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Letter of the week Dear Graham When a relationship has gone sour, you know, however painful, that you’ve got to be honest and end it. Actor Edward Norton attends The Signature Center Opening gala on January 30, 2012 in New York City. The Norton Community site has very limited support for IE8 and no support for versions older than IE8.
Hi Handjojo.What you are seeing is normal - if you base the duplicate icons theory on your screenshot, you also have duplicate Volume icons.
What you 'consider' normal is not normal by design, as much as one might consider an application that renders all text as white text on white background normal just by getting used to it. I just got this too on two different computers but not on three others.On one of the two it went away after a couple of reboots but on one it still persists.
I haven't seen this issue appear since the ''backend update'' so I'd guess it was fixed by it.
Sheen wrote:Hi,Try removing registry entries from Windows Registry and check if the issue persists. Just wanted to report that occasionally it also happens to me in my Windows 7x64 PC and Windows 8x64 notebook, the NIS2014 tray icon appears twice (duplicate). In addition, he doesn't have duplicate volume icons, one icon is the Windows system volume icon, the other is the Realtek HD Audio Manager tray icon. It is a software bug, because Norton applications have been designed through several generations to present a single icon in the tray.

The one that had two icons, and I think that was 2007, did not have icons that had the same exact functionality, and could not be considered buggy for that reason as the present patched 2014 version is. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, used norton removal tool, cleared the notification area in the registry and the duplicate continues to return. That moment when you are sitting opposite someone, listening to them drone on, and you realise that all you now have in common is that you used to be friends.
But I get it far too often, so it is not a glitch, and many others experience it, so it is a bug.
And your assertion that it is normal is just a very personal feeling, as in fact it is not normal or intended behavior.For the aforementioned reasons, we cannot just agree to disagree, because what you wrote here is simply wrong, as a matter of fact, not opinion.OK? Maybe you have some variance in Windows 7, or in Norton setup - a patch missing, or maybe you updated through live update, who knows?In yank's case the variance is the human factor - he is experiencing this bug, but because the icon that is not even supposed (intended, designed) to be there in the first place - is hidden, he denies its existence. They are identical and do the same things. If I show one I only want one showing but not another one hiding or in the custom box window.
Should I keep making excuses not to meet and hope the penny drops, or should I be honest and tell the truth? The bug has not been acknowledged officially yet (but it will be, I assure you), and I guess because of that, and some weird sentiment of yours, you are acting as a self-appointed advocate of Symantec telling people categorically to move along and that there is nothing to see here.
In that scenario you are looking for a life partner and if it’s not working you need to move on, but friends provide all sorts of different elements in our lives.
The funny ones, the clever ones, the ones you don’t really like any more but still see a couple of times a year out of duty. It is only less serious, but despite that you should not be telling users here they are just cross-eyed if they notice this.And yes, judging from your screenshots, your Norton installation is manifesting the same bug.

But I don’t want a friendship based on a lie, particularly when I remember how good our relationship has been in the distant past. I created a .bat file that does all the steps in the registry, including restart explorer but the duplicate returns in a short period of time.
It is like a deja-vu of the slow tray icon load bug, where some people were categorically stating that it is not a bug, it's OK, people just need to move an option button from its default position. Symantec doesn't need this kind of 'help' from you and you are not doing them a favor or a service by doing this. Those visits can be depressing, or at best boring, so the fact you make the effort says a lot about you and your grandmother. Your husband is a grown man so if he doesn’t like being treated like a piece of meat he should say so.
My favourite time with my daughter used to be bath time and stories before bed and all the nurturing stuff, but usually my wife does that now while I get on with dinner.
My male friends are not particularly domesticated – the only advice they have offered is to be more macho and assertive. The bells and whistles portion of any relationship tends to be quite short-lived, so you must find new ways of enjoying the mundane. If we assume that you are Daddy Bear, then you better like sitting in a big chair and eating hot porridge or something’s very wrong.

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