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It seems like you moved the train, it hurts the whole body, tilts and turns revoked by pain in the muscles. Soreness (stiffness) is muscle pain caused by accumulation of toxins (lactic acid), which can be produced during exercise. Usually, the reason for its appearance is unusually large for the body muscle activity.Soreness is not talking about the presence of diseases, injuries or other problems with the body, it delivers only physical discomfort. But it is better to help the body cope with the pain of strained muscles.Massage This is one of the best methods to combat soreness, although quite painful.

The therapist must work out your muscles and mechanically deduce toxins that cause soreness.
Exercises will help to improve blood circulation and toxins will quickly be released from the muscles.Food In the struggle with soreness helps and special diets. It should be of high quality mineral water without gas or fresh juice.But in General it is easier to prevent soreness than to treat its consequences. For this you should always do an intense workout in the beginning of the training and quality stretching at the end.

And for the prophylaxis of pain immediately after a workout, take a shower, and a strong jet of cold water walk on the muscles that you have given load.

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