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Razor or shaving bumps, clinically referred to as pseudofolliculitis barbae, establish after shaving when strands of hair curl back on themselves, growing into the skin, triggering irritation, scarring and pimples sometimes. Razor bumps establish usually on the neck, but they can occur in any location that is shaved such as the cheeks, underarms, pubic area, arms and legs. Razor bumps are typical to black individuals, due to the nature of their hair but, it can also appear on individuals with different skin color because it is related more with the type of hair.
Incorrect shaving techniques and poor-quality razor blades are the most typical causes of razor burns. Understanding how to get rid of shaving bumps and razor burns will assist you avoid pain and discomfort triggered by razor bumps and ingrown hair.
Use a fine quality shaving gel, cream or lotion of your choice on the skin and carefully rub it in order to soften the hair.
Shave in one continuous direction using brief strokes to reduce the inflammation on the skin. Shaving opens up your pores increasing chance of oil, bacteria and dirt to clog your pores and cause inflammation. It is essential to understand how to prevent razor bumps not just since the trouble is a cosmetic issue, however, can be painfully irritating. The best means to avert razor bumps is not to shave at all, if your skin is incredibly sensitive or exceedingly curly.
Use a clean, sharp blade because if you are having red bumps and still using a dirty and dull razor than it is dreadful for your skin. Since pushing the razor too hard against the face or shaving the exact same patch in multiple strokes will cause irritation, Use light pressure. You might feel the impulse to scratch your skin but not to succumb to it as it will worsen the problem. After the appearance of razor bumps, leave the location alone and do not shave for at least 3 days.
You can get instantaneous relief from razor burn itching by applying ice or cold water on the afflicted location.
Aspirin is understood to be extremely effective in the treatment of in-growth as it consists of salicylic acid which acts as an excellent exfoliator for the skin.
Aloe Vera is an excellent option to get rid of razor burn as it is known to soothe itchy and irritated skin. Prepare a blend using one tbsp plain yogurt and half tsp pure honey and apply delicately on the razor burns. To heal razor bumps on legs add one cup oatmeal powder into your warm bath water and soak your legs into it for 15 to 20 minutes. Razor bumps, also called “razor rash”, are unpleasant and painful blemishes that often appear on the facial skin, armpits and pubic area after shaving. People with sensitive skin tend to get razor bumps frequently.  However, razor bumps can be treated and their occurrence can be minimized or prevented with the help of various treatment methods. While shaving, apply a moist and warm sponge or wash cloth before you start shaving for raising the hair follicles. While using traditional razor, take care that it is not dull or rusty.  Shaving should be done in the direction in which the hair grows. Application of hydrocortisone cream on the affected area can help to reduce swelling and irritation by soothing the skin and help to recover quickly.
Applying toner or astringent on razor bumps can also help to quickly heal them because they tighten the pores of your skin and speed up the healing process.
You can apply witch hazel that contains astringent and its healing power to treat razor bumps on any area.
For stubborn razor bumps, which are also known as staphylococcal folliculitis, you must visit a dermatologist. The material in this site is intended to be of general informational use and is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis, or recommended treatments. Razor bumps also referred to as Pseudofolliculitis barbae is an issue that is both painful and embarrassing for men, especially African American men. This is one of the best natural ingredients that is used to heal many health problems including skin, weight loss and a lot more. If harvesting the aloe plant isn’t something you want to do try purchasing a shaving system that uses Natural Aloe Vera along with other skin clearing and anti-inflammatory oils such as Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Olive Oil and Jojoba Oil. Recommended: The Bevel 5 part system has been clinically proven to reduce razor bumps within 4 weeks and is dermatologist approved. The Bevel 5 Part System to Reduce Razor Bumps arrives complete with Priming Oil to protect your skin before each shave, hydrating Shave Cream, post-shave Restoring Balm to repair your skin and a high quality Badger Brush to lift the hairs.
