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Moisturize your face with a cream or lotion that lists AHAs (or alpha hydroxy acids) as an active ingredient.
Make an appointment with your dermatologist and discuss options that may be available to reduce pores. Overview After hair removal, your legs may have look spotted as the result of enlarged pores. Instead, choose a product that is water-based, which is lighter and will not build up around the pores as an oil-based foundation would. These acids that are extracted from fruits and milk are effective in ridding your skin of the dead cells that have congregated around the pores. Use a good, gentle exfoliant--one that is not too tough on the skin, as this will clog the pores and increase acne.

Talk to a friend who has visited the spa before or check for licensure to be sure that your specialist is trained in giving these types of facials. Not only do they help protect the skin, but they keep it hydrated and looking fresh and plumped up, too.
She recommends applying the brand's Body Treatment Oil in Relax ($54), which contains essential oils of marjoram, broom, and geranium, to calm the skin and smooth out dryness. Sometimes, however, pores can get clogged or enlarged due to build-up in or around the pores. Also, consider the use of a powder instead of foundation, which is the best option for reducing pores.
Read and follow the directions given by the manufacturer to get smaller pores and smoother skin.

While you won't want to drown yourself in oil before makeup application (doing so can cause your powders and creams to slip and slide), for those tricky rough patches that pop up occasionally, oils can save the day. While we all hit rough patches every now and then in life, at least this one falls into the easy-to-overcome genre.
Proper skin care is the most efficient way to decrease the size of pores and to prevent them from clogging.
A face with smaller pores will look younger, healthier and smoother, leaving you feeling more beautiful and confident.

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