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Hackers have found ways of applying available browser vulnerabilities in order to reach their evil plans.
Speaking about funds we forgot to mention that this fake FBI alert from site instructs users to pay the fine trough MoneyPak payment system. Skip the details and download recommended Anti-Malware to make your system clean and fully protected!
This time they attack computers located mainly in US with a fake yet very scary FBI warning about users committing all sorts of crimes through their browsers.

This site name has a long continuation though, and we will not mention it for security reasons. When you reset your browsers through restarting them you will see that warning (fake FBI notice) has been successfully removed. In either case you must not obey these scary instructions of hackers, the developers of this fake and scary FBI alert coming from site. If you have your other browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox as well stuck with this scary but fake FBI notice from site these instructions will help you get rid of such message on your screen.

You might now be engaged in such evil things and still have your browser locked with this fake FBI notice.
The difference that the names of other local law-enforcement agencies are used by hackers to scare users into sharing their funds.

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