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Hydrating chapped lips – abreva®, Want to heal your chapped lips that come with the changing seasons?
Apart from redness, other symptoms of chapped lips include tenderness, dryness, flaking and soreness.
One of the most effective natural moisturizers, coconut oil can help in treating chapped lips to a great extent. Filled with anti-bacterial properties, honey is a natural moisturizer that helps in healing wounds. Eating and drinking dairy foods can help to provide necessary fat in the body, which will take care of the moisture retention in your body. Therefore eTeddybear collected few simple, easy and fast home remedies for getting rid of itching, dried, unpleasant painful chapped lips.
Take half a lemon, smother it in sugar, and rub it on your lips, then rinse in ice cold water, you will have smooth and soft lips.

You can also put on honey paste for best result, just mix the honey and baking soda into a paste in a small bowl and slather it on your lips. You can use sugar scrub as well, take two tablespoons of sugar and add in honey by the teaspoon until it is thick and sticky. Using all the naturally prepared concoctions for your dry and chapped lips always help a great deal.
If you have got something to share to make lips pink, soft and supple do share it with eTeddybear.
The unique healing and moisturizing property of aloe vera helps in curing sore lips and alleviating pain. You need to apply fresh milk cream on the lips for 15 minutes and clean it with lukewarm water later. You can rub a piece of cucumber on your lips or apply cucumber juice and leave it for a few minutes.
Foods rich in Vitamin A, including green leafy vegetables and carrots can also help in preventing chapped lips. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Next, dampen your toothbrush with water and gently exfoliate your lips in circular motions for about 3 seconds. For making this mixture what you need to do is to mix the brown sugar and coconut oil together in the small bowl until you’ve reached a paste-like consistency.

You could help treat dryness by applying few drops of olive oil on your lips before turning in every night. Winter, dehydration, allergy, exposure to harsh sun rays, excessive licking of lips, smoking and vitamin deficiency are some of the causes for rough, cracked lips. In such a situation, if you don’t want to spend too much on commercial products or your lip balm doesn’t work, you can try various home remedies to heal your chapped lips and make it more smooth. You can also mix honey and glycerine and apply on your lips before going to bed for better results.Having said about all these home remedies, it is equally important to eat a healthy and balanced diet to prevent conditions like chapped lips. It goes without saying that the home remedies you try will be more safe, economical and effective.
The anti-oxidant properties of aloe vera helps in the skin’s cell renewal process by removing dead skin cells. Such things help your lips get all the moisture that they need making them look pink and healthy!

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