The single blade razor has been clinically proven to prevent razor bumps as the single blade razors does not cut the hairs below skin level. Most people do not know that good shaving technique is vital to get rid of skin problems of even prevent. Another effective razor bump treatment, which might not be in your favor, is to limit shaving. The best way that you can completely treat and get rid of razor bumps is by adopting healthy shaving methods.

Most men usually get rid of pubic hair for cosmetic reasons, a smooth silky pubic area seems cleaner for some men.
Some feel it improves their sexual feeling while having sex as the sensitive skin is bare from hair.
When the skin is bare from pubic hair can make a man’s erection look positively bigger. You can learn here more on how to remove men pubic hair, all the methods, all the safety tips, take in mind that techniques that are suitable for women are not necessarily the best for men. Those Brazilian waxing for men are usually done at special cosmetics clinics and women’s spas. There are special wax kits for sensitive body parts, they are usualy sold for women, but if it’s good for them it is good for guys too, read carefully the instructions, if women can do it properly men can too. While arms and legs hair are short and soft easy to pluck, tearing away the pubic hair which is much longer is a torture, you do not want to try..
Use a new sharp razor blade every time you shave your gentiles, sharp blade will cut nice and smooth, without pulling hair and causing pubic rashes, pubic pimples and ingrown pubic hair. It is best to do the shaving after a warm bath, when the area is well soaked, and the hair is softer. Electric razors for the face may cause skin irritation in your pants you would rather avoid. There are special Personal Shavers for Pubic Hair Removal too, like like the CleanCut  that is designed to shave men’s pubic hair and testicles, safely without nick and cuts, which means the area can be shaved smooth even every day.
The laser removal of pubic hair for men is a very good solution for men who are not embarrassed to have a laser clinic person work so close to their sex organs.
There are many home lasers systems for hair removal, most of them are designed and marketed for women, a male who wishes to be hairless can make a lot of use from them too, as the hair removal process with them will cost much less then going to the laser clinic treatments. While many think laser light can cause cancer, and prefer have the private body parts away from the laser light. The Electrolysis pubic hair removal works when a thin needle is inserted to each and every hair follicle and a small electric pulse burns the root of the hair. Here is a Home Electrolysis System – If you wish to be permanently hairless, it is worth the investment. Pubic hair removal depilatory creams usually do not include scrotum testicles and too close to the gentiles. This entry was posted in Specific Body Hair Removal and tagged Electrolysis Men Pubic Hair Removal, hair removal scrotal area, how to get rid of Male Pubic Hair, laser Men Pubic Hair Removal, Male Pubic Hair laser removal, Pubic Hair Removal Depilatory Creams, remove hair from balls, remove hair from testicles, Remove Male Pubic Hair, scrotum and pubic hair shaving, scrotum hair removal for men, shave Male Pubic Hair, wax Male Pubic Hair by admin. You can learn how to get rid of shaving bumps and razor burns fast, and prevent them from appearing by following some easy tips. Shaving in the opposite direction of hair growth, irritates the skin and hair follicles, triggering a burning sensation. Cream and gel lube the skin and makes it possible for the razor to move easily over your skin.
If you shave in the opposite direction of hair or if long strokes are used, it can cause ingrown hair, skin irritability, and facial burns. Wash your face with cold water and use an after shave cream or gel to moisturize and help recover the skin.
Warm water opens your pores while the cold water closes your pores and makes it more difficult for germs and bacteria to step in. Wipe the location with anti-bacterial cleanser because if the razor bumps are left without treatment, they can end up being infected. Black tea consists of tannic acid, which minimizes redness and swelling, and assists to relieve burning triggered by razor burn. Apply this mask to your face and let it stay for half an hour prior to you clean it off with warm water.
