invaders. You can also open capsules of probiotics and not just one since you are covering a large area Beware that in the morning the liquid will have absorbed into your skin or evaporated leaving lots of crumbs and it's messy. I also learned and am not surprised that scientists are discovering that humans are missing certain key bacteria from the skin that the human body requires. There is also a clinical trial underway to study the skin of children across USA."??Posted Oct. At the store I found Absorbine Jr Cream and although it did burn for about 2-3 minutes after a short amount of time enduring I found it to be soothing and took the itching and pain away.
After a few days of applying 2-3 times per day I found that it actually pulled out alot of all the horrible things that were under the massive very deep crusted lesions on my arm (can be seen before and after photo).After some success I began looking at the ingredients and determined all the natural things that it was made from, one of which was camphor (another good one is wormwood and aloe), and began trying other over the counter camphor based items by looking at the percentage of camphor within each product. The ones I currently have now are all microscopic and can no longer be seen with the naked eye.
However I will say that while the camphor I believe is helping to rid my internal system, it also has a price of the purging and expelling (so it has not been an easy pain free task), but I know I am healing. The camphor bottle has a stopper in the top allowing only one drop at a time, and once I did get too many drops which caused a euphoric sensation through my body. Again everything in moderation!!I also use a bottle of Vaposteam in hot baths for soaking that has camphor. The oil in the camphor and the aroma baths soften the skin, pull the fibers out, clear the sinuses, and help relax for a good nights sleep as well.
Much to my amazement I actually saw tons of blue fibers pour out of the lesion right before my eyes (I had never seen them come out of my body like that, usually when fiber bundles were present with the naked eye I would wake in the morning to find them there).After several months of taking it internally I had concerns that I may be hurting my blood, kidneys or liver and told my doctor what I was doing and requested referrals for urinalysis and bloodwork.
Just as a test I stopped taking it once and within a week the clumps of fibers returned, so I began again which took another week for it to get back in my system to get relief again. I sometimes now take a break for a day or two if I am doing good, but don't go more than 2 days without at least a few drops.Disclaimer I am not advising anyone to use any of the items I choose to use for myself, you and you alone are responsible for your own healing and research, I am merely telling what has worked for me!?Posted Oct. She used this formula on the face and on the eyelids with no problem and claims her eyebrows and eyelashes are growing back. Her before and after photo shows the improvement, but I am not publishing them as it reveals her face.
Her formula contains DMSO which some feel is controversial, so do your own research and decide if it's the right direction for you. This is the only thing that ever worked without destroying my skin.I got onto the idea of DMSO. It is a carrier and contrary to what experts say it is not harmful, you can research it yourself if you haven't already done so. I believe the DMSO carries the other oils deep into the skin and  kills the "what ever they are". You won't be able to get them all out and yes some may die in the skin and cause a breakout, but over time is will subside.
It's taken me over a year now as certain section of my face were harder to deal with specifically the chin and cheeks. You don't have to wash your face but rinse it and apply a very thin layer at night before you go to bed. It seems now that I may never be rid of this completely but it is manageable. I was using antibiotics and I'd have to smear it on everyday and still not get rid of this and those antibiotics are not good for you.
Most of my pores are tight like they were when I was young. FAR Infrared Using a FAR infrared sauna suit, Donna Staehr was able to clear up lesions that had been present for two years all over her body.
With her permission, I'm sharing her "before" and "after" photos as well as her story (in italics).
I couldn't breath properly, couldn't even walk to my letterbox without puffing and wheezing.
I'm still not healed, but it's more maintenance now, and these days I'm trying to fix all the damage done to the body—a long road as you know. If I had to buy a unit right now, I would not purchase this unit again but would go for a suit or blanket that envelopes the entire body as I think these would be much more effective then having a pad.
Learn how Infrared Therapy will benefit your healthHow does Far Infrared Therapy really work?The infrared light increases cellular metabolic rates by triggering mitochondria activity. The build up of toxins in a health body could block the normal blood circulation and impair the cellular energy. When FIR waves are applied, the water molecules that encapsulate the toxins get heat up, and start to vibrate. This vibration reduces the ion bonds of the atoms that are holding together the molecules of water. Scientists in Japan report that in the FIR treatment of clogged capillary vessels, heat expands the capillaries and then initiates the start of a process to dissolve hidden toxins.
Far Infrared thereby promotes elimination of fats, chemicals and toxins from the blood: Poisons, carcinogenic heavy metals - toxic substances from food processing - lactic acid, free fatty acids, and subcutaneous fat associated with aging and fatigue - excess sodium associated with hypertension - and uric acid which causes pain. Furthermore, if sebaceous glands are activated, accumulated cosmetics in pores can be eliminated through the skin (sweat and oil glands) rather than by the kidneys.3) Far Infrared stimulates enzyme activity and metabolism - One hour under the Hotouse improves metabolism. Furthermore, it increases growth of cells, DNA syntheses, and protein synthesis all necessary during tissue repair and regeneration. Excellent for healing burns, scar tissue and skin problems.6) Far Infrared relieves nervous tension and relax autoneuro muscles thereby helping the body make the most of its intended healing abilities. I am mentioning this because people with Morgellons know they flair when they sweat and it was like that for me as well but NOT when I sweated from FIR. It is the furthest red on the spectrum and that spectrum of light is a very healing kind of light for humans and animals too.Incidentally the military has used FIR for ages for detoxification purposes. I always thought it was normal for me to run low, as I can never remember not running low.It doesn't seem to be normal though, because now that it's up, it stays up, I'm feeling good. None of this is medical advice and all of it is based on only my own VERY un-scientific observations.
