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Unless, of course, you’re OnePlus, whose bread and butter is the affordable flagship. Come 2015 and the OnePlus One is ready to be succeeded by the unsurprisingly-named OnePlus 2. From the first moment you pick up the OnePlus 2 you’ll notice the handset is pretty large, certainly larger than mid-sized flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Sony Xperia Z5.
OnePlus has upped their game as far as materials are concerned, with the OnePlus 2 using a combination of glass, metal, and standstone-finished plastic for its body. I like the growing push for fingerprint sensors in smartphones, as they’re the most convenient way to secure your smartphone.
Secondly, OnePlus decided to make the fingerprint sensor double as a capacitive home button, which is great in theory. Speaking of the capacitive buttons, OnePlus decided not to print or etch a symbol on either of the buttons, instead opting for a thin blue line (when illuminated) on either side of the fingerprint sensor. You can also set the three navigation buttons to be on-screen, which reduces the screen real estate available to apps in favour of buttons that are slightly easier to access.
The edges of the OnePlus 2 are made from a grey aluminium-magnesium alloy, which gives the phone a premium, high-end feel. The top of the OnePlus 2 features a 3.5mm audio jack, and along the bottom is a USB Type-C port for charging and data transfer. On the left-hand edge of the OnePlus 2 is an Alert Slider, which allows you to easily switch between Android’s three notification profiles (All, Priority, and None) without unlocking the device.
The back cover is removable, and underneath you’ll find just a removable dual SIM card tray, with no microSD card slot or removable battery. Important: 1) If you are meeting a forgotten password on Windows 8 login screen, you are recommended to refer to Situation 2 of this page. Step 4: When you OK those above, you will be able to login to Windows 8 with entering password every time because Windows remember it for you.

Step 3: On the next window, choose the drive you use the in the pull down list and then click the green button that says Begin Burning. Step 6: Next, boot your computer into Windows PE that has been installed in the password disk. Step 7: When all the required files are loaded, you can see the user interface, which is simple and easy to use even for a newbie. Step 8: Click on the Reset Password button to get rid of the old user password and take down the new password shown in the Password field before you selecting the Windows and the User whose password you forgot.
Note: If you not only forgot the user password but also the user name, you can also add a new user with administrative privilege and then change the forgotten user password. Step 9: Restart your Windows 8 and type in the new password you write down, then press Enter. The company’s debut smartphone from last year, the OnePlus One, was a very commendable first effort, packing high-end hardware like a Snapdragon 801 SoC and a 13-megapixel camera into a $300 package. This affordable flagship is slightly more expensive than its predecessor, starting at $329 for the 16 GB model, but once again it features top-of-the-line hardware. There’s a static fingerprint sensor below the display, USB Type-C for charging and data transfer, two SIM card slots, and a unique notification control switch on the side.
Despite the choice of premium materials, the phone still has a somewhat bland look, failing to really differentiate itself from other standard rectangular slab designs on the market.
Unfortunately the OnePlus 2’s fingerprint scanning implementation, while fast and generally accurate, is lacking in a number of ways. In practice, however, the sensor didn’t always register my finger presses, which meant that occasionally the button failed to act as a home button on the first press.
The reason for this is that you can change the functionality of these buttons in the software, switching the positioning of the back and recent apps buttons. If you’re finding it difficult to handle the large OnePlus 2 while pressing the capacitive buttons, switching to on-screen buttons is a good idea.

The right-hand side is where the volume rocker and power button are located in a reasonably comfortable location, although you can power on and unlock the device with a single press of the fingerprint sensor (if you have fingerprint lock enabled). The slider is somewhat handy, and I found myself using it on occasion, but I would find it far more useful if I could change its functionality to switch between three sound profiles (sound, vibrate, and silent) instead. While OnePlus’ options are pretty decent, the guys at dbrand offer a huge range of cheap-yet-premium skins for the device, and the black carbon option with red camera accents applied to my OnePlus 2 looks simply awesome. The lack of the latter two features will disappoint power users, but I do appreciate the inclusion of dual-SIM support for those that happen to have two cellular plans. I am sure that you can get rid of the password on windows 8 by yourself after you finish this article.
2) But if you are fed up with the logon verification and want to start your Windows 8 without typing in logon password every time (especially when you are using a shard computer), OK, go see Situation 1. Once there, please remember to create a windows 8 password reset disk in case that you get the password forgotten next time.
In a smartphone market dominated by Apple, Samsung and other companies with $600-700 flagships, such handsets don’t appear very often.
This can be pretty annoying, and although it didn’t happen every day, ideally the sensor would be just as responsive to presses as the other two capacitive buttons. If you want something to make your smartphone stand out from the crowd, check out dbrand, I highly recommend them.

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