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Rub coffee grounds: If the milk is spilt on fabrics and carpets, first clean the affected area with either a brush or clean, dry towel. Wash with heavy-duty detergent, baking soda and lemon juice: Scrub the affected area with heavy-duty detergent. Cover with bicarbonate soda: Wipe the affected area with a clean dry cloth or paper towels. Clothing is typically washed in cool water with a cup of white vinegar to remove mothball odors.
Furnishings, carpet and other items can also be deodorized with commercial mothball-odor-removing products. Sometimes these pimples are also seen to have occurred due to improper cleaning of the mouth. During the reign of this condition over your tongue, eat only soft foods and refrain from eating or drinking highly acidic dishes such as fast foods. When milk becomes contaminated with water, food particles and other matters, the microorganisms already present in it multiply quickly and change its composition. Wash the clothing twice with vinegar, and then allow the garments to dry outdoors in a sunny location.
The reason of these may vary in a vast way; it may be caused by diabetes, or some allergic reaction to some food eaten.
Improper hygiene of the mouth results in summation of dirt particles, in the top layer of the tongue, and the pimples crop up for the very reason they appear on the face. If one is suffering from a viral fever or any such infection, then the pimples on the tongue could be a result of that too. Take a glass of water and put on the fire to heat to temperature where it is warm but not too much. You should be able to take the water in your mouth.
Also remember that some fruits are also acidic in nature and can cause irritations on the tongue and be a reason of spread of them.
Some pimples are formed due to deficiency of vitamin B; so eat foods rich in Vitamin B or such supplements.

Leave them for a few days to absorb the odor and then remove the coffee grounds with a vacuum cleaner. Allow the garments to remain outdoors for as long as possible to ensure the odor dissipates. After bringing the container down from the stove, mix in it a tablespoon of salt. Mix the solution and gargle with it.
The pimples on tongue are similar to that of on faces in a way that is, they tend to subside when not meddled with and taken proper care of. The next morning, remove the soda with a vacuum cleaner and then wipe the area clean with a clean, dry cloth.
Coffee contains enzymes such as PetZyme which helps get rid of protein-based odors and stains.
Heated air helps to remove the odor because the heating system draws in fresh air through the ventilation system, reducing the contaminated air inside the home. This solution is tested and found to have the power to kill the bacteria, which may cause further pimples.
If the smell is still there take a bottle of club soda, shake it until it produces fizz and spray on the affected area.
Small areas that smell like mothballs can be treated with a hair dryer that is set on low heat.
To remove the odor from woollen and other nonwashable garments, put the clothing into the dryer on the no-heat setting with a clothing refresher sheet. The clothing may require several washings and several days in the outdoors before the odor completely dissipates.
If you experience too much pain (you should not), stop doing it and let the heat subside more. Here is a list ofthings you should not be doing then a list of someremedies to help you get rid of them:FIRST CAUSES1.

Shaving a€“ Stop using razors to shave your underarmsas when you do it cuts the hair just below the surface ofthe skin which looks like stubble. Too much deodorant a€“ Theories have evolved thatstrong deodorants make your armpits look darker.
Skin friction a€“ Clothes that are tight and harsh on yourskin may also cause darkening of your underarms.4. Coconut OilCoconut oil contains vitamin E which plays an importantrole in lightening dark underarms. Apply some coconut oilto your armpits before bathing and massage for 10-15minutes, then wash off with mild soap and lukewarmwater. Lemon JuiceRubbing your underarms with lemon juice is one of themost effective ways to lighten your underarms as lemonhas natural bleaching properties.
Baking SodaTo treat dark underarms you can make a paste by usingbaking soda, add some water so that it becomes a pasteand scrub your underarms with it. In an emergency you can wash your underarms withwater and apply baking powder to reduce the darkappearance. PapayaPapayas contain enzymes that are great at cleaning skin.You can apply some shredded papaya to your underarmsand let it dry, then wash off with water. Alternatively you can rub potatojuice on your underarms and leave it for 15 minutes to dry,then wash off and you will see results in just a few days.6. Gram flour and YogurtYou can mix gram flour, lemon juice, yogurt, and a pinch ofturmeric powder to make a paste.
Mix a pinch ortwo of saffron in milk or cream and apply the mixture toyour underarms before going to sleep at night.

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