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However acne is a deeper problem than shrinking sebaceous glands and preventing blackheads and whiteheads from forming.
Instead of treating the symptoms, you should consider using natural nodular acne treatment to help you get to the root of the problem. So why is it that our pores get clogged and there is excess sebum production in the first place? There are researches that had shown people who eat a more western diet suffer from acne more than people who eat a natural food diet. If you keep on sticking to conventional ways of nodular acne treatment, all you are doing is some patching up work which only give you short term relief.
If you answer is yes to the above question then I strongly recommend you to check out the ebook Acne No More. Acne no more is an ebook on holistic cure for acne that teaches you how to use natural ways to get rid of your acne permanently.

Acne is a sign that our body produces to tell us that there is a lack of balance in the body.
This is why tribes who still hunt and gather food don't suffer from acne because they are eating whole natural food. By watching your diet and sticking to a more natural diet will help you to provide your body with essential nutrients and give it time to eliminate the huge backlog of toxins in your body. However they are not the best methods available as taking either antibiotics or accutane can cause serious long term health implications. Accutane consist of serious side effects like nose bleeding, dry skin, chapped lips, hair loss possibility and more.
You can take accutane, hormone pills or antibiotics to cure your acne but it is only a short term solution to a long term problem. It totally makes sense when you think about how much fat, chemicals, and antibiotics in meat we are eating in western diet.

Accutane also treats only surface symptoms such as shrinking your sebaceous glands so that it produces less oil.
These toxic and foreign ingredients disturb our body’s inner balance and cause it to produce pro inflammatory hormones and build up toxins in our body which lead to acne break outs. It also stops blackheads and whiteheads from forming so acne will not appear without clogged pores.

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