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Pink Eye, also called Conjunctivitis, is inflammation of the conjunctiva and cause swelling, itching, burning and redness inside the eyelid. Run a washcloth under hot water, wring out the washcloth, and place it over the affected eye. Take preventive measures if you have Kids or guests in your home while you are suffering from pink eye.
Pink Eye (also called conjunctivitis) is redness and swelling of the conjunctiva, which is the mucous membrane that lines the eyelid and eye surface.
ItsySparks is a content-based site dedicated to igniting young minds, by providing knowledge to foster learning, creativity, and exploration. Pink eye also known as conjunctivitis is an illness of the eye that causes inflammation of the conjunctiva as a result of an infection, allergies, chemicals and other foreign objects in the eye.
The measures and treatments helps in reducing the symptoms of pink eye that includes redness, lacrimation, itching, swelling of the conjunctiva and the eyelids and presence of discharge from the affected eye. Understanding which kind of pink eye you are suffering from will help you in determining the type of treatment to apply.
The doctor has the skills and knowledge on how to get rid of pink eye using the various treatments. When the condition becomes resistance to some of the home remedy treatments for bacterial conjunctivitis. You may be prescribed to use anti-histamine eye drops that helps in clearing the symptoms of histamines released by the body due to allergic reactions. Discard the used cotton wool or tissue paper immediately and wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning. Chemical pink eye can also be treated by washing the whole eye using plenty of clean water. Applying a warm or cold compress on the affected eye may help in reducing the swelling of the eye lids as well as helping in relieving the pain.
Soak a clean washcloth in either warm or cold water, wring it to get rid of excess water and place it over closed eye lid. The compressing wash cloth may be carrying the bacteria or the virus after compressing the affected eye.
Raw honey contain antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that gives it power on how to get rid of pink eye fast and easy. To use honey, you simply need ? tea spoon of raw honey, a pinch of sea salt and a glass of warm boiled water.
Probiotics should be among your priority when thinking about treating pink eye at home according to natural cures. Probiotics is found in human breast and it has been used from traditional time in treating conjunctivitis and other eye problems. Silver eye drops are also effective on how to get rid of pink eye fast naturally.  It was used from long time ago before some of the pharmaceutical ointments became available. Viral conjunctivitis has no medication, the only way to cure is allowing it to go through its course. As said earlier most of the time black eye is caused by minor injuries and they are resolved on their own or by some simple home remedies.
It is better to consult a doctor if, you are unsure about the home remedies to be provided or if you are confused about the symptoms. If you have a severe injury in the face or eye area of it will result in certain complications.
It is possible to prevent the injuries to the face or eye by following the basic injury prevention methods. If your black eye is uncomplicated you can opt for any of the home remedies to get rid of a black eye fast.
It is necessary to do the home remedies as early as possible after having an injury near the eye or face.
Keeping head in the elevated position will reduce fluid accumulation, especially when you are sleeping. After 48 hours it is better to go for hot compressions as this will speed up the healing process. You can use chilled cucumber slices just like potato slices to get rid of the problem of a black eye. Dip the tea bags in boiling water for some time and keep the tea bags in refrigerator to cool it.
If you are suffering from bruising and pain due to black eye, this is the home remedy which can provide you an excellent result.
Pineapple is a fruit rich in antioxidant and this will speed up the healing process in people. Witch hazel is a good healing agent for different types of problems including bruises caused by black eyes.

