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Mildew in washing machines leading to odor from the washed clothes is a very common problem.
The first solution is to use vinegar, as it is the best ingredient to solve this washing machine problem. Using bleach is known to give you the best results in cleaning the washing machine and making it odor free. As mentioned above, run a washing cycle after filling the tub with hot water and lemon juice.

Unless you own an advanced self-cleaning machine, you need to do the task of cleaning it yourself.
Now, take an old toothbrush and apply this on the mold buildup and difficult-to-reach corners of the tub. Once you use the above remedies, make sure you run a washing cycle just using water before you put in the clothes.
If you are wondering how to get rid of mildew smell in washing machine, then here are the solutions.

One important tip to avoid formation of mold is to keep the lid of washing machine open after your washing cycles are over.
Make sure you regularly clean this home appliance to keep it in good condition and get maximum benefit from it.

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