After the bumps have actually been cured, use all the preventive measures on ‘how to get rid of shaving bumps and razor burns fast’ that have actually been mentioned in the earlier part of this article, so that you do not have to handle this problem once more. They occur due to many reasons like improper shaving technique, lack of proper skin treatment after shaving, frequency of shaving and use of improper shaving tools. They continue to grow in hair follicle and can cause irritation and pimples and even scarring. The best possible effect you can get from Aloe Vera is by squeezing the gel directly from the leaf of the Aloe Vera plant and applying it directly on the razor bumps. Your skin may get irritated for seconds but it has great healing properties which can cure razor bumps overnight. In this situation, physician have to drain the bump and a course of antibiotic is prescribed to the patient to overcome the infection. It is going to give you smooth feeling from the burning sensation that is caused by razor bumps. Honey will work best by fighting against the infection as well as speeding up the healing process. When using a multi-blade razor the hair is cut below skin level and the hair usually curls under the skin which in turn causes the irritation of razor bumps. It has been more popular somewhat because of porn movies, who’s actors usually have a hairless pubic area.

Most men probably will find the idea of showing their private parts to a total stranger (male or female) very embarrassing and uncomfortable at all. In the laser treatment a laser light is beamed at the pubic hair follicles … The follicles absorb laser light energy and gets heated until the hair growth is disabled. This of course is not true, the lase does not penetrate deep into the skin, it just heats up the upper epidermis layer where the hair follicle is. The pubic area is a sensitive skin location, so the depilatory creams should be matched precisely for this body part. If you have questions concerning your health, seek the advise from your health care professional. Razor bumps are not just an unpleasant result of hair removal, but they can become infected and trigger you discomfort and skin problems.
Some individuals develop significant and large razor bumps due to very sensitive skin while some do not establish any at all or just minor breakouts as a result of swelling due to irritability. Follow the under mentioned instructions on how to get rid of shaving bumps and razor burns faster. Use of gel or cream forms a layer in between the skin and the razor, preventing injuries and razor bumps on the face. Wash off the blade in warm water after each stroke to remove trapped hair and minimize friction. Use an after shave item, which contains salicylic acid as it will remain on your skin all day long providing you added protection. Try to put on cotton swimsuit or cotton underclothing if razor burn happens in your bikini line area. Search for skin care products that contain the active ingredient called salicylic acid as it helps to moisturise, exfoliate and clear your pores consequently preventing additional infections. Dip a cotton ball into the mixture and apply it delicately on the razor burn areas of your face.
Using electric razor can also help because electric razor does not cut too close to the skin like traditional razor. Some effective essential oils for treating razor bumps include tea tree oil, chamomile oils and lavender oil.
It can appear on the surface where you pluck or shave including the face, pubic area, underarms and other sensitive areas of the body.
Aloe vera will help to get rid of razor bumps, moisturize your skin and stop inflammation as it expedites the healing process. You can preserve some of the extra gel in the freezer to make it cold so that you feel more comfortable when you apply on the bums.
Using sharper blades with an electric shaver will reduce the number of strokes needed to remove hair. For people who have hair that curls, after shaving, it will begin to grow back into the skin.
Ideally, shaving after having a bath will leave the skin soft and it makes it easy to shave. The side effects can be a hint of redness… unlike the waxing of the male pubic hair, laser is less painful. You have to look carefully at the products label to see if it is safe for pubic hair removal. These skin irritabilities can be easily prevented by taking the right safety measures and following a couple of razor burn avoidance suggestions. An electric razor can be an excellent option to prevent razor bumps, as it does not come too close to your skin, thus shielding it from cuts and burns.
People who have coiled hair, such as black men, have an increased risk of getting the razor bumps. While bathing, the warmth of the water opens up the pores making the follicles looser on the roots.
Stay Wavy My Friends.I remember my first step into the world of waves and using a wave brush.
A blade loaded with hair will not sit evenly against the skin, so tap the razor under hot water to clean it in between each stroke. It will take roughly four days for it to grow up to 1mm which therefore means that you should not shave daily. The next stage would be ripping hard the cloth strips away from the body – tearing the hair from its roots.
In the event you were to avoid shaving for at least four weeks, the lesions will reduce completely.
In the event you do not have time, you need to press a damp towel on your face for some few minutes. Applying shaving cream and creating rich lather afterwards will make the shaving experience a lot smoother.

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