This site is for information and support only and NOT a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Being a common eye problem for both adults and children, you may don’t have to go for a doctor if the situation is not severe. Cut a fresh lime in half, close the affected eye and use one half of the lime to wash the outside area, try open your eyes when the affected area still moist with lime juice, wash the lime juice under running warn water, dry with soft towel, rub another half of the lime with a Q-tip, clean the inside part of the eyelids and tear ducts but not touch the eyeball, repeat the Q-tip process but remember use the new Q-tips at least 3 times within 10 minutes. I’m here to tell you how to get rid of Pink Eye, how your child may have contracted it and how you can prevent it. This article contain insights on how to get rid of pink eye fast using various treatments, natural home remedies and over the counter medicines. This condition may heal by itself but there are various treatments and measures that you may employ in speeding up the healing process depending with the type of your conjunctivitis. The different types of pink eye are caused either by a viral or bacterial infection, allergic reactions and chemical splashes into the eye.
There are also other symptoms that will help you in determining the different types of pink eye according to wikihow. It results from a bacterial infection and it may cause presence of yellow or green discharge from the affected eye. They are caused by allergic reaction of the body to different allergens in your environment.
When the eye are too sensitive to light or when you start having problems like short sightedness, visit your optician as before the condition becomes worse. You may be given some medicines that prevent this condition from re-occurring time to time.
There are various home remedies and treatments that are effective in treating the conjunctivitis. With clean hands use a cotton wool to wipe away the secretion and excessive water from the affected eye. It helps in reducing the inflammations by washing away the chemical substances that splashed into the eye. A warm compress works best on a viral or bacterial pink eye while a cold compress may work best for allergic or chemical splash pink eye according to WebMD.
Clean and disinfect it before compressing the other eye that may not be seriously affected.
It was used from traditionally by the ancient Egyptian in treating various eye problems including conjunctivitis.
It contains antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties that are effecting in killing the micro-organisms that may be causing the eye problems. Breast milk also contain antimicrobial properties that are effective in treating the eye problems.
It contains antiviral and antibacterial properties that treats the eye fast without stinging. Although this remedy is effective in treating conjunctivitis, it stings so much that can make you go mad for some minutes. They are used to relieve the various symptoms of conjunctivitis by washing away the contamination caused by the virus, bacterial, allergens and chemical splashes into the eye. The body reacts to allergens by releasing histamine that causes inflammation of the conjunctiva. They are effective on how to get rid of pink eye by alleviating the symptoms such as irritation, swelling and pain. There are various antiviral medication and home remedies that can only help to improve the symptoms.
A When blood and other fluids collect in the space around the eye, it causes swelling and discoloration around the eye. The trauma causes bleeding inside the eye which causes increased eye pressure which damages the optic nerve. There are many remedies available which are very effective in relieving the black eye really fast. So if you want to treat the bruises associated with a black eye, include a food item that contains more vitamin C.
You can take vitamin K Pills or food rich in vitamin k to reduce inflammation around the eye.
It is possible to treat any discoloration or injury to the skin either by applying the juice of the pineapple to the affected area or by simply eating the fruit. Its outbreak may be accompanied with other respiratory problems such as sore throat and cold complications. Alkali chemicals are very harsh as compared to acidic chemicals when they come into contact with the eye.
He or she will therefore give a good recommendation on the medicines to use depending with the cause of your condition.

The affected eye may get back to normal after 24 to 48 hours depending with the type of the chemical. It works for both internal and external eye problems and you don’t need to worry about dosage while using. It helps in killing the bacteria and virus that causes re-occurrences of pink eye in children and adults. You can simply weigh the short term side effects it has and its long term treatment and decide on what to choose. They help in improving the symptoms among individual with viral conjunctivitis since it has no medicines. Such eye drop will therefore help in alleviating the irritation and the swelling of the eye. Applying a warm compress on the affected eye helps in relieving the pain and redness of the eye.
A If your injuries are complicated the patient should visit an appropriate specialist according to the site of the injury that causes the black eye. It is necessary to use the herb as early as possible to prevent the bruise from turning worse. A This means you will have to consume more lemons, oranges, apples, strawberries, guavas, gooseberries, broccoli etc.
You can also make a pulp of the papaya fruit and apply it on the black eye to reduce the discoloration. One way of using this remedy is to soak the cotton pad in the witch hazel and to place it on the affected area for a few minutes.
Then try any of the above given home remedies and find relief from pain, swelling and discoloration due to black eye.
This type of pink eye has no medication, it usually needs to run its course that may take up to three weeks. Put the solution in a clean eye dropper and apply 2 drops in the affected eye three times a day.
You can also buy some without having a doctor prescription by simply observing and determining the type of conjunctivitis. Washing your hands thoroughly can help to avoid the risk of spreading the infection to the other eye. Though the condition is known as a€?Black eyea€?, the eye is not actually injured, only the tissues around the eye get discolored. A You can use the Arnica oil on the affected area for 2-3 times a day to get better and faster results. A If you feel that the swelling is not reduced even after 4- 5 days, it will be better to consult a doctor to get the problem analyzed. Pink Eye is very contagious and can spread easily and quickly from person to person so it would be best to keep your child home from school and daycare until it improves. It is also highly contagious and can affects other people who are close to infected person.
Eye drops containing anti-histamine may be used to relieve the burning sensation and other symptoms. For injuries involving ear or nose, it is better to consult an otorhinolaryngologist or ENT doctor. Do not use frozen object like meat to give cold compression as this may cause infection if the there is an open injury. You can also use sliced and refrigerated potatoes to keep on the eyes to get rid of a black eye. Dip a clean cloth or cotton ball in this warm decoction and apply it to the bruised area to get much relief from pain.
Another way of using this remedy is to prepare a solution of witch hazel, chamomile essential oil and water and applying this solution on the black eye using a clean cloth or cotton ball. A If the black eye is severe you may have to repeat the remedy at least three times a day to get faster result.
When the black eye heals the swelling around the eye disappears and the bruise also fades away. The black eye will appear as very dark purple initially and as it fades it may change the color to light purple, greenish, or yellow.

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