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The Norton Community site has very limited support for IE8 and no support for versions older than IE8.
I have gone into settings and removed all of the various notifications and interruptions from Norton Anti Virus. When this option is turned on, Norton Antivirus shows the notification to inform you about the background tasks that are running like Idle Time Scans, Automatic LiveUpdate, and Insight Optimizer.?. Is there anyone in authority at Norton Anti-Virus  that can tell me how to get rid of the notification pop ups?So far I have gotten two different answers from Symantic here, both contradicting themselves.The previous version did not have the pop ups, and I don't want to disable the scan feature.
There seems be a problem as the scan notices keep appearing even though the "Norton Task Notification"  is set to off. When is this and the inablilty to use the Performance Flip feature on HD Monitrs going to be fixed? I reported this problem to Symantic over 10 weeks ago and still no response?Whatever happened to good customer service? Par-N-Rar is a simple tool designed to check PAR, PAR2, SFV and MD5 files in a folder and attempt to repair them if necessary.
All the aforementioned file formats are used for verification of data integrity and thus inform the user if the data has been corrupted or it is still available in its original form. Installing Par-N-Rar on the computer is just a matter of following the instructions on the screen and the job should be carried out without any unwanted events.
Looks are rather minimalist, with just the necessary options and functions being available in the main screen.

When the file processing completes the application makes available the details for the file set, including the timestamp for each operation. Configuring the tool is a simple job that provides the possibility to define a new location for either moving or copying the extracted items. Additional settings relate to the behavior of the program, whose process can be set to function with a specific priority; after the scan completes the application can restart or shut down the system as well as terminate its own activity. Par-N-Rar does not require high computer skills to work with and even if questions arise, the developer included proper documentation that can be consulted in order to find the answers.
FIXED - If a file is in the middle of being extracted and something happens (machine dies, PNR crashes, etc) the next time PNR is started it will delete the file. When this option is turned off, Norton Antivirus does not notify you about any background tasks. I have a very good system, but it's really annoying to have Norton pop up a Quick Scan window a couple of times a day. Weiss,Thank you for addressing this issue!Using computers running under both XP3 and Vista, I have the same NIS-2012 problem with annoying scan notices --but also with pointless performance notices.
In today's Business and Marketing oriented world, the customer has the right to get a FULL refund if not satisfied with something.And also, I'd like to point out that Quick Scan ran even while I was making a full back-up of my system. The intuitive layout is suitable for the beginner users as the steps to be taken are clear and straightforward. Basically, if the directory contains this sort of archive Par-N-Rar automatically unpackages the content and dumps the archive file.

NOTE: This will not skip the processing if files are in the process of being repaired or extracted.
However, the fix was not part of the latest release, but we are working to make it part of an upcomming major release. Those users who wish to see such messages can continue to do so, and those who consider those messages to be an annoyance can choose to disable the messages (that say no problem was found).When will we see the fix? I would rather have Symantec take the time (within reason) and fully QA these fixes than release something that just "might" work. It may not make it in the next minor one as you saw with the latest release 19.2, but we're working hard to get this fixed for everyone.
I want a super quality product to use and don't think that jumping to another vendor's product is the answer. I don't need to know 20 times a day that it found some MINOR info and fixed it.Does Symantec care about their customers or have they gotten so big that they think can get away with not addressing issues?
If it's not fixed soon I will revert back to my 2011 subscription since I still had almost a year left.

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