His experience is that if lesions ooze onto clothing, you can spread the infection via the fabric. Sometimes I back the square with another square which is "dry" on the back of the first honey soaked dressing square. I treat new lesions immediatly before they get worse. The manuka honey        One unique advantage is manuka honeys ability to rapidly re-granulate the wound after the expulsion process. It also has the unique ability to stimulate immune cells at the wound site, something that no over-the-counter or Rx product can do. This works well for me because I do not have to endure pain as previously, because manuka honey is an excellect analgesic. Massage it in and they come to the surface before they can grow laterally in the skin layers.

When he tells me he finds something that works, I pay particular attention because he has been hitting this disease hard. Tests on the morg bacteria on slides shows that it does kill the bacteria that makes the gels. Had a major breakout of lesions on one side of my face. Sure enough, there are those courageous and marginally insane folks who refuse to succumb to the drill and are healing their own teeth. It was tough, and at times scary but the tooth did heal." I'd like to share my experience with oil pulling using coconut oil. Three or four times in the three years since getting Morgellons, a sore has popped up on the roof of my mouth near the teeth.
In the past, it has taken up to two weeks to fully go away because brushing the teeth rips open the sore which bleeds. The last time I got one of these sores I decided (after two days) to begin coconut pulling. I swished the oil around 20 minutes? in the morning upon awakening and in the evening before bed. Since then, I've continued to do coconut pulling at least once in the morning.? I have to admit, I'm pretty obsessive when it comes to my teeth.
Things I have used on my teeth over time. Bentonite clay Rub the gums with it before bed (and leave it in the mouth). It's fine if you end up swallowing it in your sleep as it's very healthy and helps with detoxification.
For those that take Bentonite internally as a detoxifier, note that it should be taken away from supplements.Garlic is a natural antibiotic I have experimented with extensively for fighting infection both internally and externally for years and can attest to it's antibiotic properties. I've used this method on my teeth before I even had Morgellons with good results. If you feel you've got a serious infection in your tooth, taking garlic internally, might be a secondary support to your system. Make sure there is food in your stomach before ingesting raw garlic as it can burn in the most brutal fashion. Use only a half clove (or less) at a time to make sure your stomach is okay before taking a whole clove. Also, some cultures like the Chinese, believe too much garlic overstimulates the liver, which can cause fitful sleep. If you have a bad abcess in the mouth, and feel the infection has progressed to a serious stage, you will need to determine if antibiotics are the way to go. I had a really bad infection (pre-Morgellons) that I took antibiotics for and feel that was the best choice at the time.
At the time of writing, I believed that I had had some sort of infestation in my apartment. However, if you do have a bug problem in your environment, these tips should get rid of it. I've written more about the need to get confirmation that there really is a problem in your environment on the "Reflections" page. Do not breathe in the fumes if you can help it and don't stay in any room you are treating! Make a point of using them in sealed areas or bins and open windows or use an exhaust fan to ventilate afterwards. Some people buy the diffusers that have a candle in them. Menthol usage for dirty laundry (do not use menthol crystals in the washing machine) —Clothes are a big reinfection point. The whole idea behind using the bin with crystals is that you want to kill anything in the laundry BEFORE you put it in the wash so that you are not exposing yourself to re-infection when you handle it at the washer. You'll get the feel for how much you should use over time. After the clothing has been mentholating for a few hours, you can reach in and turn the laundry ensuring that everything in the bin has been well exposed to the menthol. When you are ready to turn off the heating element, pull the plug rather than opening the bin. This works well—especially if you have things like down coats.You can do your shoes this way too or any other items you are unsure of! Using menthol crystals on furniture (such as a couch) —Buy a big plastic drop-cloth from a hardware store with as thick a plastic as is available and 'TENT' your couch. I wouldn't make a habit of wearing unwashed mentholated clothing as I believe it is unhealthy to inhale the vapors over a long period. Some people have tried to mentholate rooms.
Open dresser draws, closet doors, and try to keep in mind that you want to make sure as much air circulation gets around things as possible. Don't do this if you have fishtanks in the room, and make sure to protect your pets by keeping them out. Computer Equipment —I disassembled all my equipment including cords and put them into a big bin with mothballs. It did the trick.Mothballs are nasty and toxic, this is a last resort solution and I suggest you do your best to limit exposure especially when it comes to inhaling.
Also, note that certain plastic foams will absorb the odor of the mothballs and there is no way to get that smell out.
If you have a problem in an isolated area such as a room, I'd put a bin right outside the door with diatomaceous earth? in it, or methol crystals.
I encourage those wanting to interact with others in the Morgellons communtiy to join the forum (or the many other Facebook groups). Gratitude to Rayelta Nayar? for all her hard work preparing these!Note that I am not publishing the below pdfs as recommendations.
I'm not endorsing nor do I follow any of the protocols below, yet, feel the public should have easy access to the information and form their own opinions about them. Reflections Awareness Poster Links Ayla's Art Contact Ayla Morgellons Disease: Tips for healing lesions, oral care and environment   Information for dealing with Morgellons lesions using topical aids as well as FAR infrared technology. It's not a cure, but it WILL rid each and every lesion if the application is consistent.
You can also open capsules of probiotics and not just one since you are covering a large area Beware that in the morning the liquid will have absorbed into your skin or evaporated leaving lots of crumbs and it's messy. Her formula contains DMSO which some feel is controversial, so do your own research and decide if it's the right direction for you.
It is a carrier and contrary to what experts say it is not harmful, you can research it yourself if you haven't already done so. You won't be able to get them all out and yes some may die in the skin and cause a breakout, but over time is will subside.
It's taken me over a year now as certain section of my face were harder to deal with specifically the chin and cheeks. I was using antibiotics and I'd have to smear it on everyday and still not get rid of this and those antibiotics are not good for you.

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