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We're going to be honest with you: one of the best perks of being a beauty editor is getting to test out luxe spa and salon treatments.
Or go for an Oxygen Facial ($250 for 60 minutes) to infuse your face with vitamins and antioxidants, so you leave the mountain glowing.
Spa at SoHo Trump in New YorkSpa overview: If you're willing to shell out the big bucks, this downtown Manhattan spot is worth the splurge.
Spa at SoHo Trump in New YorkRecommended treatments: Get a detoxifying full-body scrub in the traditional hammam room ($175-$190 for 45 minutes) that incorporates an oil-based castile soap applied with a handmade Kessa mitt to leave your skin buttery smooth. Spa at SoHo Trump in New YorkInsider tips: Leave extra time after your treatment to enjoy the amenities. Couvent des Minimes Hotel and Spa in Provence, FranceSpa overview: Unless you live in France, Provence may not be the easiest place to travel to, but trust us that it's worth any red-eye journey. Couvent des Minimes Hotel and Spa in Provence, FranceRecommended treatments: Try the signature treatment, a 90-minute hot-and-cold Verbena massage ($192).
Couvent des Minimes Hotel and Spa in Provence, FranceInsider tip: After shopping for the products used in your treatment, grab a glass of Provence Rose at Le Pesquier Bistro [6], which boasts a terrace overlooking the aforementioned lavender fields. Lush Spa in New YorkSpa overview: When you walk into this spa located above Lush's Upper East Side store location, you'll feel like you've stumbled into someone's chic English countryside cottage. Lush Spa in New YorkRecommended treatments: The spa's signature massage — Synaesthesia ($175 for 75 minutes) — may be the most bespoke massage we've ever tested. Or, if you're really feeling the whole British vibe of the spot, try the Hard Days Night massage ($175 for 75 minutes), which is Beatles themed. Equinox Resort and Spa in Manchester, VTSpa overview: No matter the season, this is one of the coziest retreats you can find. Equinox Resort and Spa in Manchester, VTRecommended services: If you went too hard being active at the fitness center, hiking, golfing, or playing tennis at the resort, try the Tension Tamer with Hot Stones ($125 for 50 minutes), a deep-tissue neck, shoulder, and back massage that incorporates heated stones to further relax and heal muscles. Equinox Resort and Spa in Manchester, VTInsider tips: If you book an early-morning service, you can grab a cup of Vermont Mountain coffee and a homemade apple cider doughnut from the gift shop (for just 50 cents!). The Edition Hotel in MiamiSpa overview: When you first pull up to this chichi spa, one of the newer five-star destinations on the strip, you'll be transported into a sanctuary free of Miami's bustle.
The spa is a true oasis, mirroring the clean decor and offering treatments that will perfectly complement a party weekend.
The Edition Hotel in MiamiRecommended treatments: After a night of clubbing or late dining, you'll need to be revived, and we recommend the Build a Massage ($150 for 60 minutes) for just that.
Make sure the hangover doesn't show on your skin by booking the Oxygen Infusion Facial ($165 for 60 minutes), during which pressurized oxygen is misted all over your face to brighten, cool, and calm any dehydration.
And if all else fails, just get your hair blown out ($75), because the Florida humidity is no joke.
The Edition Hotel in MiamiInsider tips: Splurge on an ocean-view room if you're staying in the hotel.
Life Time Athletic in Harrison, NYSpa overview: For the fitness-obsessed spagoer, there's no better place than this Westchester venue. Life Time Athletic in Harrison, NYInsider tip: You could spend the entire day here between working out, laying by the pool, booking a service (or two!) at the spa, eating a healthy meal from the cafe, and even grabbing a drink at the indoor pub.
Spa de La Mer in New York, NYSpa overview: La Mer [14]'s first-ever spa in Manhattan's brand-new Baccarat Hotel and Residencies is a dream come true for fans of both the luxury skin care and crystal accessories brands.
Spa de La Mer in New York, NYRecommended treatments: The La Mer [15] Baccarat Facial is a must try ($350 for 90 minutes) as it incorporates aspects of both brands. Spa Castle Premier 57 in New YorkSpa overview: Spa Castle is a venue to visit with a friend (or lover!).
Spa Castle Premier 57 in New YorkInsider tip: If you don't have the time or cash flow for a treatment, just get a day pass ($65) to use the facilities (includes hydrotherapy bade pools, saunas, and resting lounges).
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At times, we fly all over the globe just to get the freshest ingredient (such as homegrown lavender from Provence, France) or the most peaceful massage (nothing beats the fresh air in Manchester, VT) and the poshest scene (ahem, Miami). Regis Aspen Remede SpaSpa overview: There's no cell phone service in this underground oasis [1], which will help you unwind in the cozy-chic atmosphere. Regis Aspen Remede SpaRecommended treatments: After a long day of skiing (or partying and shopping!), treat your body to a customized massage ($195 for 60 minutes). Regis Aspen Remede SpaInsider tip: Head upstairs into the main hotel to grab a delicious cup of hot chocolate and try the outdoor pools and hot tubs, which are surrounded by breathtaking mountain views. Then treat your body to a soothing Signature Massage ($180-$195 for 60 minutes), which can be customized in terms of technique; you can also pick an essential-oil scent meant to make you feel calm, restored, or energized. Color-changing, 10-jet rain showers and heated toilet seats are so luxurious it's just silly.
