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How to get rid of ringworm - ringworm in humans, How to get rid of ringworm on exposed skin, scalp, hands, feet, and groin area. How to get rid of all forms of ringworm in 3 days, This is my personal battle with ringworm and how i finally managed to get rid of it.
Ringworm in humans - symptoms, treatment, remedies, and, Ringworm in humans is a common infection that can lead to problems without treatment. Ringworm, as the name suggests is a condition of rash of the skin which has close resemblance to ring-shape worms being embedded below the skin. Otherwise known as tinea corporis, ringworm is similar to other fungal infections like athlete’s foot, jock itch and ringworm of the scalp, as it is also spread through skin-to-skin contact with someone who has this infection. You can edit this Headline, Subheadline and Feaured Content from "Appearance => Theme Options => Featured Content Option".
This is the root cause of skin infections which appears in different forms and different parts of the human body.

This infection is contagious and can spread by direct or indirect contact with the infected individual, pet or animal. In reality though, it is a fungus which infects the skin and in different areas of the human body. A skin rash, which can cause severe damage like formation of bald patches on the scalp or long lasting scratching and inflammation of the skin in human body, is called ringworm. The ringworm causes an inflammation in the skin, which has an appearance of a ring-shaped worm embedded underneath the skin. Other than the groin and feet, the fungus causes irritation which leaves the skin moist and inflamed in the shape of a ring. It is a misnomer as it leads people to believe that this skin infection is caused by a worm.
It can cause embarrassment due to the itchy sensation, especially if it occurs on a visible part of the body.

In addition, the coloration of the skin in the infected location undergoes a change as well. It becomes reddish brown in color or the outer boundary appears scaly in a reddish tinge while the inner portion remains lighter. Due to all these symptoms, it is but natural for people to wonder how long can ringworm live outside on surfaces, such as furniture.

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