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Skin moles are a very natural occurrence that, in reality, have little reason to hide underneath aesthetic masks. Moles are basically a collection of semi-irregular skin cells differing in color from others on the body. If clothes don't seem like a viable option, or if a mole is in an unclothed area, makeup can do the trick. I have a mole on my left hand on my ring finger I was very conscious about it there wasn't really anything I could do to hide it because it was my ring finger and people would have probably thought I was mad if I wore a ring on it.
I had one oddly shaped mole on my face that felt rough to the touch and looked like a slightly raised freckle.
I have a skin mole right in the middle of my wrist on the back side, and I used to be really self-conscious about it in high school. And getting busted by your friends on the one off day that you “accidentally” throw your girlfriend’s shaving cream into your gym bag pretty much sucks. Unfortunately, society, in its superficial tendencies, has come to view skin moles as a negative aspect of physical appearance.
Other than their aesthetically compromising look, moles can also have serious health implications.

Applying makeup can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and expensive; therefore, most people do not opt to go this route. Mole removal is permanent, and not only does this process remove the unwanted growth from sight, but it also decreases the chance of any type of cancer existing on that particular mole.
If you are the type of person sensitive to the looks of your moles, try one of these options for covering them up. Instead, I tried to hide it under my sleeve but when that never worked I left it and realized that no one seemed to notice it or pointed it out. That said, there are however plenty of “gender neutral” beauty products that even the manliest of men won’t be embarrassed to borrow from his girlfriend’s bathroom.  Here are a few of our favorites. Although some are more insecure in having moles than others, for those trying to hide their appearance, there are many ways to do so. Sometimes, they can be a sign of malignant cancer, and if allowed to metastasize or spread, can potentially be deadly. A few moles on an arm, for example, may be hidden with a strategic sleeve here or a bracelet there. Changing your complexion to help moles blend in is very effective but comes at the cost of potential skin damage.

The best cover up of all, however, may be to become comfortable in your own skin and stop the mental labor of worrying about looks. Most doctors and dermatologists recommend regular checkups to help keep potential health problems from developing. Garnering a wardrobe that can hide skin moles can be an effective tool for an insecure person. If you have moles, you are probably fair skinned and susceptible to skin cancer, so try to avoid this otherwise appealing method of covering up skin moles.
Scars can often be more disfiguring than the original mark, so examine all options before agreeing to removal.

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