Not only will you be in the hub of where L'Occitane [3] and Le Couvent des Minimes [4] products are made, but you'll also have access to the freshest ingredients like lavender, lemon, verbena, and honey. UK folk musician Simon Emmerson created custom soundtracks for services, while behavioral therapist Lady Helen Kennedy developed mood-altering treatments that help guests leave feeling better both mentally and physically. Before the rub, you'll meet with your therapist to choose the emotional state you want to feel after the service (pick from buzzwords like "energized" or "clarity").
Start by changing into a pair of warm, clean pajamas, and then your therapist will take you through a series of stretches and massage techniques, which is all choreographed to Beatles music. The spa itself is pretty simple with straightforward services, but what makes it special are the attentive, friendly staffers and the gorgeous amenities. If you come in the evening, grab dinner at the Marsh Tavern [10], and then enjoy a glass of wine by the outdoor fire pit.
Yes, there's an energy here — after all, the basement holds a posh club and bowling alley — but upstairs the minimalist white decor and tea-scented air will make you feel serene.
The main relaxation room incorporates daybeds housed between drapery and vintage Moroccan rugs. A treatment buys you access to the facilities — hot yoga, indoor tennis, mountain climbing, multiple pools, gigantic fitness center, basketball courts, and more. You'll feel like you were dropped into Wonderland thanks to stunning crystal decor everywhere from the glassy fitness center to the lamp fixtures. Facial massage techniques using two Baccarat signature Victory Stones energize tired skin, while La Mer products are concocted to exfoliate and moisturize the visage.
Leave downtime before or after your service to lounge in the poolside beds in this underground oasis. It's easy to spend an entire day at the massive Midtown space, so you're going to want a buddy. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Whether you're planning a spa getaway or just looking for some R & R in your hometown, we've curated the best of the best to bring you our list of must-try worldwide spas and salons.
Those dealing with jet lag or mountain sickness can combat both by enjoying a nap in quiet room, adorned with beds, plush blankets, and oxygen masks (it gently blows O2 into your nose to alleviate headaches and dizziness).
In addition to the full-body rub down, the masseuse will massage essential oil into your scalp to promote hair health and revive your feet with hot paraffin wax. The two-story venue spills out onto a roof deck with a dipping pool, where you can relax posttreatment with a cocktail. And if you really want to make it a memorable experience, invite your special someone for the Soul to Soul couples massage ($550 for 90 minutes), which begins with a glass of Champagne and a soak in a private infinity hot tub. You can also recline in a cozy bed in the relaxation lounge while sipping tea from Moroccan china. It wraps up with a refreshing mist and chilled body gel so you can head out to the pool feeling detoxed.

The relaxation room is meant to look like a Dorset kitchen, where you can drink tea from vintage cups and pots. Then, your massage will be customized in terms of pressure, body zones targeted, colors in the room, soundtrack, and essential oils to help you reach that mood. The Regenerating Facial ($195 for 75 minutes) features the brand's 100-percent natural products to give you a dewy, apres-ski glow. And if you love the signature scent (found in all of the Edition hotels), you can buy it in the form of a candle at the gift shop. Explore the space deeper to find a hammam, detox room with steam shower, and far-infrared sauna. Top it off with the Oxygen and Aromatherapy Inhalation with Power Nap ($35 for 30 minutes), which involves you snuggled under plush blankets connected to a Biotic Wave machine.
During the day, grab a homemade green juice from the outdoor bar to keep your spa glow going. It's perfect for brides-to-be or anyone who is jet-lagged, since it gives you an instant glow, minus any redness. You can choose from a room with one big tub or two individual tubs, where you'll soak postmassage. After your treatment, enjoy a warm cup of coconut tea and dried fruit or sip a crisp glass of Champagne in the coed hot tub with your honey (there's a waterfall wall!).
Beverage choices include the Healing Aloe Serenity tea, Calm African Amber tea, and Balance Ginger twist tea, ensuring you leave with a clear head. Inside the spa, you'll have access to a stunning indoor pool and a steam room that incorporates essential-oil vapors. Or take advantage of the abundance of fresh immortelle flowers (a yellow bud known for its antiaging properties), which are included in the Secret of Youth facial ($137 for 60 minutes).
The sensual experience is enhanced with fresh wildflowers in each treatment room and bespoke oils lining the walls. After your service, find a nook beside the fireplace to curl up with a hot cup of tea, reside in the outdoor hot tub with your significant other, or take a steam in the locker room.
It sends a light frequency micro charge through your body via earclips, a process that helps the body detox and feel energized (when you awake).
After you get sweaty and shower it off, head to the spa to rejuvenate your muscles and get pretty again.
And make sure your legs don't feel too sore from all of those squats by investing in a BodyWork therapy massage ($120 for 60 minutes), during which a masseuse focuses on the connective tissue that is crucial to the health and function of your muscles.
The decor of the spa was inspired by a luxurious European seaside retreat, which plays right into La Mer's oceanic ingredient influences (re: its trademarked Miracle Broth). Or go for the La Mer Body Treatment that features a pure diamond powder scrub as well as a hybrid of stretching, shiatsu, acupressure, and Swedish massage ($300 for 90 minutes).
There are also more places to bathe and detox in the nude within the men's and women's locker rooms — though while you're out in the coed spots, you'll need to wear a bathing suit and the provided uniforms (top and shorts). You'll also find hot-and-cold plunge pools and steam rooms in the locker area so you can detox for apres-ski. Plus, the walls of the treatment rooms all feature sea kelp murals, hand painted by New York artists Lynda White and Jeff Wood.

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