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You can identify Moles as a problem if when you stick your finger down a hole you can feel a tunnel. It is pleasing not only for the owner of the yard, but also for the subterranean dwellers like moles. There is a safe way to rid your lawn of Moles without harming other pests, insects, pets or family.
You'll see more Mole activity in the first few days because they'll get agitated but quickly they'll move somewhere else.

You can learn quickly here.From now on, you have to be aware and make sure if you have any moles in your yard. Don't use a castor oil from a grocery because it has been de-odorized, thus won't be as effective. Since moles eat grubs and earthworms, you can simply check if there are any telltale tunnels or circular mounds above the ground with holes in the centre as the sign they are there. It's actually coated with a poison so be careful around children because they might think it's edible, which it is not.

You can simply spread the granules over the area where you find the sign of moles living evenly.
Another method can be done by watering the granules and it will begin to release the scent that will get rid of the moles.Actually, you can do something to prevent the moles coming and living in your yard.

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