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Pimples are formed when excess oil gets trapped underneath the skin and clog the pores of the skin.
When you've got a pimple on your face, you'll do almost anything to get rid of them quickly.
Pimples and dandruff have more in common than you might think, according to the Mayo Clinic.
If your skin burns while using the lemon juice, dilute it with additional water and only leave it on your skin for 10 minutes before washing it off.
Types pimples & rid pimples, What are the different types of pimples and how to identify them?

Before resorting to high-priced, over-the-counter treatments, you might prefer to try treating pimples at home. Lemon juice is an effective overnight remedy to treat pimples because it contains alpha hydroxy acids, an ingredient that is in many expensive skin care products. Egg whites not only help to heal the pimples, they also reduce inflammation and make them less noticeable while healing. If you need to get rid of pimples overnight, try using home remedies that can be made using ingredients from your kitchen. Constant reoccurrence of pimples could indicate a problem with acne that may or may not clear up on its own.

Sufferers of severe acne or extremely painful pimples should contact a dermatologist or other medical professional.

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