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Take a Walk The tip: Instead of going full-on couch potato or pushing straight back into a tough workout, go for a walk, swim or another low-impact activity.
Why it works: "Your muscles recover on their days off so if you've really hit the gym hard, it's better to take a day or two off before the next hard core workout," says McGee. Calf foam roll is one of the foam roller exercsies you can do to knot out the trigger point in your calf. Sit on the floor with your leg straight out and a foam roller underneath your right calf muscle.
If you find a tender area, spend about 30 seconds or more there until you feel the knot is gone.

Foam rolling exercises should follow by flexibility stretching exercises by that muscle groups to increase flexibility and mobility in that area.
Static stretching are stretches you hold for about 20-30 seconds for 2-3 sets until you feel the area is no longer tight.
Mom of a little girl who loves to bake with me and dreams of rock climbing and wife to a loving Paleo clean eating husband of 7 years. Foam rolling is cheaper and more convenient than getting a professional deep tissue massage.
Tough the connective tissue at the bottom of the calf muscle merges with the Achilles tendon.

Lift up your butt off the floor to slowly roll up and down along your calf muscle to find the tender spot or trigger point.
However, if your soreness is a six or a 10, he recommends taking the next few days to do light movement as often as possible to help your body flush toxins.

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